#177E: The arrival of „neo-medieval epoch” to the Earth – in English (polski ponizej)

Motto: „The most effective destroyer is the one which cannot be heard nor seen.”

#I1: If we ask someone learned what the so-called „medieval epoch” was, then he (or she) will provide us with some cleverly sounding definition in which emphasized will be the period of time in history of the Earth during which this medieval period prevailed. But if we consider the matter thoroughly, then we discover that the essence of the „medieval epoch” was not the time in which it occurred, but almost proverbial behaviours of people who lived in these times on the Earth. This is because people of medieval times behaved differently that people from any other epoch on the Earth. Words which could correctly describe their behaviour include: abnormality, cruelty, psychopathology, deviations, greed, etc. Therefore, the correct definition of medieval period should place emphasis just on these deviated behaviours of people. So it should state, for example, that „the name ‚Middle Ages’ is assigned to a period in history of the humanity during which behaviours of people were characterised by a range of glaring abnormalities demonstrating that people were ruled by feelings, desires, emotions, etc., instead of minds, knowledge, logic, deductions, or other qualities of their intellects – and which abnormalities most strongly manifested themselves in the area of morality, attitudes to others, systems of values, religion, taste, understanding of beauty, art, etc.” In other words, if the definition „medieval epoch” was developed by present psychiatrists instead of historians, then they would state that it was the epoch in the history of Earth when almost all people were „psychologically sick” and had a version of „psychopathology”.

If we would try to provide here examples of deviations in behaviours of medieval people, then the most representative amongst them would include: continuous wars, social terror, spreading cruelty, religious hysteria and fanaticism, greed of high society, putting down of lower classes, common devaluation of human dignity, oppression, decay of culture, deviations of artistic taste, deterioration of health (e.g. famous epidemics), decrease of fertility of people and a rapid diminishing of population, complete extinction of many known families and dynasties, anarchy and decentralisation tendencies (e.g. the disintegration of empires into small countries), and many more. All such deviations prevailed then in practically the entire our planet – including islands that were isolated from rest of the world, such as New Zealand (where in the medieval period cannibalism emerged). Such a wide spread of abnormal behaviours in turn means that their reasons had a global character. To provide here examples, it was just in the medieval period that a husband certified in Inquisition against own wife accusing her of witchcraft, a brother killed a brother for a throne or inheritance, sisters were given to enemies to earn a few years of peace, while a deviated understanding of beauty by medieval painters caused that they filled up their paintings with deformed monsters instead of beautiful people.

#I2: Why it is vital to emphasize abnormalities in the behaviour of people while defining the medieval epoch (instead of emphasizing the span of time)

If we accept passively the definition of „Middle Ages” developed by modern scientists – in which the emphasis is placed on the period of time in the history of Earth, then overlooked is the fact that this „medieval period” was caused by something. In other words, such scientific definition implies „between the lines” that the „Middle Ages” arrived purely automatically and then also automatically disappeared – as it always happens with time and with epochs. But if the „medieval epoch” is defined as I did it in the previous section #I1 of this post, or in item #I1 of the web page named „tapanui.htm” (which complete internet address is provided at the end of this post), means with emphasizing the abnormalities in behaviours of people, then immediately it hits our eyes that at that time there needed to be in action on the Earth some health or biological factor which caused all these deviations. After all, behaviours of people NEVER become deviated and abnormal just by themselves, but always there is some factor which causes them to be such. Thus, my definition of the „Middle Ages” inspires the search for this factor which caused such abnormalities in human behaviours lasting for several centuries.

