#175E: References to DNA in the Bible confirm principles of gaining immortality through repetitive shifting back in time – English version (polska wersja w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „The Bible is NOT a list of free recipes for lazy and ignorant. Rather it is a bundle of puzzles aimed at confirming and supporting these people who with their effort earned learning some extremely vital truths.”

Many people probably will be shocked to learn that the Bible contains in its verses the confirmation for principles on which „DNA” can be used in the operation of „time vehicles”. After all, the Bible was written still in antiquity – when no human had an idea about DNA nor about time vehicles. This is why a majority of present scientists feel that they can ignore or dismiss the Bible to be just a collection of fables and stories told by ancient shepherds. But this ancient Bible NOT only confirms the role of DNA for the principles of operation of time vehicles. It also confirms that the ability to shift back in time accomplished due to DNA, allows people to overcome death and to accomplish the access to infinitively long life. In other words, this ancient Bible contains the confirmation of exactly the same principles of overcoming death and accomplishing immortality, which I had the honour to work out only in 1985 on the basis of my „theory of everything” called the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity”, and which I described in more details on the web page „immortality.htm”. Let us remind these principles here. The immortality is explained by them as the outcome of using „time vehicles” for repetitive shifting selected people back in time to years of their youth, each time after these people reach an old age and are close to death. In turn the principle of shifting these people back in time boils down to shifting back the indicator of so-called „execution control” (i.e. to shifting back something like a „computer cursor”) in natural so-called „programs of life”. For every person these „programs of life” are written in the double spiral of DNA which by its appearance resembles stairs in a spiral stairway.

The Biblical confirmation of the principle of overcoming the death through shifting time back is described in first 11 verses from the „2 Kings” 20:1-11. In these 11 verses, the Bible describes a case of shifting back time for a historic figure, i.e. for the king of Judah named Hezekiah. This king ruled over Jerusalem for 29 years from 729 till 716 BC. He was famous from his devotion to God. Thus, when he got ill and supposed to die, God decided to extend his life for further 15 years – through shifting his time back. To the shock of present historians, this shifting his time caused, that while being already a king, he again landed in times when the king was his father named Ahaz. (In Judah a new king could assume the throne only after the death of the previous king.) In the result of this, in the second passage through time, for a significant proportion of his rules he needed to co-regent with his father. This his co-reign with his father is confirmed by the historic sources – thus indirectly also confirming that the time of Hezekiah was really shifted back. (In the Bible king Hezekiah is mentioned in many places. For example, in „2 Chronicles” entire chapters 29 to 32 are devoted to him.) Biblical verses from „2 Kings” 20:1-11 discussed here, describe in details how God carried out this shifting Hezekiah back in time. This description, and also technical data provided in the Bible and supplemented with the excellent selection of words and illustrative comparisons, provide us now with the confirmation of correctness for all key principles described on the web page „immortality.htm”. The further analyses from this post are to indicate, that principles of shifting back in time described in the Bible, similarly to principles of shifting back in time described on the web page „immortality.htm”, boil down to moving back the special „indicator of execution control” within super-coils of DNA double helixes.

In item #C5 of the web page „bible.htm” – a principle used by God is explained (which is also a God’s recommendation and example for people). It states that „confirmations for every matter must be seek from two or three independent witnesses or sources”. This is why, to increase our certainty, the description of principles of overcoming death through shifting us back in time, is discussed thoroughly and repeated in the Bible in two separate books. Thus, independently from the indicated above „2 Kings” 20:1-11, the same principles are repeated also in „Isaiah” 38:1-8. Furthermore, their occurrence is additionally confirmed in „2 Chronicles”, 32:24-26.

