#168E: The experiment of supernatural increase of weight of body proves the existence of souls – English version (polska wersja w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Seeing is believing”

A plain article from the New Zealand newspaper indicated below describes a rather simple experiment on the supernatural increase of the weight of human body. Because this increase of the weight of body requires a previous persuading the soul what exactly this soul supposed to do, this experiment in fact proves also the existence of the soul. Originally this experiment arrived from Japan to New Zealand. In Japan it was developed in one amongst their numerous schools of „martial art” (samurais?) as their exercise which gives a supernatural weight to the bodies. It is enough simple that (as the article indicates) in New Zealand it was completed in pubs for fun and for entertainment – sometimes even when participants of it were after one or more beers. So it should be possible to complete it without much trouble by almost every reader of this post (or the totaliztic web page „soul_proof.htm” from which this post originates). This experiment is described in the article [1#E7.1] entitled „A brush with a higher power” from page B4 of New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. The principle of this experiment boils down to persuading the soul of a person to increase the weight of this person up to a supernatural value. In turn casual witnesses are invited to lift this person twice – once before the soul of this person increases his or her weight to the supernatural value, and then again just after the weight of this person is supernaturally increased by the soul. As it turns out, before this supernatural increase of weight, the casual witnesses are able to lift a given person without any difficulty. But after the supernatural increase in the weight of this person, the strength of casual witnesses is NOT enough to lift the same person which increased the weight. Thus, such an impossibility to lift a person for the second time, after the soul of this person supernaturally increased the weight of this person, is the illustrative proof that the soul in fact does exist. So if the reader completes such an experiment, then the outcomes of it should become his or her personal proof that the soul does exist – of course if the reader’s view of the world allows to accept any proof at all (as this is explained in item #B1 of the web page „soul_proof.htm”).

In order to complete this experiment, at least three participants are necessary. But even more people can take part in it as well. One amongst these people, let us call him or her the „lifted” one, becomes this person who is to persuade his or her soul to increase the weight of body. The remaining participants, which can be two or more – let us call them the „lifters”, will be these people who are to try to lift the „lifted” person with supernaturally increased weight. The experiment requires that the „lifted” person is standing vertically on the ground, with the body straighten, while both his or her feet (which can remain in shoes) are placed flat on the ground. Therefore all „lifters” must delicately lift the „lifted” person without causing the change to this pose. The best technique of lifting in this pose is if the „lifted” person stretches and tenses both hands downwards along sides of his or her body, while two „lifters” grab these hands (i.e. each „lifter” grabs one hand) by the fist and by arm, and then carefully and delicately lifts him or her up without changing the pose. If both „lifters” are reasonably strong, while the „lifted” person is not-too-heavy, then at the normal body weight such a delicate lifting should NOT pose any problem.

The experiment has four phases. In the first phase the „lifted” person is lifted up when he or she still have the normal body weight. Thus, the „lifters” should NOT have any problem with lifting such a person. This first lifting allows all the „lifters” to learn and to remember how much a given person really weights and how easily it comes to lift this person in normal circumstances. In turn the memory of this first lifting allows them later to understand that the weight of the „lifted” person really increased in the supernatural manner. The second phase is a break in the lifting, which allows the „lifted” person to „persuade” his or her soul to supernaturally increase the weight of body. How to carry out this „persuading” it is to be explained in next paragraph. After the soul of the „lifted” person is persuaded to increase the body weight to a supernatural value, the third (decisive) phase of the experiment is to be carried out. This third phase is the second lifting. The same couples of „lifters” as previously, now delicately try to lift again the same person. But they are to discover now that the lifting becomes impossible. No matter how much strength and effort they put into their lifting, the „lifted” person is to stand on the ground unmoved. His (or „her” – if the „lifted” person is a woman) weight becomes supernaturally huge. This impossibility to lift again the same person that just a while ago was lifted without any difficulty, represents the experimental proof for the existence of souls. After all „lifters” experience that the „lifted” person now cannot be lifted up (after all, in the vicinity can be more than two people willing to check outcomes of this experiment), the last (fourth) phase of the experiment is to be completed. In this last phase the „lifted” person persuades his or her soul to restore the normal weight of his or her body.

