#179E: The „standard procedure” used by God for creation of subsequent races of people – in English (polski ponizej)

Motto: „The certainty or conviction cannot be given like a souvenir. But one can indicate to others where these qualities can be found.”

Every race of humans has a slightly different genetic system, slightly different characteristics and personal attributes, is designed for a slightly different way of living and other environmental conditions, etc., etc. So when God created the humanity, then He created separately every race of people. In this way to every race He could give attributes that were required for it. This fact of a separate creation of every human race is confirmed by differences in description of its origins in the native religion of that race. After all, for every race of people, the native religion of it provides a specific and different „history of the creation”. This history of creation is slightly different e.g. for ancient Greeks and Romans, while different for ancient Egyptians. It is also different for natives of Israel, India, China, or New Zealand, and still different for Vikings or Slaves. It so happens, that currently we all assume for our history of creation only the history described in the Bible (which outlines the procedure of creation of the couple of first Israelites in the cosmic vehicle called „Eden” and similar to the Magnocraft type K7 – for details see subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4]). We do NOT take under consideration that the Bible clearly states that it describes just the history of creation of only the first pair of people from the Jewish race. In turn other races of people were created in slightly different manners and in different times. Descriptions of creation of these other races of people are provided by their native religions.

Of course, while creating in sequence a whole array of races of people, God developed for Himself something what could be called a „general procedure of creation of a new race of people”. This procedure for every race has several common stages, the description of which is contained in native religions of subsequent races. The most important amongst these common stages of every procedure of creation of a new race include: (1) the creation of body, (2) breathing-in the soul, (3) learning in an Eden, (4) expelling to the Earth. Let us now describe the essence of each one amongst these common stages. Here they are:

Re (1): The creation of body. Everything in our physical world, including the body of every person, is formed from a substance called the „counter-matter”. This substance has attributes of a liquid computer, meaning it carriers inside a hierarchical system of programs (i.e. the so-called „soul”) that defines both the shape into which it is formed and the behaviour of it. This is why the statement that „everything in our universe is just one amongst many possible manifestations of always the same ‚counter-matter’ ” expresses the truth. More extensive descriptions of the manner how objects of our physical world are formed from this „counter-matter” are provided in items #I2 to #I4 from the totaliztic web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”. So in order to create a body of man, God needed to only „create a program that formed this ‚counter-matter’ into a shape of man”. Of course, if this formation of the shape of man from the counter-matter someone tries to describe with the use of just limited vocabulary of first humans, then the most simply but the most accurately would express this with words that „God ‚moulded’ man from ‚counter-matter’ „. Because to the first people unknown was also the word describing this „counter-matter”, thus for expressing it the first people used names of most commonly known substance from which a man can be ‚moulded’, and which contains this „counter-matter” – means „clay”, „earth”, „sand”, etc. For this reason, almost every native religion in the world claims that „God ‚formed’ the body of man from ‚clay’ ” (or from ‚soil’ or ‚sand’, etc.). For example, the native religion of ancient Greeks states that the first female, so-called „Pandora” was „moulded” from „clay” by the god Hephaestus, while the life was breathed into her by goddess Athena.

Re (2): Breathing-in the soul. In practically every native religion of the world, the „standard procedure of creation” of the first person contains in itself also the information about subsequent „breathing-in the soul” into the existing body of the first human. According to descriptions from items #C1 and #C2 of the totaliztic web page „soul_proof.htm”, soul is a kind of „natural program” which needs to be „uploaded” to the „counter-matter” that forms the body of every living creature, to make this body alive – similarly as software from present computers must be „uploaded” to the hardware of these computers to make their work possible. In primitive languages of antiquity the process of „uploading” a program into something in a best way can be described as the „breathing-in” this program. This is why for describing this hugely vital process of uploading the „program of soul” to the body, in practically all native religions of the world is used the expression of „breathing-in the soul” or „breathing-in the life”. This highly illustrative expression is contained in even so „exotic” religion as the native religion of Chinese from the vicinity of the „Yellow River” in China. For example, on page 21 of the book [1#D1] „The Book of Beginnings” (Time-Life Books, Amsterdam, 1986, ISBN 7054-0896-5), the creation of first Chinese people is described in the following manner: „… Goddess Nu Kua gave earth its first human inhabitants. She sculptured their bodies from clay, infused with life, and taught them how to love.” In turn on page 19 of the same book [1#D1] that „infusing with life” is described in following words: „She placed the body on the ground and breathed a cloud of warm, heavenly incense over it.” Later another Chinese god named Fu Hsi taught people everything that they needed to know to survive, for example how to plot nets and do fishing, how to ignite fire and cook, how to play on musical instruments, and how to write.