For me personally the most impressive is the precision and skills with which in just 11 sentences-verses from „2 Kings” 20:1-11 God managed to confirm all key principles of overcoming death through shifting back the „software time”. (On the web page „immortality.htm” just brief descriptions of the same principles filled the length of the entire web page.) To be even more difficult, these Biblical descriptions God so coded, that for atheists and for people who did NOT went through the trouble of learning the described on the web page „immortality.htm” principles of shifting the „software time” back, these Biblical verses look like fables of ancient shepherds. Really, the Biblical confirmation of principles of shifting back in time discussed here, constitutes also the confirmation of thesis explained in items #C1, #C5 or #C11 of the totaliztic web page „bible.htm” – namely that „the Bible opens its true content only to believers and to initiated into the given knowledge”. But returning to the precision and skills with which in 11 sentences of „2 Kings” 20:1-11 God confirmed the principles of overcoming death through shifting back in time, this confirming was accomplished through formulating the God’s explanations into several phases. Namely, firstly in verses 20:1-3 of „2 Kings”, God reassured the reader that a given description concerns a man who arrived to the end of his life and is to die. For example, in the verse 20:1 is written, amongst others: „… Hezekiah … you will die and will not live.” Then in verses 20:4-7 God explained that He decided to extend the life of dying Hezekiah by 15 years. For example, in verse 20:6, God states „… I shall add fifteen years to your days…” Then, in verses 20:8-10, God utilises the analogy of motion of the sun shadow in one direction only to unambiguously confirm that this extending the life of Hezekiah is to be carried out through shifting him back in time. For example, in verse 20:10 is contained, amongst others, the statement „… the shadow should go backward ten steps.” Finally, in verse 20:11, God utilises the knowledge of readers, in order to confirm for them that the principle of this shifting time back does boil down to moving back the execution control in the natural „program of life” stored in the double helix of DNA (i.e. the helix that looks like a spiral stairway). For this used is a hidden symbolism of „steps of the stairs of Ahaz” coded in the meaningful context of the expression „… he made the shadow that had gone down gradually go back on the steps, that is on the steps of the stairs of Ahaz, ten steps backward.”

Some people like to skilfully mask the obvious meaning of their statements with the jocose „puns” (this is especially favoured by Englishmen). In such puns typically the same words are used in at least two different meanings. For example „Mr Close is not close”. Unfortunately, as time progresses, people use puns increasingly less frequent – after all present minds are sterilised with the thoughtlessness of television and by rapid deterioration of educational level, so present people are NOT as clever as past generations. But in past it was different. For example on page 822 of the book „The Oxford Companion to the English Language”, edited by Tom McArthur (Oxford University Press, 1992, ISBN 0-19-214183-X), under the keyword „Pun: In Scripture”, is written „In ancient times, puns were used to suggest deep truths.” Actually the older times, the more appreciated puns were. So it should NOT surprise us, that in the Bible which God authorises, puns are used especially frequent. After all, puns hide also from unauthorised people the true content of whatever these verses are to say. Thus the same words used in verses of the Bible, relatively frequent have completely different meanings. In this way, in order to understand the depth of the Bible and to understand the true meaning of given verses, it is necessary to accomplish beforehand a deep knowledge in a given subject. An example of such „pun” taken from the Bible, when the word „water” is used once in the meaning of „counter-matter”, while the other time in the meaning of real „water”, is discussed in item #C3 of the totaliztic web page „god_proof.htm”, and in item #B5 of the web page „evolution.htm”. Due to the use of such „pun” with two meanings of the word „water”, the Biblical descriptions of the process of creation of the physical world effectively camouflage their true meaning from unauthorised and ignorant people. Similarly, in order to camouflage against unauthorised and ignorant people the true meaning of verses from „2 Kings” 20:1-11, in these verses words „shadow” and „Ahaz” are used in two completely different meanings (i.e. the same word replaces in there two different words). For example, the first use of the word „shadow” refers to a real „sun shadow”. But the second use of the same word „shadow” refers in there to the „indicator” (i.e. a kind of „cursor”) in a „system for controlling the execution run”. Similarly, in the majority of the Bible the word „Ahaz” refers to a historic person, i.e. to the king of Judah named Ahaz – which ruled in years 735 to 715 BC. (This king was the father of king Hezekiah – i.e. the one whose time was shifted back. The Bible refers to this king’s name „Ahaz” in a number of places, for example in „1 Kings” – see in there the entire chapter 16, in „2 Chronicles” 28:22-25, and in „Isaiah” – see there the entire chapter 7.) But in the verse 20:11 from „2 Kings”, the word „Ahaz” refers NOT to a person with this name, but to a „system of execution of time control”. Let us explain now more comprehensively why it is so.

