#182E: The nirvana of crowd experienced by students of the Technical University of Wroclaw in Poland during the occupational strike of 1968 (in English – polska wersja ponizej)

Motto: „Nirvana displays attributes which prove that it cannot be developed during a natural evolution – thus it is one amongst rare phenomena which directly document unimaginable intelligence and farsightedness in the creation of people by God.”

All this happened in 1968. At that time I was a student at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. In that historic year, mass demonstrations and occupational strike of students were held at my university, which were protesting against the despotic rules of the communistic dictator of Poland from that period – i.e. a person named Wladyslaw Gomulka (1905-1982). Although these demonstrations and strike were squashed, and Gomulka was deprived power only two years later by another communistic dictator named Edward Gierek, still for a significant number of participants of these demonstrations, including myself, these were the source of a non-forgettable experience of the „nirvana of crowd”, that lasted for several hours. Of course, because there was a general lack of knowledge what it all means, most probably no participant of that demonstration and occupational strike actually had an idea that he or she is just experiencing the „nirvana of crowd”. Therefore it took the development of the philosophy called „totalizm” (described more comprehensively on the web page named „totalizm.htm” that is available at addresses listed near the end of this post) to identify, name, and to theoretically explain the sensations of an indescribable feeling of mass happiness, which were experienced by that crowd of students.

That particular mass nirvana of crowd appeared in the moment, when patriotically motivated crowd of students, packed tightly into the main hall at the Technical University of Wroclaw, like sardines in a tin, was listening to representatives from various factories in Wroclaw (PaFaWag, Archimedes, Fadroma, etc.). These representatives delivered financial donations to the student-leaders of the demonstration and strike to support the cause. Simultaneously, straight from their hearts, they were giving the fiery speeches full of patriotism, high-flying ideas, and ordinary human solidarity. I had a good luck to just stand at the edge of balcony, so I had an excellent view at what was starting to happen. During these speeches, the so-called „moral energy” of the crowd was resonating and growing rapidly, changing expressions on faces of people. (This „moral energy” is described more comprehensively, amongst others, on the totaliztic web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm” also available at addresses listed near the end of this post.) In a certain moment of time the resonating moral energy reached the „threshold of nirvana” which in item #D2 from the web page named „nirvana.htm” is defined by the value of coefficient „µnirvana” equal to 0.6. When this happened, the crowd was hit by a delirium of happiness. Some people started to cry out of happiness, others started to scream like in a hysteria, a lot of girls fainted and needed to be passed from hands to hands above heads of tightly packed crowd to be carried out from the hall, many simply were so shocked, that were petrified and unable to move, and almost everyone loosed control over what was happening. The demonstration transformed into a havoc of the patriotic nirvana. What happened then in that hall, it is difficult to describe, and it simply must be experienced to be understood. If, for example, there would be a need for a volunteer, who for the good of the crowd or the cause would need to experience an instant and torturous death, then at that particular moment of time almost everyone who reached the state of nirvana would volunteer to die without a smallest regret, and without a smallest delay.

The memory of that particular patriotic event, proved later to be extremely useful for working out, and describing, different mechanisms which cause various types of nirvana. (According to the philosophy of totalizm, in our life nothing happens just by a chance, and everything that we experience is carefully designed, carries a deep meaning, and has an important purpose. Therefore, I believe, this patriotic experience was a part of the comprehensive preparation to complete my mission on the Earth.) Three different mechanisms that trigger feelings with the „taste” of nirvana, which I later developed on the basis of these personal experiences from the strike in hall of the Technical University of Wroclaw, are described in item #C4 of the web page named „nirvana.htm” (addresses are provided below).

The lack of popular and commonly-accessible knowledge about nirvana caused, that neither myself, nor probably any other participant of that memorable occupational strike from the main hall of the Technical University of Wroclaw, had a slightest idea what we really experienced. Later, the elapse of time which thoroughly erases all feelings, caused that the majority of these students, whom experienced the nirvana of crowd in the main hall of the Technical University of Wroclaw, gradually forgotten how that nirvana felt. Because nirvana is so rare phenomenon on the Earth, nothing else reminded these feelings to them again.