While searching for the factor which caused such persisting abnormalities in behaviours of people, we surely can eliminate a whole range of „natural” factors, such as the composition of the air, water, parameters of light from that time, etc. After all, such natural factors acted upon the humanity in the same way for periods longer than the length of the Middle Ages. After eliminating these natural factors, it is worth to take notice of the so-called „telepathic noise” induced technically – which is known from various paranormal researches as the source of strong deviations in human behaviours. (What is „telepathy” and this „telepathic noise” unperceived conscientiously by people, but intercepted by them subconsciously, it is explained briefly on the totaliztic web page named „telepathy.htm”, while elaborated in more details in volume 4 of monographs [8/2] and [1/5]. Here it suffices to mention, that another name for it used in radiesthesia and in water divining is the „negative green” vibration. The „telepathic noise” most frequently is detected in some areas of pyramids, over underground water streams, over the geopathic „Swiss net”, and when emitted by various totems and cult objects used in „black magic”.) After all, right before the Middle Ages appeared, on the Earth took place a giant explosion near Tapanui in New Zealand in 1178 AD – described on the totaliztic web page „tapanui.htm”. In turn, the mechanism of that explosion supported the generation of large quantities of just such „telepathic noise”. Thus, that particular explosion not only that took place in the year which was a beginning of the arrival of the Middle Ages, but in addition it was sufficiently powerful to jam the entire planet with the telepathic noise. After all, its physical consequences devastated the entire globe, while numerous cases of destruction that it caused are visible in the Europe even today. These and other premises indicate unambiguously that the arrival of medieval epoch to the Earth was caused by the „telepathic noise” that resonated in the Earth’s ionosphere for several centuries and that was induced by a giant explosion of 1178 AD which occurred near the town of Tapanui in New Zealand. The comprehensive analyses and deductions which led to the establishing this fact (i.e. that these immensely detrimental for human health „resonations of the telepathic noise” in the ionosphere of Earth caused the arrival of medieval epoch), is discussed in subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4] (but just mentioned in an older English monograph [5/3]).

When one analyses the influence of the resonations of telepathic noise on the health, wellbeing, and behaviours of people, then it turns out that such noise induces in people exactly the same consequences that historic sources describe as dominating during the medieval epoch. For example, in spite that the telepathic noise remains unperceived in a conscious manner, in fact it is intercepted subconsciously by humans (this is why it is detectable e.g. with methods of radiesthesia). Thus, under influence of it, people become irritated and angry, while being such, they easily show rapid reactions, aggression, have no breaks in their brutal actions, everything irritates them, they loose the sense of humour, become intolerant towards everything, etc., etc. – means they are exactly such as we know that people were in medieval times. In the area of physical health, the excess of telepathic noise decreases the resistance of bodies to illnesses, and in males decreases the sperm counts. In the result it causes all the effects which we know from the medieval period, such as epidemics and plagues, complete extinction of entire families and dynasties, disappearance of human population from entire countries, etc., etc. Of course, the telepathic noise deviates also the understanding of beauty and the ability to think rationally – this explains the „sick” paintings from medieval times, and numerous medieval abnormal ideas of the kind of fanaticism, separatism, martyrs, self-destruction, etc.

#I3: The destructive „resonation of telepathic noise” is also induced by every nuclear explosion – what this means for the humanity

During years from 1945 till around 1970, the generation of people who then ruled over the Earth (named in item #I5 below in this post, or in the web page named „tapanui.htm”) carried out numerous tests with exploding nuclear weapons. As it turns out, each such a testing explosion of nuclear weapon generates a significant amount of that „telepathic noise” which is so detrimental to health and wellbeing of people. What even worse, the attribute of this „telepathic noise” is that it can accumulate – means that the noise-generating effects of each subsequent nuclear explosion add themselves to effects of previous such explosions. Thus, the result of such tests with nuclear bombs carried out on the Earth in years from 1945 till around 1970 was that the total amount of this telepathic noise so immensely destructive for human health is at present equal, if not larger, than the amount of resonating telepathic noise that prevailed in medieval times. In turn, the consequence of such a large accumulation of telepathic noise can only be one – namely these nuclear explosions already carried out, initiated in people deviations of behaviours which manifest themselves at present as a sliding of the entire humanity into another „neo-medieval epoch”. Of course, similarly like inhabitants from the original „medieval period” were unaware that they live in the „Middle Ages”, while their sick and abnormal behaviours become recognised only by inhabitants of other, more healthy epochs, also present inhabitants of the Earth have no idea that they just slide down deeper and deeper into the „neo-medieval epoch”. However, if one carries out the comparisons of behaviours of the generation of people that currently dominates the Earth, with behaviours of people from the „medieval epoch”, then the similarities are hitting our eyes. Therefore, when today one looks carefully around, then without any difficulties should be able to notice that the „neo-medieval epoch” is already on the Earth and that it started to trouble people increasingly more starting from around the year 1995 (I try to document it in item #I6 below on this post or on web page „tapanui.htm”).

