#185E: 2012 is NOT the end of world: these recent raises in earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters do NOT mean that in 2012 the „end of world” is coming (in English – po polsku ponizej)

Motto: „The physical world exists for very important reasons, thus in order it finishes also very important reasons need to appear.”

For as long I reach with my memory, every several years some next „false prophets of doom” announce, that the „end of world” is just approaching, and they even determine the date when the entire world supposed to become completely annihilated. Then, when this date passes and nothing happens, they announce another such date and pretend that this time they „know what they are talking about” and they even support their claims with some „authoritative data”. In years 2009 and 2010, a hysteric campaign of such „false prophets” noisily disturbed the life of people in the entire world, by trying to scary everyone that in 2012 the world supposed to end. In this post I am going to justify on the empirical evidence, why individuals which practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm should NOT worry too much about these attempts to scary them.

After subsequent fiasco of just such „predictions” for the year 2000, when according to prognosis of many fatalists the world supposed to end amongst others, because of the computer virus „Y2K”, these „false prophets” of doom determined a next date for the „end of world”, which according to their opinion supposed to be December 2012. This time the date supposed to be reliable, because it is based on an ancient „Calendar of American Indians”, and it seems not matter that this calendar still remembers the epoch of chipping stones and that it failed to warn its creators that their end is coming.

Because on the web page named „seismograph.htm” I explained most vital aspects of natural catastrophes, as my duty I also consider to disperse in there such latest fears regarding the year 2012. Here I am going to repeat most vital points from that web page. Thus, I also guarantee here, that the world will NOT end in December 2012. However, the intensification of natural catastrophes caused by immoral people, combined with the stubbornness of people in their destruction of our planet, may cause a significant depopulation of the Earth, which is to take place in the not-too-distant future. This depopulating may even lead to the not too distant fulfilment of the old Polish prophecy described in items #H1 to #H4 of the totaliztic web page named „prophecies.htm”, that our planet become so unpopulated, that „the man will kiss the ground when he sees on it footsteps of another person”. After all, God uses catastrophes just for correcting morality of people. In turn imperfect people are extremely needed by God. This is because they are tools and experimental aid which God continually uses for increasing its own knowledge – as this is explained, amongst others, in item #F1 of the web page named „rok_uk.htm”.

I am NOT the only person, who since a long time tries to reassure people, that the world will NOT end neither in December 2012, nor at any other date which probably these ” prophets of the end of world” will again designate after the year 2012. Similar assurances, only that justified by premises completely different from these indicated by my research, every now and again appear in mass media. For example, one of these was published in the written form in the article „World not ending, says guru”, from page 6 of Malaysian newspaper The Sun (free copy), issue dated on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. That article repeats the announcement of „guru from India”, i.e. someone named Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 54, creator and owner of the „Art of Living Foundation” – i.e. the foundation which is paid by the United Nation money, to work in areas destroyed by war, such as Kosovo, Iraq, or Afghanistan. Probably in this framework, the foundation implemented in the peaceful Malaysia a series of programmes which tried to convince Malaysians to drop their prejudices regarding race, religion, education status and social status, etc., and teach them how to rehabilitate themselves, motivate themselves, pray, and live in peace. On the subject of the end of world, the guru informed the crowd of 8000 from the Sports Arena in Penang, Malaysia, that in 2012 the world is NOT going to end, but just is to transform into a more spiritual one, and more based on love. But the article did not explain what is going to propel this transformation, nor how in opinion of that guru the transformation is going to happen.

Various evidence is available, which also proves that there will be no „end of world” in December 2012. Most illustrative examples of such evidence include „insights into the future”. Some people (e.g. consider Nostradamus) were in past, and are even at present, being taken to a distant future, where it is demonstrated to them that the world will still exist then. For example, in item #J3 of the web page named „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm” is described my own trip into the future. This my trip to the future extended much beyond the year 2012, because I saw in it very old trees having at least 50 to 100 years, which grew in my native village Stawczyk in areas where at present there are no trees. So now I estimate, that most probably I was in Stawczyk of the future around the year 2222 – for details see item #C4 from the web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm”. This estimation means, that probably I was given an insight into the future which is distant from now by around 212 years (this note I was writing in August 2010). Thus, the fact that some people are taken to the distant future and see in there that the world will then still exist and even ‚look quite good”, proves quite unambiguously, that the present „scare mongering” about the year 2012 is just another example from a long list of scaring people with the „end of world” by those ones whom the Bible calls with the name „false prophets”.

A most sure manner of estimating the closeness of humanity to the „end of world”, is to determine how much from the so-called „God’s plan” is already implemented. This is because similarly like the life of every person is ruled by a kind of „program of fate and life”, the repetitive running of which allows e.g. to implement the so-called „imprisoned immortality”, also the life of the entire physical world is ruled by a special program which in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is called the „timespace”. The content of this program was partially revealed to people in various sources, e.g. consider these verses of the Bible which explain that people are to overcome the death only near the end of times. Various facts from the real life, for example the action of the so-called „curse of inventors” which is described, amongst others, in item #F1 of the web page named „rok_uk.htm” – i.e. the „curse” that does NOT allow too-early inventions to spoil the precision of implementation of this „God’s plan”, reveal that God gradually completes His „plan” with the iron hand. Thus, if people wish to know when exactly the „end of world” is to come, then they should check on which level of implementation of the „God’s plan” the humanity currently is. In turn, an excellent indicator of the level of current advancement of this „God’s plan”, is the so-called „Cyclic Table” of my invention, described on a number of totaliztic publications – amongst others in subsections B1 and M6 from volumes 2 and 10 of the free monograph [1/4], or on the totaliztic web pages named „propulsion.htm”, „magnocraft.htm” and „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. According to the information provided by this „Cyclic Table”, until the present time God allowed people to implement only less than 30% of inventions (and only these most primitive and simple ones) that the humanity is to implement before the „end of world” is to come. This in turn means, that the physical world exists only for NOT longer than some 30% of the planned by God time of its existence.

