#176E: Supernatural capabilities of Polish snakes – in English (polski ponizej)

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The theory of everything called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity (KDG)” (described in the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”) defines the term „supernatural” as „everything that in its actions utilises laws, principles, and capabilities offered only by so-called ‚counter-world’ and not available for the ‚physical world’ in which we live”. Therefore examples of „supernatural actions” include not only miracles (described e.g. in item #H2 from the web page „god_proof.htm”), but also the utilisation of „telepathy” and the „capability to change the speed of elapse of time”. Because present official science still have difficulties with accepting the findings of KDG, our scientists still do NOT know that such supernatural actions as this use of „telepathy” or „alterations of time”, are physically possible at all. In turn, it is commonly known that if someone has no idea that something does exist, then this someone does NOT see it – even if it parades in front of the nose. No wonder, that in spite Polish folklore discovered a long ago that some Polish snakes have supernatural capabilities, and in spite that this folklore describes these supernatural capabilities to everyone who is listening to folk stories, still our scientists ignore these capabilities and officially deny their existence. I will not elaborate here that the supernatural capabilities of snakes are also indirectly confirmed by the Bible. So in order to realise to the readers, that the omnipotent God supplied snakes into various supernatural capabilities which still remain unknown to present scientists, I am going to present here two empirical sightings, which illustrate these capabilities in Polish snakes. These sightings really took place, thus are an objective evidence that whatever they reveal is actually true.

The Polish snake named „zaskroniec” (i.e. the „grass snake”) from Stawczyk near Milicz, which was able to telepathically order a frog to jump into its jaws:

As a teenager I had an unique chance to see with my own eyes a „telepathic attack” of an ordinary Polish „grass snake” at a large grass frog. I carried out this sighting on the field of my parents, which was located in the village Stawczyk described on the web page „stawczyk_uk.htm” indicated below. All that the grass snake did during this attack, was to open its jaws and intensely look the frog into eyes. In turn the frog was fighting against resistance of its own body and on its own was gradually proceeding into the jaws in several short jumps. Here is how this my sighting of the „telepathic attack of the grass snake” is described in subsection R4.2 from volume 14 of my monograph [1/4] (disseminated free of charge via the internet):

„When I started my observation, the frog was distant by around a half of meter from the mouth of the grass snake. The concentration of the snake was so intense, that it did not notice my approach and continued its „telepathic attack”. Because of this I was able to see exactly the entire event. In turn the frog behaved in the manner that is unexplainable on the basis of an old „concept of monopolar gravity”. (As it is known, this old concept denies the existence of telepathy and makes impossible explanation of it.) Giving the loud croaking of terror, which by the way brought my attention to the entire event, the frog was strongly holding back the forward movement with the front legs. But the back legs of this frog were making rhythmic jumps. These jumps gradually led the unfortunate frog straight into the mouth of the snake. Even when the front of the frog already went into the mouth of the snake, back legs still kept jumping rhythmically thus helping the snake to swallow it easier. So the grass snake only needed to make the effort of swallowing it. After I saw this extraordinary event, of course I asked Wincenty (Vincent) about the entire event (Wincenty is also mentioned in subsections O2.3.2 and O2.4 of monograph [1/4]). He was a walking encyclopaedia of folklore knowledge. Wincenty confirmed, that grass snakes remotely hypnotise their victims, so that they do not need to catch them physically, but these victims get to snakes’ mouths on their own.”

Because such telepathic capabilities of ordinary Polish grass snakes still remain unknown to present official science, at this point I have an appeal to readers. Namely, if the reader saw in person a similar „telepathic attack” of a snake at a frog, or if they know someone who witnessed such an attack, then I would ask to describe for me the entire sighting, while I am going to consider publishing it here.