#I4: Which facts prove to us, that we really have already on the Earth another „neo-medieval epoch”

By the term „neo-medieval epoch” one should understand the period on the Earth which is just arriving. This period was induced by the long-term action of the „telepathic noise” which is extremely detrimental to mentality and to health of people. The noise was induced by tests with nuclear bombs carried out in years from 1945 till around 1970. Similarly to the original „medieval epoch”, this new period is characteristic by abnormal deviations in behaviours of people. There are numerous attributes which characterise this period. The most vital amongst them include, amongst others: (1) people being directed in everything by feelings, desires, laziness, averse to think, jealousy, fashion, bad examples from celebrities, etc., instead by knowledge, mind, logic, evidence, etc., (2) people are giving out to inclinations, temptations, addictions, deviations, etc. – means people practice on an everyday basis the destructive philosophy called „parasitism” (described on the totaliztic web page named „parasitism.htm”), (3) the morality is falling down fast, and people increasingly less listen to whispers of their conscience, (4) rampant are religious fanaticism, love of force, the fascination with body, muscles, weapon, etc., (5) dominant are egoism and self-centring of people who take care of exclusively themselves, (6) there is a galloping greed and materialism, (7) we see social insubordination, unrests, splitting of empires and countries, terrorism, pirates, etc., (8) illnesses and plagues are rampaging (e.g. see item #B1 on the totaliztic web page named „plague.htm”), there is already a decrease in sperm count and slow extinction of dynasties, soon we will see the depopulation of the Earth, (9) we can notice deviations in artistic taste and in views of the world – which manifest themselves, amongst others, in „sick” kind of art and music, (10) there is a global diminishing of happiness and sense of humour – causing that people almost everything consider to be an offence, that they stop laughing, that they always appear to be angry and in a state of permanent depression, and that increasingly more difficult is to find something that could make people laugh; that they are prone to commit suicides, etc., etc. (notice that there is even more similarly abnormal attributes and behaviours of people).

Much more information about the „neo-medieval epoch” that currently is settling over the Earth is presented in subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4] (in English a part of it is available in a slightly older monograph [5/3]).

#I5: Generations which actively contributed towards arriving of the „neo-medieval epoch” to the Earth

The generation of people which dominates the life on the Earth, and which controls this life, changes every around 25 years. (Notice that by the term „generation” we understand here a group of people of similar age which grew up in similar times thus experiencing very similar environmental conditions, so that their behaviours and characteristics contain trends that are common to almost all of them.) Thus, each such a „generation” in the duration of its domination shapes the life on the Earth in a slightly different manner – which is unique and characteristic just to this particular generation. The generation of people which as the first was exposed to the destructive action of the resonating telepathic noise from nuclear explosions, is the generation to which I also belong. This generation in past was called „baby boomers”. But I prefer to call them jocosely the „emotional” generation – because this destructive telepathic noise caused that instead of being governed by mind, logic, evidence, etc., it started to be governed by emotions, desires, feelings, views, etc. This „emotional” generation dominated the life on the Earth since around 1970 till around 1995. After it, the Earth was taken under control by the generation of their children, the governing of which over the life of the humanity extends since around 1995 till around 2020 – means also at present. Let us now carry out the review of such attributes of each generation that contributed towards the arrival of the „neo-medieval epoch” to the Earth, which attributes had main influence on the appearance and escalation of this „neo-medieval epoch”. Please notice, that to each one out of these generations a jocose name is assigned, which in my opinion should make us laugh, and thus should be easier for referring, but which also should characterise better the essence of behaviours of a given generation.

Of course, in order to characterise briefly subsequent generations, it is necessary to use a high level of generalisation. In turn, as it always is the case with the generalisation, it indicates only the most common and the most representative tendencies. As such, it does NOT consider exceptions from the tendencies described here – which in real life always exist, nor considers any individual people or specific families. Thus, in spite that the essence of what is written here really applies to the entire generations indicated here, it NOT necessarily and NOT always applies to each individual person nor to each individual family from a given generation.