It is worth to emphasize here, that to the „end of world” applies also this personal promise of God, expressed in the verse 18:32 from the „Book of Genesis” in the holy Bible – which concerns the significance of so-called „10 righteous” (already described above in item #B6 of this web page). Namely, this promise expresses the personal assurance from God, that He is NOT going to destroy a given community or area, if in there is living at least 10 people who fulfil the God’s definition of so-called „righteous”. Because in turn the „end of world” from its definition could happen only then, when the entire Earth, as well as all communities that live on the Earth, are destroyed by God, this promise from God by the definition extend its validity also over the „end of world”. Expressing this in other words, the humanity has also a personal promise from God, that the „end of world” is NOT going to happen for as long, as long within the so-called „destruction area” still are going to live at least 10 people that fulfil the definition of „righteous”. Of course, many people who do NOT believe in God, will express various reservation about the reliability of personal promises from God expressed in the Bible. A typical reason for such reservations is that so-far practically no researcher in the world investigated whether God in fact keeps His promises, and also that as so-far, the level of human knowledge about God and about God’s moral requirements was still too low for people to know exactly which moral behaviours God expects from humans. (For example, in the relation to the promise described here about „10 righteous”, in fact until recently no-one could carry out checks how God keeps this promise, simply because previously the philosophy of totalizm were NOT formulated yet. Thus people were unable to define correctly the meaning of the term morality – thus also were unable to define who actually does fulfil the God’s definition of a „righteous”.) Therefore, probably myself am the first scientist in the world who carried out such a check and who described it in item #I3 from the totaliztic web page day26.htm. As it clearly emerges from my research and checks, in fact God with the true „iron consequence” keeps His promise about NOT destructing the area in which at least „10 righteous” is living.

To summarise deductions from this post and also the essence of findings presented in various totaliztic web pages, on the basis of rather extensive body of empirical evidence, it can be conclusively proven, that the physical world is NOT going to end neither in 2012, nor in any further years which are to precede the age when people construct time vehicles. Only after „time vehicles” are build, and after all people accomplish (due to these time vehicles) the popular „access to the so-called ‚imprisoned immortality’ „, it is possible that the „end of world” may take place – if authorities of that time will NOT respect pedantically the requirement that the access to the „imprisoned immortality” is reserved exclusively to individuals who just are experiencing the earned nirvana. I myself for many years researched this kind of matters, thus I have a logical and empirical basis to state with all my authority, that the scaring with the „end of world” in the year 2012 is just another case of „scare mongering” by the so-called „false prophets”. But while definitely denying here the possibility of the „end of world”, I would like to simultaneously emphasize, that lately the human immorality slides down increasingly closer to the level of „agonal intellect” from the philosophy of parasitism – which God clearly is NOT prepared to tolerate any longer. Therefore, according to what I explained on the web pages named „day26.htm” and „seismograph.htm”, with the increasing certainty we should expect, that in the nearest years this intensification of natural disasters, either gradually, or rapidly, is going to remove from the Earth the majority of immoral individuals and immoral communities. In turn, for these immoral people, who because of practicing the philosophy of parasitism will soon need to die, in fact their little worlds are going to end already then. However, people who practice some form of the philosophy of totalizm do not need to be scared. This is because the empirics has proven, that when a destruction is to come, they will be saved on various ways. Thus, because such practitioners of totalizm are going to survive, no matter how many of them is to remain, still the physical world and the humanity are going to exist and still are going to continue the fulfilment of functions which God imposed onto them.

* * *

This post actually summarises the essence of as many as 3 different totaliztic web page. The post itself is an adaptation of item #B8 from the totaliztic web page named „seismograph.htm” (updated on 19 August 2010, or later). Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page „seismograph.htm” than from this post, as on the web page are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, it is printed in colour, it is also illustrated, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „seismograph.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

In turn one amongst examples of evidence which definitively denies the possibility that the „end of world” is coming in 2012, is my visit in the native village Stawczyk from the distant future (probably from the year 2222). This visit is described, amongst others, in item #J3 of totaliztic web pages:
It is also worth to know, that almost each topic from this blog, including the topic of my visit in the village Stawczyk of the distant future, is also repeated on all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (my visit in Stawczyk of the distant future is discussed in there in the post number #169E). At the moment two blogs of totalizm still remain operational, which can be viewed at following internet addresses:
My visit in the Stawczyk of the distant future, as well as the topic of the „end of world” in 2012, was also discussed on Google forums. Readers can review these discussions at addresses
indicated and linked in item #E2 of the totaliztic web page named „faq.htm”.

Finally the reply „why” I was taken to the village Stawczyk from a distant future, is provided, amongst others, in item #F1 of totaliztic web page with addresses (this reply states „because I deeply believe in the possibility of travelling in time, and I act on this my believe, thus the physical experiencing such a travel was granted to me”):
http://propulsion.250free.com/1970/rok_uk.htm (this last address has a very low, almost miserable, the so-called „monthly bandwidth” and thus it is active only at beginnings of months until the day when its „monthly bandwidth” is exhausted).

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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