I myself, similarly like all others, also probably would gradually forget about experiencing that nirvana of crowd. But in 1985 I developed the unique philosophy of life called „totalizm”. In turn one amongst vital recommendations of that philosophy is, that in every life situation we should increase the level of so-called „moral energy” on all possible ways – for details see item #D4 on the web page named „parasitism.htm”. Therefore, also in 1996 to 1998, during my professorial contract at the University of Malaysia Sarawak from the beautiful city of Kuching in the Malaysian province Sarawak on the tropical island of Borneo, I laboriously and enthusiastically increased my level of moral energy. Simultaneously it somehow happened, that in these times on the tropical island of Borneo lived people who being relatively poor, still were highly moral and intuitively totaliztic in their behaviours and habits, exceptionally close to nature, positive, and happy. For these reasons, the average level of moral energy that prevailed in the entire society from the island of Borneo, in these times was one amongst a highest in the world. (The only other country in which I encountered an equally high average level of moral energy that prevailed in the entire society, was the South Korea of 2007.) In the result, otherwise than in countries with low average levels of moral energy, on Borneo my deliberate and enthusiastic striving to attain such an increase in moral energy at any opportunity, caused that unexpectedly the level of that energy exceeded in me the „threshold value of nirvana” defined by „µnirvana”. After all, because of the high average level of this energy in the entire society of Borneo of that time, this society had NOT sucked from me the energy that I earned in there, as fast as this sucking is done by inhabitants of other countries with a low average level of moral energy. Thus, the level of this energy could increase then in me much faster than in any other country. So in spite that then I did not know yet that there is such thing as „nirvana”, which awaits for those people who increase their moral energy above the threshold level of µ = 0.6, still after I exceeded this threshold value, the nirvana rapidly appeared in me in December 1997. Now I recall with a laughter, that when completely unexpectedly for myself, I rapidly experienced on Borneo this overwhelming feeling of permanent happiness of nirvana for the first time, but I still did not know what it means, and also when this feeling stayed with me permanently for a long period of time, at some stage I started to panic. I began to worry that perhaps it may be a symptom of some unknown tropical illness. After all, there is plenty of strange illnesses in the tropical Island of Borneo at which I was living at that time. I knew that in Africa there is a tropical illness of sleepiness (caused by the „tsetse fly”), the symptoms of which include an uncontrollable sleepiness. Therefore, I was not able to exclude the possibility that in Borneo there could also be another tropical illness, which makes us uncontrollably happy. (Bacteria, or viruses, which would cause such an illness, would be worth of fortunes on the black market of narcotics!)

Thus, when I started to panic because of that unexpected feeling of powerful and continuous happiness, which on Borneo would NOT wish to leave me even after many days and weeks, I started to frantically search in books what actually is whatever I am experiencing. Only in the result of these literature searches I discovered that I am living through an extremely rare phenomenon called „nirvana”. Therefore, starting from that moment, I initiated a scientific study of this phenomenon – along as I was experiencing it in person. I experienced this earned nirvana for around 9 months, starting from December 1997, until my return to economically depressed New Zealand in September 1998. This my long research on the earned nirvana revealed also, that a brief version of nirvana, which I call the „resonance nirvana”, was experienced by a significant proportion of students from my year of study, during the memorable „occupational strike” from the main hall of the Technical University of Wroclaw in 1968. But because of the unavailability of commonly accessible information about this extraordinary phenomenon, none amongst us knew what is happening to us. Only my later personal experiencing the long-lasting „earned nirvana” from the tropical island of Borneo, allowed me to recall and to recognise the feelings that I remembered from that strike at the Technical University of Wroclaw, and thus also to understand what then really happened to us. Recollections of that unique feeling of „resonance nirvana” experienced by students from my year of study at the Technical University of Wroclaw, are described, amongst others, in item #C3 of the web page (in English) named „nirvana.htm”, in 5 from item #E1 of the web page (in Polish) named „rok.htm”, and in subsection JF4 from volume 9 of my monograph [1/4] (in English) available in internet free of charge via the totaliztic web page named „text_1_4.htm”. In turn photographs of colleagues from my year of study, a significant proportion of which went through that resonance nirvana, are published on the totaliztic web pages (in Polish) named „rok.htm” and „pw.htm”.

* * *

The above post is an adaptation of item #C3 from the totaliztic web page named „nirvana.htm” (updated on 27 May 2010, or later). It summarises the content of the web page named „nirvana.htm” which describes very rare and unknown to the majority of people phenomenon of „nirvana”. Thus, reading the above descriptions would be even more effective from that web page „nirvana.htm” than from this post, as on the web page are working all links to other related web pages with additional explanations, it is printed in colour, it is also illustrated, the content of it is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „nirvana.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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