Re (3): Learning in an Eden. After the creation and making first people alive, God always placed them in a kind of „school of life” (in Christianity this school is called „Eden”). Over there, without putting into it any effort, people received from God practically everything that was necessary for living, while God taught them the most vital skills, and lectured to them the first religion. Into the syllabus of this teaching and the native religion for a given race, God included also the knowledge about origins of the universe, and also knowledge about the procedure of creation of a given race of people. This is why it can be formally proven that into all religions of the world God included the same basic truths, only that in every religion these truths are expressed with different wordings and examples – for descriptions of this mutual similarities of truths and knowledge contained in practically all religions of the world see item #C6 from the totaliztic web page „prawda_uk.htm”. In this „school of life” (i.e. in the „Eden”) God directly and bodily interacted with first people of a given race. For this purpose God created for Himself his own „bodily representations” – means bodies which from the appearance were similar to bodies of people from a given race. (Principles and procedure of this temporally creation of „bodily representations of God” or „embodiments of God” are described in items #B12, #B11, and #B13 from the web page „god.htm”.) However, these „bodily representations of God” or „embodiments of God” did NOT receive the so-called „free will” (as such „free will” of making any decisions and implementing these decisions in actions, God gave to people), but their minds were directly linked to the mind of God. In other words, these „bodily representations of God” did exactly what the mind of God ordered them to do. Due to the introduction of these „embodiments of God”, the first people educated in the „Eden” interacted physically with such temporally created „bodily representations of God” – the thinking, knowledge, and capabilities of which in fact were those of Godly thinking, knowledge and capabilities. In order to be able to demonstrate illustratively to the first people not only the knowledge about survival, but also the moral knowledge, life wisdom, dangers, the sense of responsibility, traditions, etc., in this „school of life” from the „Eden” God always assumed at least two mutually opposite „bodily representations”. Because the principle of which works the mind of God, gives to this God the ability to carry out countless number of actions at once, God could easily assume simultaneously more than one such His „bodily representation”. (This ability of God to work in a similar manner as modern „multiprocessor computers” do work, means to simultaneously carry out countless number of different actions, is described more comprehensively in (3) from item #C6 of the abovementioned web page „prawda_uk.htm”.) Out of these two or more opposite „bodily representations”, which God always assumed in this „school of life” (means, in the „Eden”), at least one always illustrated to people what is „good”, while another (or more than one) always illustrated to people what is „evil”. In His first processes of creation of people, i.e. when God created races and religions of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indian, Chinese, etc., God assumed a large number of such His „bodily representations”, each one of them equipping into a different personality, habits, vices, weaknesses, etc. But in later procedures of creation of e.g. Israelites or New Zealand Maoris, God already limited the number of His „bodily representations” to just two basic ones. Of course, all these „bodily representations of God”, means ones which illustrated „good” as well as ones which illustrated „evil” to people, always were linked to the same superior mind of God. Only that each one of them received an independently working body and each one of them received from God a different personality. Also about actions of all of them always decided the same superior mind of God. In myths which describe the Hebrew „Eden”, these two opposite personalities assumed by the „bodily representations of God” were called „Messiah” and „Serpent” – later this „Serpent” was also called „Satan”. (These Hebrew myths about the Eden are discussed in the book [2#D1] by Robert Gravez and Raphael Patai entitled „Mity Hebrajskie”, Cykady, 1993, Warszawa, Poland. The description of Hebrew „Eden” from the book [2#D1] was also summarised on page 152 of the book [3#D1] by Andrea Olszewski entitled „Boski Gwa³t”, Warszawa 1996, ISBN 83-900944-1-X.) In turn the Maori mythology calls these two opposite „bodily representations of God” with names of „Tane” and „Uenuku”. Due to them, in the procedure of creation of every native religion on the Earth, first people always directly experienced the helpful and friendly personality of „Messiah”, as well as the hostile and cunning personality of „Serpent” (called also „Satan”). Both these personalities developed in people, amongst others, traditions, and also the understanding for origins and mechanisms of specific events. For example, in the „Eden” of every human race, lessons were also served which taught the first humans that women are sources and reasons for many problems. In case of the „Eden” for the Hebrew race, this lesson was the event with the „apple picked for eating by Eve”. In the „Eden” for ancient Greeks, this lesson was the so-called „Pandora’s Box”. In turn the „Eden” for New Zealand Maoris provided this lesson through myths that the first woman become a source of tears, pain, illnesses, etc.