The Polish snake named „gniewosz” from Cielcza near Jarocin, which is able to alter the speed of elapse of time in such a way that people are unable to notice its existence:

The old Polish folklore is telling stories about supernatural capabilities of another snake found only in Poland, which by the Polish folklore is called „gniewosz” (this name means „the angry one”). The English name for similar snakes living outside of Poland is the „Smooth snake”, while their Latin name is „Coronella austriaca”. In Poland this „gniewosz” sometimes is also called „miedzianka”. However „miedzianka” is an incorrect name, because it is officially attributed to a snake which lives in America and which in English is called „Copper head”. In spite that relatives of „gniewosz” live in almost the entire Europe, the rare specie which I am describing here almost does NOT live anywhere else apart from forests of Poland. Therefore, to not spread confusion, in this item I am going to rather call this snake with the folklore Polish name „gniewosz” (i.e. „the angry one”).

My analysis of the supernatural capabilities of the Polish specie of this extraordinary snake „gniewosz” led me to a conclusion that it is capable of „altering the speed of elapse of time”. It means that the Polish „gniewosz” is able with its body to do what on the web page „immortality.htm” is explained that it will be possible to accomplish by people only after the so-called „time vehicles” are build. This is because „gniewosz” is capable to slow down for himself the elapse of time, so that for people who watch it (for whom the time still elapses with the normal speed) its movements become just almost instant, while the snake becomes invisible to our eyes. This is why, in spite that the snake „gniewosz” still lives in Polish forests, in fact people almost are unable to see it. The existing descriptions of this snake emphasize its supposed huge rarity – in reality caused by its ability to become so fast that is almost invisible. The rarity of this snake stems from almost all publications on its subject – that the reader can verify through e.g. writing the key word gniewosz into google.pl. One amongst places in which lucky people can meet this extraordinary snake are forests not far from the village „Cielcza” located around 4 km to the north from the city Jarocin of the Polish Province „Wielkopolska”. In the school year 1957/1958 myself I also lived in Cielcza at Leœna Street – it was over there that I was almost shot dead, as it is described in item #B1 of my autobiographical web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm”, and also in item #H2 of the web page „god_proof.htm”. It somehow happened that the person on words of whom I rely a lot saw the snake „gniewosz” in forests not far from this village Cielcza. Although he does NOT believe in the „supernatural” capabilities of this snake, able to „alter the speed of elapse of time”, such capabilities are hitting our eyes in his report from the encounter with this snake. Here is how he described his encounter with this extraordinary Polish snake:

„The snake which I saw near Cielcza was „gniewosz” – very rare specie and almost unseen now. Never before, nor never after, I met such a snake. It was during the occupation around 1944 (the exact date I do NOT remember). I was around 6, perhaps 8 years old. I went mushrooming with my grandmother, mother, or one of my brothers. Interestingly, that I do NOT remember details, but perfectly remember how this snake looked like (perhaps that I was scared a lot and this caused that the scene so much etched into my memory, that today, after some 66 years, I see it all in my mind – as if it happened just a while ago). I do NOT remember also whether we collected a lot of mushrooms, but I presume that – yes, in this young forest composed of small pines and birches always were mushrooms: we called these mushrooms with their folklore names of Cossacks (i.e. „Clavaria corollaides”), black-smiths, hens, butter-mushrooms (i.e. „Boletus luteus”), and others. This young forest was perhaps around 1 square kilometre, while around it was larger forest composed of pines, birches, and mixtures of other trees. And then walking in this young forest, in which were small clearings – I unexpectedly saw a snake, which jumped out of somewhere, perhaps scared equally like myself. The snake was a dark-brown colour, perhaps with the tinge of bronze turning into red – and speeding with fast zigzags disappeared in some grasses and bushes. I stood petrified for a moment and even do not remember whether the person that accompanied me saw it too. What I was shocked by was the speed with which this snake moved, and its colour. Myself, being a boy who lived near forests of Cielcza, was perfectly familiar with the appearance of snakes that used to live in there: grass snakes, adders, and similar to snakes slowworms. Grass snakes could be met in our garden – not far from our home. There was a lot of adders in the forest. But this one was none of such snakes. For the entire further life I was thinking, what kind of snake was this one, and after starting to study literature – I come to the conclusion that it must be „gniewosz” (rare, almost not encountered kind of snake). It was slightly similar to a slowworm, but longer and slimmer. Its length I estimate at some 40 to 60 cm. In turn slowworms are only around 30, perhaps 40 cm. From the slowworm also differed by the speed by which it moved. It moved extremely fast. In turn slowworms make an impression of very lazy and move rather slow. This encounter inspired me later to study literature and thanks to this I know quite well these snakes. I also saw the „snake of Aesculapius”, however not in our country, but in Yugoslav in 1966 near the city of Dubrovnik. That snake is also large and thick and look very scary. Fortunately, it is harmless and has no venom.

