#171E: God’s „fabrications” from „nature” invalidate scientific „truths” – in English (po polsku ponizej)

#171E: God’s „fabrications” introduced into the „nature” invalidate scientific „truths” – English version (polska wersja w nastepnym wpisie)

„Facts” allow us to trace „truths” that are indicated by them, only in cases when there is a „cause-effect relationship” between these „facts” and „truths”. Therefore, for example „facts” which are „fabricated” or „falsified” typically „lead us astray” and indicate „untruths” instead of „truths”. On the other hand the human science takes „non-written assumptions” that all „facts” discovered in the nature lead this science to findings of „truths”. But in our world science should take under consideration, that at least some „facts” identified in the nature were „created” by God, means „fabricated”. As such, these „fabricated facts” do NOT lead to „truths” because they do NOT have the „cause-effect relationship” with these „truths”. Therefore, in the present situation of the humanity, the science has NO right to adopt this „non-written assumption”, but should investigate every „fact” separately as to whether it actually has the „cause-effect relationship” with the „truth” which this „fact” indicates. Because the science does NOT carry out such investigations of „facts”, almost all „truths” which it so-far discovered most probably are „untruths”. Therefore, this „part #C” of the web page presents a logical deduction which indicates, that a blind accepting by the science of this „non-written assumption” that „the world in which we live was NOT created, nor is governed, by God” leads to situations when the majority of „truths” determined by this science in reality are „untruths”.

My logical analysis concerning the „non-written assumption” taken without checking by the official human science, were inspired by the television documentary which I viewed in New Zealand television in 2008. In this documentary a young mother was shown. She was shocked by the medical finding that her own child displays completely different genetics than herself. This genetics suggested that the child was NOT at all neither her, nor her husband, although there was NO a physical reason why it should be so. The birth was in the home – so there was no possibility that the child could be swapped with some other one. Also from the very beginning the mother took notice of a special mark on skin of this child, so that all the time she had assurance that the child remains the same. Furthermore, present modern information systems allowed her to find several other similar cases spread all over the world, in which the certainty of biological motherhood was equally sure, but still genetics of children differed from genetics of parents. Then the documentary show a scientist who carried out detailed research on this and other similar cases. This scientist argued, that such completely different genetic makeup of a child can appear just by an accident. Although this scientist used the scientific terminology which sounded very learned, and although he contributed a really impressive amount of research effort into this puzzle of the nature, I personally found his argumentation very naive. For example, he did NOT even consider the possibility that various other factors could be in action there which could be different from a pure coincidence, nor he eliminated logically possibilities of interferences from such other factors. On the other hand, apart from a pure coincidence, this different genetic makeup of a child could also be caused by several other factors – for example due to the use of this specific mother by UFOnauts as a so-called „surrogate mother” (for growing a foetus implanted by UFOnauts), or due to a direct intervention from God (after all, we do NOT know whether Jesus had the same genetic makeup as the Virgin Mary had).

The matter of this child of a different genetic makeup from his mother started to bother me. After all, if the husband of this mother did NOT trust her unreservedly, then he could win a case for divorce in practically every court – no matter where the truth really lied. Therefore, philosophical question which I started to ask then, was whether in our universe all „natural” facts have a direct „cause-effect relationship” with the truth which they concern. (In this case whether the fact of a „different genetic makeup of a mother and a child” have a direct cause-effect relationship with the truth „who is the biological mother (and father) of this child”.) With the elapse of time this question transformed into a kind of „eye-opening” philosophical problem.

The answer to this philosophical problem was provided for me by the analysis of several other cases when „natural” facts actually clearly contradicted „truths”. This answer states that „only in the universe which is NOT created nor ruled by God, natural facts have a direct cause-effect relationship to truth that depend on these facts”. After all, only in such an universe deprived of God, if something manifests itself, it always must result from so-called „natural cause-effect chains”. This is because only such chains in this universe would be able to govern the process of formation of all objects and the course of all events. In the universe without God such cause-effect chins would represent the mechanism which causes the origins of everything. Thus only in the universe without God, finding e.g. bones of dinosaurs would really mean that dinosaurs actually lived in there. This is because the life of dinosaurs would be the only mechanism in there which would be able to make these bones.

In turn, in the world created and ruled by God, the only reason why something is created (thus also the reason why it occurs) is the need of God to accomplish specific goals. Thus, God creates and shapes everything mainly in such a manner, that with the use of it He is able to accomplish His superior goals. In this way, for example finding bones of dinosaurs in the world created by God, may equally well mean that God intentionally „fabricated” these bones in order to inspire with them human scientists to carry out creative investigations. Or it may mean the intention of accomplishing by God various other goals described in item #A2 from the web page „evolution.htm”. After all, in the world that God created, He creates everything anyway. Since He takes onto Himself the trouble of creating everything, the most justified is for Him such creating, which assures the fulfilment of His Godly goals. In the result, in the world created and ruled by God, everything may only look as if it is ruled by the „natural cause-effect chains”. After all, in the process of creation and ruling God uses the so-called „Canon of Ambiguity” described in item #C2 of the web page „will.htm”. However, in reality it is NOT in the interest of God that everything obeys the „natural cause-effect chain”, but it lies in His interest that it serves well towards accomplishing God’s superior goals. Therefore, while analysing any „facts” from out surroundings, we always should take under consideration that in the world created and ruled by God, in the vital interest of this God lies that „created” (i.e. „fabricated”) are these facts only which in the best manner are to serve the God’s goals – even if these facts are completely separated from the „truth” and they actually contradict the truth which they supposedly indicate.