1. The generation of „aggressive panic-mongers”. It is the generation of fathers of my own generation. The Earth was under their control since around 1945 till around 1970. This generation lived through the World War Two and with their own eyes saw the terror of wars. Thus, it was panicking of another world war. In order to prevent a war, according to the saying of ancient Romans that „when you wish to have a peace then prepare to a war” it was manufacturing the multitude of weapons and used to shake its weaponry in front of noses of its enemies. In turn to have the most powerful arsenals of the time, it continually tested nuclear bombs. Tests of nuclear weapons of that generation of „aggressive panic-mongers” were the ones that generated „telepathic noise” which since then continually resonates in the Earth’s ionosphere – similarly like sounds resonate in the resonance chambers of musical instruments. Thus, the generation of „aggressive panic-mongers” is really responsible for bringing to the humanity the present „neo-medieval epoch”.

2. The „emotional” generation (i.e. „baby boomers”) to which, amongst others, also I belong. It ruled over the Earth in the period from around 1970 till around 1995. It was the sub-conscience of this generation that, for the first time since the end of original „Middle Ages”, was deviated again by resonations of the „telepathic noise”. Therefore, the most vital attribute of this generation was that instead of following the knowledge, mind, logic, deductions, evidence, traditions proven in action, etc., it for the first time since many centuries started to listen in everything mainly to feelings, impulses, desires, unverified views, fashion, example of its celebrities, etc. In this way the „emotional” generation broke the tradition and trends to-date. Simultaneously it was this generation that caused the next one (i.e. caused children of my generation) to be brought up as „Midases in reverse”.

3. The generation of „Midases in reverse” – i.e. the generation of children of my generation. It assumed the power over the Earth from my generation around 1995 and it is going to rule till around 2020. Thus, at the moment the humanity and the Earth are under its control and domination.

All of us probably know the myth from ancient Greece about the kind Midas from Phrygia – i.e. the one who turned into gold everything that he touched. Therefore, one amongst most serious deficiencies of my „emotional” generation could be described as the upbringing the generation of our children to become just such „Midases in reverse” – after all, „whatever they touch it immediately turns into sh…” Remembering that the generation of „Midases in reverse” took the control over the Earth from my generation around the year 1995, let us list here several examples of their „touch of Midas in reverse”. Well, already around two years after they assumed the power over the Earth, the so-called „Asian crisis” appeared which destroyed many currencies and economies of the world (it also depleted my overseas earnings). In around 6 years after they took the rules, their „touch of Midas in reverse” manifested itself in the form of so-called „9/11”. Then these Midases in reverse initiated two wars for which until today they did not find a way how to stop these and make a lasting peace. In 2008 they started the world’s economic crisis – which they make increasingly deeper now instead of eliminating it (i.e. this crisis was caused by the greed of bankers from that generation, who wasted on themselves funds that they supposed to lend to poor, and this crisis is now „eliminated” by politicians of that generation through giving to these bankers in „care” even more money which are taken from poor people via taxes). On 7th till 19th December 2009 leaders of all countries of the world from the generation of these „Midases in reverse” organised in Copenhagen the world climate conference „COP15” – about which they earlier bragged that they solve on it all problems with the climate and nature. But it solved nothing – as was correctly noticed in the article „Climate deal waits for another day” from page A2 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, December 21, 2009). So the only thing which this conference produced was a lot of bad air. Etc., etc. – examples of the „touches” of these „Midases in reverse” could be listed infinitively.

In my opinion there are two main reasons for which the generation of „Midases in reverse” has just such „opposite to king Midas” effect on everything that it touches. The first one out of these two reasons is the fact that these destructive resonations of telepathic noise continually deviate their morality, attitudes, feelings, desires, greed, mind, habits, etc. The second reason is that they were brought up by the „emotional” generation which was already deviated with such resonations of telepathic noise, and thus which rejected and devalued the methods of upbringing which were proven in action during thousands of years of continuous practice – as this is described in item B5.1 of the totaliztic web page named „will.htm”. Therefore, this generation of „Midases in reverse” already now illustrates to us what in the future is going to be the mechanism of „snowballing effect” in cumulating the destructive consequences of „neo-medieval epoch” – if people ignore again the information and recommendations indicated in section #I7 from this post and from the web page „tapanui.htm”. (This avalanche-like cumulating of consequences may cause, that if the outcomes of the „neo-medieval epoch” are not understood and thus escape from human control, then the Earth soon may turn into a real hell.) Because the deviations caused by resonations of the telepathic noise were already discussed in previous items #I2 and #I3 of this post (and the web page „tapanui.htm”), below I am going to concentrate on discussing mainly consequences of abnormal upbringing of the generation of „Midases in reverse”.