In the Bible the word „Ahaz” most frequently is used just by itself or when being proceeded by the word „king”. But in „2 Kings” 20:11, the use of this word is preceded with the word „steps”. In turn as we know from any language, a change of preceding word is able to completely change the meaning of a given word and expression. In this case, the change replaces the pointing at a „person” by pointing at an „object”. So exactly what kind of „object” is indicated in this verse. The first hint about this „object” results from the revealing by the Bible that the „object” serves for expressing the elapse of time. Some Bibles even translate this word as „the dial of Ahaz”. This means that the „object” is a kind of system or mechanism for expressing the elapse of time. A second hint on this object results from the meaning of the word „Ahaz”. This word is an abbreviation from the word „Jehoahaz” – literally meaning „he who controls”. Thus, after the change of indication from a „person” into an „object”, the word „Ahaz” means something that today we would call with a more professional name of a „clock system for execution control”. A third hint is a skilful use of the preceding word „stairs” in the verse discussed here. It indicates that the „object” actually has a shape of „stepped system of control”. In still another hint, the meaning of this „stepped system of control” is linked with the circular motion of sun’s shadows, thus suggesting that this „stepped control system” has the shape of a „spiral stairway”. All these hints are still completed in the Bible with another set of information, namely with the quantitative data. For example, the Bible emphasises that the shifting back this „indicator of current time” (i.e. the „shadow”) along such a „spiral and stepped system of control”, by 10 steps, causes the shifting back person’s life by 15 years. This quantitative data, in connection with the content of verse 6:3 from „Genesis”, informs us that the spiral system of control about which we are talking here, contains in total as many as around 80 steps. (Means, it is rather huge.) Thus, all the above hints taken together, suggest that the Bible is talking about a really sophisticated and spectacular system, or mechanism. If such a system was really constructed by people in the kingdom of Judah (Jerusalem) – which is deprived of mountains, then it would became a kind of another „technical wonder of the ancient world”. Numerous historical sources would brag about it throughout the entire ancient world. But in the history is nothing on this subject. It means, that for sure this system was NOT a product of human hands. Most clearly the Bible refers here to some system of control that exists in the nature. If we collect together all hints that the Bible provides regarding this natural control system, then its identification is obvious. It is the DNA double helix. Such DNA „natural spiral stairway” is the only natural creation that fulfils all attributes illustrated by hints contained in the discussed verses of the Bible.

In order to summarise outcomes of the above decoding, the verse 20:11 from Biblical „2 Kings” passes to us skilfully coded information, that in order to shift someone’s time back, an „indicator of a current time” (i.e. a „shadow”) must be moved backward in the „system of control over the elapse of time” – which is DNA. In this way for people with the required knowledge who know the content of the web page „immortality.htm”, the Biblical verse reveals that the system of governing over the „execution control” in human „programs of life” is similar to a „clock control system” used in present computers for the control over the run of computer programs. All this taken together reveals to those people who know already principles of operation described in the content of the web page „immortality.htm”, that the verse 20:11 in fact confirms the principle of shifting back time through moving back the resonance point in the double helix of DNA. (Interestingly, for outside observers the resonance point in any vibrating helix resembles a „shadow” on this helix.) In spite that I frequently keep returning to reading the Bible, the true meaning of verse from „2 Kings” 20:1-11 discussed here I started to understand only in October 2009 – in spite that the principle of shifting back in time which is presented on the web page „immortality.htm” I already knew many years earlier (i.e. I worked out and described it thoroughly starting from 1985). This in turn realises how skilfully and effectively the true meaning of these verses was camouflaged from unauthorised people. Clearly, the intention of God in formulating these verses was to confirm and to reassure the inventor – after „time vehicles” are already invented and worked out, NOT to provide a „ready solution” to ignorant people who did NOT earn the honour of knowing how time travel is to really work.