In items #A1, #A2 and #E1 of the totaliztic web page „evolution.htm” described are outcomes of my research on the actual age of our universe. As from this research stems, the real age of the universe is just slightly over 6000 years. There is also an extensive wealth of evidence, that in reality the age of the universe is so low. This wealth of evidence is presented, amongst others, in subsection JA1.3 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2] (disseminated free of charge via the totaliztic web page „text_8_2.htm”). But present official human science, confronted with various empirical findings regarding the nature, e.g. amongst others confronted with bones of dinosaurs, claims that the age of the universe already amounts to around 14 billion of years. The above findings provided me with an illustrative confirmation, that in the universe ruled by God, empirical evidence can be, and really is, „fabricated” for important reasons in so misleading manner, that this evidence is able to contradict the truth and suggest a complete untruth.

The possibility of „fabrication” of „facts” in the universe created and ruled by God has this consequence that it undermines, and in practice also completely invalidates, the to-date methods of scientific investigations. It also invalidates and categorises as erroneous all findings to-date accomplished by the official science. After all in almost all scientific investigations a „non-written assumption” is taken, that „facts” occurred in the world which neither was created nor is ruled by God, and thus in which there is NO an intelligent superior being which for accomplishing some superior goals is able to „fabricate” facts. On the other hand, for scientists to be allowed to take such a „non-written assumption” in their investigations, firstly they would need to prove formally that our physical world is neither created nor ruled by God. Unfortunately, official human science, neither presented such a proof so-far, nor even ever will be able to form a proof for the non-existence of omnipotent God. After all, as this is illustrated on the totaliztic web page „god_proof.htm”, there is a wealth of scientific evidence that in spite of everything God does exist, and that this God created the physical world, and He continually rules over our world. On the other hand, there is no even a shred of evidence in support of claims of scientists, that God supposedly does NOT exist, and thus that it is NOT God who created the physical world.

Of course, through taking the above „non-written assumption” – which turns out to be false, the official human science commits a basic error of logical reasoning. Thus the consequence of taking by the official human science such a „non-written assumption” that „our world is the world without God”, is that all scientific findings to-date can be untrue.

Independently from bones of dinosaurs, on the Earth various other strange „facts” and „evidence” is being found, which also display attributes of God’s „fabrications”. For example, some findings seem to suggest, that on our planet technically highly advanced people used to walk already around 550 millions years ago. Although the official human science ignores and hides these findings, because they lie in open contradiction to the official doctrines of present science, until today a lot of such „facts” was collected. To these belong for example imprints of human shoes around 550 million years old. (Such imprints are shown, amongst others, in „Fig. #F1” from the web page „god.htm”, in „Fig. #B1” from the web page „evil.htm”, or in „Fig. #5” from the web page „ufo.htm”.) In geological layers from that period are also being found various metal products of advanced industry. Thus, if we accept this „non-written assumption” which is adopted currently by the official human science, that „the Earth was NOT created nor is ruled by omnipotent God”, then such findings and facts would prove conclusively that people walked over the Earth already around 550 million of years ago. Means, that either already then some relatives of humans used to arrive to the Earth from space (e.g. in order to seed the life on the Earth), or already then existed on the Earth some advanced technical civilisation of humans, similar to our present one. But is it really true that people walked then over the Earth?

If we accept the fact, that the Earth and people were created and presently are ruled by God, then it turns out that for various important reasons God could decide to „fabricate” (i.e. to „create” and then to introduce into appropriate geological layers) this body of evidence for the existence of people on the Earth already around 550 million years ago. After all, for the „fabrication” of this evidence could inspire God e.g. any reason listed in item #A2 from the web page „evolution.htm”. So let us consider now whether there is any evidence in support of the thesis, that these findings of footprints and other evidence of the presence of humans on the Earth already around 550 million years ago, in fact were „fabricated” by God for important reasons. Here are examples of such evidence:

(a) The evidence that the physical world exists only for slightly over 6000 years. This means that around 550 million years ago the Earth still was NOT created yet. The material evidence for this fact was already indicated as presented in subsection JA1.3 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2] (disseminated free of charge via the totaliztic web page „text_8_2.htm”).

(b) The evidence that cosmic relatives of humans do NOT exist in the permanent manner, but their temporary manifestations are repetitively „simulated”. A wealth of such evidence is presented on totaliztic web pages. Examples of these include the content of item #F7 from the web page „evil.htm”, or item #D2 from the web page „ufo.htm”.

(c) The evidence that around 550 million years ago there were no enough living organisms on the Earth to support the life of a large group of people, or the existence of a technical human civilisation. For example, out of living organisms which remains lasted from that times until today, there are just so-called „trilobites” (i.e. a kind of like primitive crayfish). These trilobites in turn are NOT enough to provide food for a larger group of people.

In order to summarise the above, in the light of what we already know, people could not walk on the Earth around 550 million years ago for a simple reason that neither the Earth, nor the physical world, were already created then. Thus, „facts” and „evidence” which are being found, that at such early time people were already walking over the Earth, are another confirmation, that for many vital reasons God „fabricates” some „facts” – in this number also supposed „evidence” described here. This in turn reveals to us additionally, that the human researchers should be very careful how these God’s „fabrications” are interpreted by them.


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With the totaliztic salute,

Jan Pajak



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