The forest in which I saw this snake was located near the village Cielcza in the distance of around 1 – 1.5 km to south from Czaszczew and around 1 km to the west from the Poznañ railway. Today, after 66 years, this place may look completely different. Where was a young forest – a large forest can grow now, while where was a large forest – a young one can be now. The fact is, however, that around 66 years ago in there lived an extraordinary snake, which can be a natural curiosity and an interesting indicator for scientists.”

The snake „gniewosz” is not the only creature whose attributes indicate that it is able to alter the speed of elapse of time. Another such a creature is the mysterious „chupacabra” (about which I believe that it is a different, because present, name for the creature which we known under the ancient name of „griffin”). As a teenager I was attacked and even wounded by such a griffin. During its attack I just felt this capability of griffins („chupacabras”) to slow-down the speed of elapse of time. Descriptions of this attack of griffin on myself are provided in subsection R4.2 from volume 14 of monograph [1/4]. In turn sightings of griffins, some of these not far from the village Stawczyk, are described in item #H1 of the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm” and in item #E8 of the web page „newzealand.htm”.

The manner on which „gniewosz” manipulate on time, in 1980s was illustrated by the magician named David Copperfield. He recorded then a documentary film in which he shows his walk through the Great Wall of China. In turn as we know from research on abductions of people to UFOs, the walk through walls in the so-called „state of telekinetic flickering” is linked to a serious problem. Namely, inside of the wall the person passing through it has no air to breathe. So in order to not suffocate, the wall must be passed quite fast. But if the magician David Copperfield went fast through the Great Wall of China, his documentary film would loose its spectacular impact. Therefore, in order to still be able to walk through the wall quite fast, but simultaneously show this on the film in a slow motion, David Copperfield changed the speed of the elapse of his time. Namely, when for him inside of the wall just seconds were passing, for those filming him outside of the wall entire minutes went by. (Notice here, however, that the Polish snake „gniewosz” does exactly opposite to what David Copperfield did – namely, when for the snake minutes are passing, for other creatures, and for people nearby, just only seconds are passing). In turn, to demonstrate also this slowing down the speed of the elapse of time, David Copperfield attached electrodes to his chest – so that his pulse was monitored and illustrated on the film. Thus, it can be seen on the film how after his entering the wall his pulse slows down parallel to the slowing down the speed of the elapse of his time, in the centre of the wall amounting to just one heartbeat every tens of seconds. Thus, the readers who wish to see the filmed illustration how a Polish snake „gniewosz” changes the speed of the elapse of its time, should look at this film from the walk of David Copperfield through the Great Wall of China.