Re (4): Expelling to the Earth. After the education of first people was finished, God created some excuse to „expel them to the Earth” and make them to actually live on the land previously prepared for them. Of course, God was forced to do this by force and „tricks”, as people had too good lives in the „Eden” to leave it voluntarily. In this „expelling to the Earth” God always used somehow His „bodily representation” which illustrated the „evil” (e.g. used „Serpent” or „Satan” from Christianity, or „Uenuku” from the native religion of Maoris).

#D2. Why the confirmation of the use of this „standard procedure” during the creation of Maoris by God, is for us so important:

The scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us comprehensively what is God. According to this explanation, similarly to present computers, God is the amalgamation of three components, the thinking one amongst which is the huge natural program by Christianity called the „Holy Spirit” that self-evolved inside of the thinking substance called the „counter-matter”. (This „counter-matter” is the substance that has the natural attributes of a „liquid computer hardware” and that exists in the separate world called the „counter-world” – for details see item #C2 on the totaliztic web page „god_proof.htm” or item #I2 on the totaliztic web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) In turn by being such a huge natural program, this software component of God likes to create „standard software procedures” for practically everything, and then likes to simply implement these procedures. For example, just such „standard procedures of action” of God are all phenomena of nature, energy, heat, friction, so-called „laws of nature”, every religion, and also the procedure of creation of subsequent races of people described in the previous item.

Present atheistic scientists, and with them also remaining people, chronically overlook the existence of these „software procedures” established in an intelligent manner and then implemented by God with the iron consequence. They believe that the universe has everything „wired permanently in a hardware manner”, that no laws can be changed, and that no quantity was designed intelligently and introduced to action only because God deduced that the manifestation of this quantity would support His goals and His principles of action. For this reason, the relatively recent creation by God not only New Zealand but also Maoris, has an immense learning significance for us. This is because it allows us to confirm scientifically that such „software procedures” of action of God in fact do exist. In turn the confirmation of the existence of these procedures introduces revolutionary consequences for our understanding of mechanisms of the universe. After all, it confirms also for us that „all religions of the world express the same basic truths, only that each one of them does it with different words and examples”. In this way it confirms also that the atheistic path to knowledge followed by present scientists and based upon analysis of evidence and facts does NOT leads to the truth, because this evidence and facts are intentionally „fabricated” by intelligent God to allow Him to accomplish His godly goals – for more information on this subject see the totaliztic web page „evolution.htm”.

#D3. When and how God created Maori people:

The race of New Zealand Maoris God created relatively recent, because just around 1000 years ago. (E.g. on page 6 of the book [1#D3] by J.M. Mc Ewen, „Rangitana. A Tribal History” (Reed Methuen, Auckland, 1986, ISBN 0-474-00030-3) one can find a statement, quote: „Some hundreds of …(Maori)… genealogies in my possession show pretty consistently that this Whatonga lived about 23 generations prior to the year 1900.”) However, during the creation of Maoris, God still used His „standard procedure of the creation of people” which I described before, and which God developed around 6000 years ago (for the information how we learned the date of creation of the physical world and first people by God – see subsection JA1.3 from monograph [8/2]). Let us now review from myths of the native religion of Maoris, how God created the race of Maori people.