So this second main reason why the generation of children of my generation grew up into such „Midases in reverse”, was that controlled by feelings instead of intelligence (after all, in my generation the intelligence was already suppressed by telepathic noise), my generation rejected and devalued traditional methods of upbringing children. For my „emotional” generation it become insignificant that such traditional methods of upbringing have proven their correctness in action during thousands of years of their use. Simultaneously the unchecked methods of upbringing which due to using feelings instead of logic and intelligence my „emotional” generation introduced to use for the first time in history, led to grooming too high proportion of children into egoists, snobs, mamonies (Italian for brats), softies, clumsy misfits, bullies, terrorists, etc. The „emotional” generation to which I belong had rather a hard childhood and young age. Thus, is understandable why, when finally with own hands it managed to build the largest period of prosperity and stability in to-date history of the humanity, fruits of this prosperity it started to unconditionally splash on its children. In addition, the common use of feelings instead of logic and wisdom caused that my generation continually tried to purchase the love of its children, instead of training them in traditions, morality, principles, discipline, responsibility, and other attributes that are required for the young generation. It was just during the domination of my „emotional” generation that its children kept receiving cars, computers, and most modern toys, completely without moving even their fingers. It was my generation that introduced to the use soft and comfortable undergarments, single use panties, laws that forbid serving smacks to children when these are naughty, and persuasions for teachers to use psychology instead of duties, homework, and punishments. It was also the „emotional” generation that allowed its children to spend parents salaries on most fashionable clothing, most known hairdressers, and the best cosmetics. In the result, the generation of its children got used to the idea that the entire universe rotates just around them, and that in the life it is OK to just take and never give anything in return. In this way, according to laws of life described in item #A3 from the web page named „god_proof.htm”, the „emotional” generation groomed its successors at misfits and egoists, who know how to take but are unable to give, who are able to promise, but do not know how to deliver, who learned to destroy, but are unable to build with success, who instead of peaceful and effective negotiations use force and destruction. In the approach to upbringing of the next generation, the „emotional” generation ignored thousands of years of experience of the humanity, that in order to acquire the required attributes of character – according to clear recommendations from God expressed in the Bible, the youth must be brought up „like the steel is hardened” (as this is explained in item #B5.1 from the totaliztic web page named „will.htm”). In the result, representatives of this new generation of „Midases in reverse” which currently prevail over the world, in their ignorance and egoism probably will not be able to even secure for their parents the decent retirements. So in old age their parents will be harvesting fruits from the fact that as a generation they „failed” to groom correctly the next generation. Fortunately, in the long-term „there is no such bad that would not turn into good”. This ignorance and egoism of the generation of „Midases in reverse” causes, that the generation of their children again is going to have a „hard life” which perhaps manages to „harden them like steel” – as such hardening was taking place in my own generation. Thus, if conditions stated in section #I7 from this post (or from the web page „tapanui.htm”) are to be met, still there is a chance that after the fall down and destruction of the period of prevailing the „Midases in reverse”, perhaps again to the Earth is going to return a slightly better period build up by the generation of „decision makers”. But this is to happen only if we manage to pass to these „decision makers”, before we extinct, how vital is the hard and moral upbringing of their own children and teaching these children to take notice of all aspects of the life which have the significance for suppressing the present escalation of the „neo-medieval epoch”.

4. The generation of „decision makers”. This is the generation of grandchildren of the generation to which I belong (means, these are children of „Midases in reverse”). It is going to take the humanity and Earth under its control starting from around 2020 until around 2045. The reason for which I jocosely call this generation the „decision makers” is that to them is to belong the undertaking and implementation of the most vital decision of their millennium – from which will later depend the fate of humanity for further several hundred of years. Namely, these „decision makers” with their decisions and actions are to undertake and implement either the ignorant decisions similar to decisions of „Midases in reverse” – which then will extend the duration of the „neo-medieval epoch” for several further centuries (thus turning the Earth into a kind of hell), or they rationally implement the knowledge which, amongst others, this post and the web page „tapanui.htm” is trying to pass to them, and acting wisely and morally they will suppress the duration of „neo-medieval period” by restoring the path of humanity to morality, use of intelligence, implementation of peace, cultivation of traditions, etc.