In the snake „gniewosz” practically everything confirms its „supernatural” capabilities. As an example, let us consider here its Polish folklore name – „gniewosz” (i.e. „the angry one”). It results from a simple fact that in spite of NOT having venom, this snake still does not escape when threatened, but has the courage to confront all other creatures – including humans. Thus, during encounters with people it sometimes pounces at them, bites, hisses angrily, and spits at them with a smelly secretion. No other creature of nature would behave that way if it is NOT sure that it has a „secret weapon” – with the assistance of which it is able to always take control over the situation. (This „secret weapon” of the snake „gniewosz” – which gives to him such a confidence, is just the ability to „alter the speed of time”, and resulting from this, the capability to escape, when needed, from practically every enemy.) Another fact which confirms its „supernatural” capabilities is the appearance and the colour of its males. Polish species of this snake have bright, almost red, visible at large distances colour, similar to a colour of well-polished rod made of pure copper. In nature such a bright warning colour have only creatures that are either venomous, or poisonous, and thus which other creatures must be afraid of. On the other hand the „gniewosz” has no venom nor poison. So if it does NOT have its „secret weapon” in the form of „controlling the time” in its disposal, then by being practically defenceless towards its enemies, it would be seen by them at large distances and unable to avoid being eaten. Simultaneously, it would also be unable to unnoticeably surprise its own victims. Thus, without the ability to „alter the elapse of time” it would NOT be able to survive in the nature, in which being well seen typically means the death either from enemies, or from hunger. In other words, its bright colours and visibility at large distances also emphasise its „supernatural” capabilities. Finally lets us consider its diet. Apart from extremely fast lizards and rodents, the snake „gniewosz” sometimes attacks and eats snakes – including venomous adders. In turn adders are rather fast and deadly. Thus, without the ability to „alter the speed of time”, the defenceless „gniewosz” would have no chance with them and would rather be eaten by them.

The snake „gniewosz” with the supernatural capabilities described in this item, lives only on the area of Poland. Outside of Poland only its relatives live who lost their capabilities to change the speed of the elapse of time, and thus who survive only due to change its colours from bright and visible at large distances, into grey and well camouflaging. So in spite that scientists qualify the Polish „gniewosz” to the same specie as related to it snakes of „Coronella austriaca” from the rest of Europe, the Polish „gniewosz” is decisively different specie and should rather be named „Coronella polonica”. In the typical for Poland colours, decisively Polish temperament, and also unknown in its relatives capabilities, it appears only on the area of Poland. Thus, scientific qualifying the Polish „gniewosz” to species of „Coronella austriaca”, in my opinion is slightly similar to qualifying „horses” to the same species as „donkeys”.

I know that about the „supernatural” capabilities of the snake „gniewosz” the Polish folklore knows a lot of stories and examples. I do NOT want to repeat these here, because when these originate from me, then enemies of my findings and publications usually impertinently attack these and deny. Therefore herewith I just have an appeal to readers. Namely, should they hear such folklore claims or stories about extraordinary capabilities of the snake „gniewosz”, or any other snake, then I would be grateful if they could share these with me, while I would consider publishing these here. Similarly, if any reader also saw somewhere the snake „gniewosz”, or saw any other extraordinary creature, then I would appreciate describing it for me. My internet addresses under which I can be reached are provided near the end of the totaliztic web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm”.

* * *

The above post is adopted from item #F3 of the totaliztic web page named „stawczyk_uk.htm” (updated on 30 November 2009 or later). The latest update of the web page „stawczyk_uk.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:

It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently from the web page „stawczyk_uk.htm”, each address (web site) indicated above also offers all other web pages of totalizm – unless some of these web pages just were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to all other totaliztic addresses (servers), on which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the name „stawczyk_uk.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that one wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „prophecies.htm”, „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, „healing.htm”, „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „eco_cars.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „telekinetics.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”, „god.htm”, „god_proof.htm”, „bible.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „explain.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, „katrina.htm”, etc., etc.

Each topic of totaliztic discussion, including this one, is also repeated on several blogs of totalizm (this post carries in there the number #176E). These blogs of totalizm can be viewed through following internet addresses:
On these blogs were already published other posts which discussed „mysteries of the nature”, e.g. see there posts #171E, #161E, or #148E.

With the totaliztic salute,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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