Because God intended to settle Maoris on Antipodes – which are extremely hostile towards humans, God created the „Eden” for Maoris in the form of a „flying island” on which He recreated the flora and fauna similar to the flora and fauna which Maoris were to find and utilise in New Zealand. For example, in that Eden for Maoris „kumara” used to grow in the natural state. („Kumara” is a kind of sweet potatoes later planted by Maoris in New Zealand.) This Eden for Maoris God named „Hawaiki”. For Himself God prepared in there two „bodily representations” in the form of two Maori males. For the duration of interacting with people on the soil of Hawaiki, to the first (i.e. to the one representing „evil”) amongst these two His „bodily representations” God gave the name „Uenuku”. (Of course, God’s mind was linked to both these „bodily representations”.) This is why Maori legends state that this „Uenuku” was „atua” – means God, and also was the great „rangatira” – means the landlord of Hawaiki. To the second of His „bodily representations” – i.e. to the one which represented „good”, God gave the name „Tane”. As legends of Maoris state, then from the „sand” (or „soil”) of Hawaiki (i.e. from „counter-matter”) God moulded the body of the first Maori woman. Then He breathed the soul into her, so that this first Maori woman become alive. This first Maori woman received the name „Hine-ahu-one”, that means „woman-shaped-from-soil” (her description is provided also in item #C6 from the totaliztic web page „prawda_uk.htm”). Because God already had the body of a Maori male, so in order to multiply the race of Maoris He simply had sexual intercourse with this first woman, in turn she gave birth to numerous children. Their descendants formed the new race of Maoris. During teaching these Maoris how to live, God was forced to prepare them to harsh realities of Antipodes. For this reason the character and personality which He gave to this „Uenuku” were extremely wild, rapid, angry, and hostile towards human inhabitants of Hawaiki. Thus Maoris learned from him on Hawaiki how to live in very hostile conditions. When the education was finished, God „exiled” subsequent families of Maoris from „Hawaiki”. An excuse for exiling them from the Maori „Eden” was usually a quarrel and hostility which that Uenuku initiated with a given Maori family. Because all inhabitants of Hawaiki knew jolly well that with Uenuku no-one ever wins, when he started a quarrel and persecution of a given family, then this family had no other option but to get into their boat and to escape from Hawaiki to New Zealand. In order to make their escape easier, God anchored this „flying island” called „Hawaiki” in the visual vicinity of the shores of New Zealand (after all, the software so-called „timespace” allows such a close-by anchoring to be carried out easily). In fact, at that time one could see from Hawaiki shores of New Zealand with bare eyes. A bit of information about principles on which the „flying island” of Hawaiki was anchored just by shores of New Zealand, gives to us my own case of visiting a church in Warszawa, Poland, which (the church) at present is actually anchored in Œwiêta Lipka (i.e. around 200 kilometres from Warszawa) – this event is described in item #D6.1 from the totaliztic web page named „timevehicle.htm”.

There is evidence which confirms that at the time of „exiling” Maoris from their „Eden”, the flying island called Hawaiki was anchored in the sea in the visual distance from shores of New Zealand. This evidence is represented by three small rocks sticking out from the sea, in English called „Volker Rocks” (Maoris call them „Paepae-Aotea” means „Threshold of New Zealand”) – which exist in the sea near the „White Island” from the southern „Bay of Plenty” – i.e. not far from present New Zealand town called „Tauranga”. According to religious myths of Maoris, these three rocks were located approximately a half way between Hawaiki and shores of New Zealand. On the other hand these rocks are distant by no more than 50 km from the shore of New Zealand. (Interestingly that in their vicinity the shore of New Zealand is so formed, that almost in every direction these rocks are at the same distance from the solid ground of New Zealand.) Photographs and descriptions of these „Volker Rocks”, and also the content of Maori legends about them, are contained on page 51 of the book [2#D3] by Margaret Orbell, „Maori Myth and Legend” (Canterbury University Press, 1995, ISBN 0-908812-45-0).