#I6: Why the generation of „Midases in reverse” escalates the „neo-medieval epoch”

Oppositely to the „Medieval Ages” – in which people were ruled almost exclusively by emotions, further generations of the humanity worked hard to restore on the Earth the use of knowledge, wisdom, evidence, logic, deduction, and other similar advantages of the human intellect. Fathers of my generation (i.e. „aggressive panic-mongers”) almost completely implemented everyday use of these qualities. For example, their marriages almost exclusively were based on the logic – this reduced their divorces to almost zero. Their attitude towards God, religion, ghosts, or unexplained phenomena was exclusively based on the intelligence, not on feelings (after all, it was during the life of fathers of my generation that for the first and last time in to-date history of the humanity were carried out official research on UFOs, ESP, telepathy, etc.) Family life had a logic, structure, and responsibility, because there was a head of family and everyone knew his or her place, because there was a clear division of roles, because they followed the tradition and proven in practice methods of action. Children were punish or rewarded accordingly to their behaviour and accomplishments, because everyone knew that if their characters are deviated because of the lack of moral role models, principles, limitations, duties and discipline, then the portion of pain and struggles which was destined to them is going to be served to them in an older age. In times of my ancestors when someone was in need then all others understood that they must help in person. Dignity, honesty, morality, honour and acting for the good of own country still then were noticeable in politicians and in decision makers. If someone wanted to purchase something, then was earning in a moral manner and saved money for accomplishing the goal. In turn free time was spend then on activities inspiring thinking and intelligence, on socialising, on prayers, or on talking to members of older generations.

When the mind almost completely triumphed over feelings, the life was overtaken by my „emotional” generation. Dazed by the telepathic noise which irritated our sub-conscience, we exploded with contradiction and anger „to hell with wisdom and tradition – let us take life exclusively on feelings”. So we finished with consulting the mind when we choose our life partners, but we listened exclusively to whispers of love. Unfortunately, love passes fast. The outcomes included marriages just for the duration of good weather, deterioration of families with the arrival of first problems, and snowballing increase of divorces. Instead of researching rationally the unexplained phenomena, God, UFOs, ghosts, ESP, etc., and instead of considering the evidence in existence on these matters, we started to act on emotions and feelings following the prevailing fashion, and thus ignoring these subjects and burning on stakes people who still researched them. Instead of grooming our children accordingly to methods proven in thousands of years of use and recommended by the Bible, we started to save children from pain and effort, comfort them that stupidity and recklessness also deserve prizing, reward them for even eating their meals, flood with gifts for doing nothing, gave them diplomas and medals just for taking a part, and etch into their memory the belief that they are a centre of the entire universe. In our everyday life we eliminated roles, positions, and traditions, so that everyone could do whatever wanted, no-one experienced any structure, discipline, limitations, nor responsibilities. Instead of listening to people who have something to say, we started to listen to those who were the most loud. Instead of naming everything correctly, we started to introduce a new terminology so that no-one could feel offended. Instead of praying, we started to be ashamed of our God. Instead of pinpointing and fighting whatever is bad and immoral, we introduced „privacy laws” or „civil unions” which allowed to hide it or to legalize it. Instead of condemning and punishing people deviated, degenerated, and deprived moral breaks, we turned them into our celebrities. It was in my „emotional” generation that instead of helping people in need, we invented various institutions to which we could shift the responsibility for help, while ourselves we could play gapes. It was the „emotional” generation that eliminated the mentally inspiring evening socialising and talks to older generations as well as philosophically orienting prayers, replacing them with thoughtless viewing television or raising brutality through computer games. It was this „emotional” generation that started to employ for „WHOM someone knew” not for „WHAT someone is able to do”.