Persuading the intelligent soul to increase the body weight of the „lifted” person to a supernatural value is the most critical phase of this experiment. After all, the intelligent soul typically has „its own opinion” and usually refuses to listen to persuasions. Therefore, in order to still persuade it, the same technique should be used which is utilised for so-called „meditations”. For this reason the best candidate for a „lifted” person is someone who already has some experience in „meditating”. If there is no such a person around, then the role of the „lifted” person can perform any person who does NOT have a so called „contradictive character”, i.e. which voluntarily and without reservations is to do whatever is being recommended. If the „lifted” person has the experience in so-called „meditations”, then he or she can do own persuading of his or her soul, by simply completing in own mind all these stages which I am going to describe below. In turn, if the „lifted” person is someone without such an experience, then he or she needs a „guide” who is going to prompt him or her what is to be done. (I.e. who in own words is going to repeat recommendations for subsequent stages described below.) In turn, the best such a „guide” is someone who enjoys the authority and respect on the part of „lifted” person (e.g. for girls usually it is their „boyfriend”). Of course, such a role of the „guide” can also perform one amongst „lifters”. The stages of „persuasion” are as follows. The first stage is „relaxing and concentration”. In this stage the „guide” recommends to the „lifted” person (or the „lifted” person repeats in his or her own mind) that his or her soul is to relax and to concentrate solely on what is to be done. The „guide” should repeat this recommendation with a friendly and low voice, for example saying something along the lines: „Now close your eyes and ask your thoughts to stop noticing anything else apart what is to be done”. The second stage is „fixing to the ground and becoming a part of the mountain at your feet”. In this stage the recommendation issued in own words with pleasant and low voice should say something along the lines: „Now recall that there is a native rock of our mother Earth under your feet. Fix your feet to this rock. You are a part of the rock at your feet. You cannot be separated from this rock. Your weight starts to be equal to the weight of this huge rock. No one is able to lift you now.” The third stage is to prepare the body for lifting. It can be explained with words along the lines: „Now other people are to try to lift you delicately. So stretch your hands and prepare yourself for this lifting. But maintain being merged with rocks under you, so that they are unable to lift you. When they are trying to lift you keep your feet fixed to the rock under you and keep the huge weight of your body linked to the weight of that rock.” After saying these words the „guide” gives a sign to start attempts to lift the „lifted” person. If the „lifted” person concentrated to the required level and put into the „persuasion” of the soul the required amount of will and conviction, his or her lifting up is to turn impossible. But we need to remember, that such attempts to lift the person should be delicate (i.e. without shaking or causing the pain in the „lifted” person). Also these attempts should be carried out fast and orderly – because the concentration of the „lifted” person is not going to last forever. After all, in this experiment the point is to empirically verify that the soul of the „lifted” person really did increase the weight of the body of that person to a supernatural value. In turn to obtain such a verification no much time is needed, and there is no need to painfully pull or shake the „lifted” person – which actions could destroy his or her concentration.

After all „lifters” orderly, fast, delicately, and quietly try their ineffective attempts to lift up the „lifted” person, either one of them, or the „guide”, should give a verbal sign to finish the experiment. After this sign, the soul of the „lifted” person is to complete the return to a normal weight. For this purpose the „lifted” person should think, or hear from the „guide”, something along the lines: „The lifting is finished. Now remove the link between your feet and the rock below, and return to a normal weight. Also stop further concentration, open your eyes, and join the group, so that we all now can discuss the experiment.”

The above experiment is subjective. After all, it is completed by people who have human imperfections and weaknesses. Thus, there are tens of reasons why it may not work. For example, it is enough that the „lifted” person have just a „bad day”, or that his or her soul has a „contradictive nature”. The „guide” can speak too loud, or have an irritating voice. Someone amongst „lifters” may grab too painfully, or shake too strong to disperse the concentration. Someone around may sneeze or begin to comment in a laud voice. Etc., etc. However, the experiment was tested and in the right conditions for sure it works. I do not know how many times it was completed by the Japanese creators, but only the article [1#E7.1] describes two completions of it in New Zealand. Both were successful – in spite that each time a different „lifted” person was used (firstly man, and then woman). Therefore, if with the reader of this web page this experiment does NOT work for the first time, then one should NOT get discouraged and repeat it again with another pair of the „lifted” person and the „guide” – whom may cooperate much better with each other than the first pair. When finally it starts to work with one such a pair, then it can be repeated with this pair many times, to convince increasingly different „lifters”. Simultaneously it is worth to remember that if one has an open-minded view of the world, then it suffices to experience the success of this experiment once only, in order to be convinced experimentally and empirically for the rest of the life, that the human souls for sure do exist.

At this point I should add, that I have heard also about an experiment that is opposite to the above, although equally simple. It boiled down to such a decrease of the body weight of a person sitting on a chair, that this person, together with the chair on which it sat, two or four other people could lift up with the touch of just single stretched fingers. Unfortunately, I do not know the method of decreasing the weight of the body, which needs to be persuaded to soul of such a person. Therefore, if any reader knows this experiment, and knows exactly how to persuade to the soul of that person to decrease the weight of the body, I would be grateful for letting me know.


In the above post I try to explain a relatively simple experiment which proves to all of us that everyone really does have an immortal soul and continually carries this soul inside. In turn the reassurence that after all we have an immortal soul is an optimistic message in present climate of economic depression and spread of the „swine flu” pendemic. This experiemnt is described in item #E7.1 from the totaliztic web page named „soul_proof.htm”, update of 21 April 2009, or later. The above post was adopted from this item #E7.1 of that web page. The latest update of the web page „soul_proof.htm” was already uploaded on several frequently viewed totaliztic web sites. Because of someone’s stubborn sabotage of the totaliztic web pages, the web page „soul_proof.htm” is also planned to be uploaded in future to several further totaliztic web sites. Interested readers already can seek the web page „soul_proof.htm” at following addresses:
It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently from the web page „soul_proof.htm”, each address (web site) indicated above also offers all other web pages of totalizm – unless some of these web pages just were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to all other totaliztic addresses (servers), on which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the name „soul_proof.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „prophecies.htm”, „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, „healing.htm”, „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „eco_cars.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „telekinetics.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”,  „god.htm”, „god_proof.htm”, „bible.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „explain.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, „katrina.htm”, etc., etc.

If the above text needed to be cut down here to fit into the memory that is available, or it is difficult to read, or links from it refuse to work, then it is worth to know that this post is repeated on several blogs of totalizm – where it carries the number #168E. These blogs of totalizm can be accessed through following internet addresses:
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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


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