#D3.1. Moriori – means the first failed attempt of God to populate New Zealand:

When God created the Maori race, it was NOT the first attempt to populate New Zealand. A significant time before the creation of Maori, God already created a human race which was designated especially for settling in New Zealand. They were called „Moriori”. They were also created in „Hawaiki” – especially for conditions and laws of Antipodes. They also used the same language as „Maori”. But their genetic makeup was completely different from Maori – we know it e.g. from a drastic difference in taste of their flesh (see item #F2 from page „newzealand_visit.htm”). Their creation took place around 184 generations before the year 1900 (means over 4000 years ago) – for details see page 177 of the book [1#D3.1] by Gary J Cook and Thomas J Brown, „The Secret Land. People Before” (StonePrint Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, 1999, ISBN 0-9582040-0-4). Moriori had a peaceful nature. So God discovered that without aggression they are unable to generate in themselves motivations to develop their civilisation. Thus after several thousands of years God decided to add them a competition – means aggressive Maori people of a completely different genetic makeup. Unfortunately, instead of competing with them, Maori gradually eaten all Moriori that inhabited New Zealand. But because both races used the same language, a significant amount of knowledge and myths of Moriori survived until historic times, as Maori adopted them for their own. (E.g. the myth about „Maui” originates from Moriori.) The only place where Moriori physically survived until the time of European colonisation were „Chatham Islands”.

#D4. Which evidence God prepared about the origins of Maori people:

As it is explained in item #B7 of the totaliztic web page „will.htm”, while illustrated on the web page „evolution.htm”, to inspire people for research and for wondering, God intentionally for every subject always prepared at least two opposite and mutually contradictive explanations. Frequently the true one is this explanation which is the most controversial and most difficult to accept without putting into it own searches, investigations, work, and effort. In this way God also acted in the relatively recent creation of Maoris and New Zealand. Therefore, independently from making sure that there are religious (i.e. expressing the truth) explanations for their origins, God additionally created and introduced into various evidence, a whole range of other explanations for origins of Maoris and New Zealand. Let is now review briefly these different explanations for origins of Maori people.

There are various premises which seem to suggest the physical arrival of Maoris to New Zealand from as many as 3 different areas of the Earth. The first group (1) of these premises are these religious legends of Maoris. They state that Maoris arrived from Hawaiki. If we reject these sections of legends, which state that Hawaiki was a kind of „flying Eden” created by „atua” (i.e. God) – means a moveable island which could be anchored in any place on the Earth, then almost the only presently existing permanent island which name is similar to the name „Hawaiki”, is the Island of Hawaii. Therefore, this first „rational” explanation for the origins of Maoris states that they arrived to New Zealand by boats from a Hawaiian Island. The second explanation (2) is based on the scientific discovery that from the genetic point of view Maoris are closely related to native people who inhabit Taiwan. Also the Maori language seems to be related to the language of that people. On this basis it can be argued scientifically that Maoris are one out of native tribes from the Chinese Taiwan. Finally the third explanation (3) is based on the culture of Maoris. Namely, some unique customs of Maoris, for example almost unknown in other places custom to mutually wrap their noses during the welcoming, are a repetition of customs of native inhabitants of the island of Suqutra (with around 40,000 inhabitants) positioned on the Arabian Sea several hundred kilometres to the east from Yemen on the Arabic Peninsular. There is a bit of evidence which seems to confirm also this their origins. For example, from the Maori reverent of Te Kuiti I have heard that there was an old Maori song which listed and described exactly all rooms contained in the Great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza. In turn to learn about all these rooms and describe them in their songs, Maoris would need to originate from the vicinity of that pyramid. A whole array of other items of evidence in support of such a cultural explanation is contained in the abovementioned book [1#D3.1]. For example, on pages 148 and 149 are discussed and illustrated close similarities between chin tattoos of Maori women (the so-called „kauae”), and similar tattoos of women from Assouan in the Upper Egypt. In turn on page 217 of this [1#D3.1] shown is the photograph of one amongst ancient mummies which sometimes are found in New Zealand (but then fast disappear in mysterious circumstances – similarly like these remains of giants described in item #I2 from the web page „newzealand.htm” – about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand).