The above is worth to be complemented with the emphasizing the influence which the Biblical confirmation of the principle of defeating death and accomplishing immortality described here introduces to our certainty of the existence of God. After all, a Bible which is NOT authorized by God would NOT be able to provide any information or references on a double helix of DNA. Furthermore, even a child is aware that if the Bible is NOT authorised by God, then in only 11 sentences cannot be contained so many precise and skilfully coded information that confirms principles of shifting time back. For example, just decoding principles – the description of which in the Bible occupies 11 sentences, for me required to write here over 3 pages of Word’s text. In other words, apart from God Himself, no-one in the entire universe is able to skilfully pack so many precise technical information to 11 sentences written in ancient everyday language. In addition, the DNA helix to which these Biblical descriptions refer, was discovered only relatively recent. Only God Himself could know about the DNA helix in times of writing the Bible. For this reason, the Biblical confirmation of the principle of accomplishing immortality described on this web page, is both, still another proof that the „Bible is authorised by God Himself” (as this proof is explained on the totaliztic web page „bible.htm”) and also another scientific proof that „God really does exist”. This proof can be added to a long list of similar scientific proofs for the existence of God indicated and interpreted on the totaliztic web page „god_proof.htm”.

* * *

The above post is adopted from item #D5 of the totaliztic web page named „immortality.htm” (updated on 30 October 2009 or later). The web page „immortality.htm” contains also the description of copyright restrictions (copyright 2009 © by Dr Jan Pajak) im posed on the above analyses. The latest update of the web page „immortality.htm” can be viewed, amongst others, at addresses:
It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently from the web page „immortality.htm”, each address (web site) indicated above also offers all other web pages of totalizm – unless some of these web pages just were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to all other totaliztic addresses (servers), on which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the name „immortality.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that one wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „prophecies.htm”, „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, „healing.htm”, „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „eco_cars.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „telekinetics.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”, „god.htm”, „god_proof.htm”, „bible.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „explain.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, „katrina.htm”, etc., etc.

The above post represents another item in a long series of discussions on most vital extensions and improvements introduced to totaliztic web pages. Each improvement to a totaliztic web page is always subjected to a public discussion, so that readers can contribute towards making it even better. The addresses at which readers can find all threads of discussions carried out so-far on improvements introduced to totaliztic web pages, are listed in item #E2 from the web page „faq.htm”, update on 15 August 2009, or later. The latest update of the web page „faq.htm” can be viewed at following totaliztic web sites:
I invite to use these addresses in order to find swifter, and to read quicker, the outcomes of discussions on newest topics from totaliztic web pages. Note from (*2) on these web pages that the discussion of this topic was sabotaged.

Each topic of totaliztic discussion, including this one, is also repeated on several blogs of totalizm (this post carries in there the number #175E). These blogs of totalizm can be viewed through following internet addresses:
On these blogs were already published other posts which discussed „principles of accomplishing immortality through time travel”, e.g. see there posts #161E, #160E, or #159E.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. From the author to readers: Above I invited you to accompany me in this detailed analysis of 11 verses from the oldest part of the Bible. These verses (1) confirm the role of DNA in principles of accomplishing immortality, (2) confirm the principle of shifting people back in time, and (3) confirm the software nature of time. As such, these verses confirm principles and phenomena which in times of writing the Bible were known only to God. I do NOT quote here these verses – just interpret scientifically their content on basis of the knowledge which I accumulated so far on subjects these verses concern. Therefore, it would be with a benefit to the reader, if the descriptions that follow could be studied with a copy of Bible in hands (it would also be beneficial to read the above analysis from one amongst web pages „immortality.htm” indicated above – as on these web pages all links to related terminology and related descriptions would work on just a single click, not mentioning that web pages are continually updated and improved). Perhaps then the learning what these verses really state would allow the reader to experience the same feelings of awe and amazement which I experienced in October 2009 when for the first time a realisation of the content of these verses has opened for me. After all, for me learning the true meaning of these verses was like witnessing a miracle with my own eyes. The verses confirmed that the principle of operation of „time vehicles”, which I worked out and described only in 1985, in fact the Bible has described over two thousand years ago. Only that the previous generations of scholars were blind to these principles. Furthermore, the verses also documented that already in ancient times God knew exactly that one day on the Earth a man will appear, who is to understand and appreciate this reassurance and support that God prepared so long ago in His Bible (as it appears from the quotation provided at the beginning of the web page „god.htm” – already then God knew even the name of that man). How farsighted and foreseeing are thoughts of God. How awesome is God!


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