But the worst is that the next generation of „Midases in reverse”, which my „emotional” generation was spoiling instead of grooming, after taking the planet from us actually escalated further this our relying solely on feelings and desires instead of mind and knowledge. In the result, this unruly generation of „Midases in reverse” transformed our relying mainly on feelings, into the presently prevailing epoch of immorality, greed, deviations, abnormalities, bullying, aggression, terrorism, crime, unemployment, fall down and hunger. And so, these misfits escalated the greed to the level of absurd. Thus, their politicians instead of asking „what it does to our nation or country”, started their rules from asking „what (or how much) is in this for me”. This next generation of „Midases in reverse” their custom of getting everything for free turned into permanent „life on credit”. It was this generation that instead of paying proportionally to the contribution, invented millions for CEOs and hunger rations for workers, premiums worth thousands of salaries for management, and redundancies and unemployment for workers. It is this generation that tries to restore 10-hour long working days for workers, shortens holidays and weekends, reduces unemployment benefit, and extends the age when oldies are entitled to the retirement. It is this generation that eliminates God from life, but introduces the cult of money and fast pleasure. It is this generation that in people sees just body and muscles, while in nature it sees just a potential for making fortune. Etc., etc.

In past of our civilisation already once existed a period of time when people ceased to listen to mind, knowledge, evidence, logic, voices of rationality, or whispers of conscience, thus starting to escalate various deviations when relying exclusively on emotions, feelings, desires, etc. This period was called „Middle Ages”. Through the permanent implementation into life a new trend to ignore morality, tradition, knowledge, logic, evidence, and voices of rationality, while listening exclusively to our feelings and desires, my „emotional” generation created on the Earth conditions that allowed our successors to restore that dark Age. Thus, in the times of prevailing of my „emotional” generation a process was started on the Earth, which our ignorant „Midases in reverse” deepened later into the presently escalating „neo-medieval epoch”. In turn when such abnormalities of the „neo-medieval epoch”, and all immoral consequences of „neo-medieval epoch”, once completely take over the Earth, it probably will be needed the effort many future generations of people to restore the use of morality, knowledge and mind on the Earth.

#I7: Can somehow the sliding of humanity into the „neo-medieval epoch” be stopped, and negative consequences of the resonations of telepathic noise be neutralised?

Yes, it can! But it would be necessary that people fulfilled following conditions: (1) were aware that they just are going through this destructive period of time, (2) knew what caused this period, (3) were familiarised with manifestations and manners on which it works, and (4) knew findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which explain how to lead our lives in a moral manner that would eliminate consequences of evil behaviours of people.

Unfortunately, it is highly doubtful whether people ever fulfil above conditions, and thus manage to stop the snowballing escalation of the „neo-medieval epoch”. The reason is, that about the arrival of the „neo-medieval epoch” I am warning people for a long time, yet almost everyone seems to ignore my warnings. My publications on this subject I prepared a long time before first symptoms of arrival of the „neo-medieval epoch” become visible. After all, soon after discovering in 1987 the global consequences of the Tapanui explosion, and subsequent discovering the destructive action of the telepathic noise induced by this explosion, I started to warn vigorously people about what is to come, in two-language series [5] of my monographs (e.g. in subsection D4 of monographs [5/4] and [5/3]). Unfortunately, in spite that these monographs about the Tapanui explosion are disseminated for almost a quarter of century, so-far almost no-one seems to pay any attention to what they try to warn us against. Therefore, it is quite a vital that people finally started to take to heart the knowledge and information contained in this post and on the web page „tapanui.htm”, and started to disseminate them amongst interested readers (so that these could be learned, amongst others, by the generation of „decision makers” who could in the future utilise them in their decisions and actions).

In our attitude towards the matter of arrival of „neo-medieval epoch” it is also worth to take under considerations mechanism of actions of the universe. This is because such mechanisms cause that „truth always finally prevails”. Thus, the more we are going to hide and ignore the fact that our civilisation is just sliding into the „neo-medieval period”, and the less we are going to do to stop this sliding, the more clearly future generations of people will see from fruits of our actions, that such a barbaric epoch existed on the Earth staring from present generations. Thus, even if in the future this epoch may NOT be called the „neo-medieval epoch”, the fact will remain that they will consider it to be the age when the humanity should already represent a high level of civilising, but in reality it behaved like barbaric psychopaths in almost all areas of human activities.

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