#D5. Meaningful truths revealed by gradual improvements of standard procedure of the creation of subsequent races of people:

At this beginning of this post, and also in item #D1 of the web page „newzealand_visit.htm”, is described the „standard procedure” which God used during creation of subsequent races of people. Although the entire this procedure turns out to be the same for almost every race of people, with the elapse of time we can notice small, although continuous, improvements and changes introduced to the stage (3) – means to the „Learning in an Eden”. For example, if we analyse the creation of Hindu race (which was the first and the oldest practical implementation of this „standard procedure” of creation of people on the Earth), then it turns out that during teaching the first Hindu people in their „Eden”, God assumed in there the huge number of various „bodily representations of God”. (These „bodily representations of God” presently are described in Hinduism under the name of „Hindu gods” or „deities” – see items #B6 and #B6.1 from the totaliztic web page „god.htm”.) For first Hindu people, each one amongst these „bodily representations of God” had the body and the appearance of humans, also each one of them had a personality and character which were the mixture of good and evil – as an example see the appearance of the „Hindu god” named „Murugan”, the appearance and the character of which is illustrated in the „Fig. #B1ab” from the totaliztic web page named „immortality.htm”. In order to teach people more effectively, in the Eden of Hindu people these „bodily representations of God” had, and used, various advanced technical devices, including famous flying „vimana” – i.e. starships similar to my Magnocraft. One amongst these representations, always used a breathing apparatus similar to present „gas mask”. (Namely, that „gas mask” was used by the „Hindu god” whom most frequently is called „Ganesha”.) Because of that mask, first Hindu people announced that he has a „head of elephant” and paid a greater attention to him than to other gods. For this reason, when God created further races of Greeks and Egyptians, then to some amongst still then numerous His „bodily representations”, He gave intentionally the appearance of half-humans and half-animals. It turned out then, that people whom during the stage of „Learning in an Eden” interacted with these bodily representations of God, linked their appearance to their characters. Therefore, in yet another process of creation of Chinese, God decisively gave attributes of various unpleasant animals, e.g. snakes, to these amongst His bodily representations (e.g. to „dragons”) which supposed to teach people about evil, while the fully human appearance – to these His bodily representations which were to teach people about good. Because of the success of this illustrative approach to teaching people, when God created first Israelis, He abandoned the use in the Eden of that large number of His bodily representations, and He placed in there just two such representations, namely the humanly looking „Messiah” (the behaviour of which illustrated „good” to people), and „Serpent” or „Satan” – that had a partial appearance of a snake (the behaviour of which illustrated „evil” to people). Because of the success of these illustrations of good and evil, during the creation of yet another race of Maoris God again repeated and emphasised this principle even more – see, amongst others, also item #L1 in the web page „newzealand_visit.htm”.

The sole fact, that such a gradual evolution of selected details of the „standard procedure of creation” utilised by God took place at all, leads to several very important conclusions. For example, it confirms the shocking (for some people) fact, that God also learns and gradually extends as well as improves His knowledge and methods of acting. In other words, it confirms that God does NOT know absolutely everything and from the very beginning, but He also gradually learns and gains experience in a manner identical as people do – what actually God confirms openly in the verse 18:20-21 from the Biblical Book of Genesis (this verse is discussed more thoroughly in item #M1 from the totaliztic web page „evolution.htm”). The gradual evolution of the „standard procedure of creation” confirms also the finding presented in item #B2 of the totaliztic web page „will.htm”, namely that God created man mainly to be able to continually increase with the help of people His knowledge and the level of perfection of the intelligent universe.

* * *

The above post is adopted from „part #D” (i.e. from items #D1 to #D5) of the totaliztic web page named „newzealand_visit.htm” (updated on 12 Febryary 2010, or later). Actually, I would recommend to readers to read it from that web page, as on the web page all links to other web pages are working, it is printed in colour, it is also illustrated, the content is updated regularly, etc. The latest update of the web page „newzealand_visit.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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