#167E: The existence of immortal souls is confirmed by physical and medical evidence, by photographs, and even by an experiment – English version (polska wersja w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Seek and you will see, because the truth cannot be shown to those ones only who refuse to open their eyes to it.”

Practically everyone amongst us is aware, that only if we really do have an immortal „soul” then our physical death is NOT the end of everything. Therefore everyone amongst us would like to be reassured that in fact does have such a „soul” inside. After all, for vital reasons God coded into us a permanent fear of nothingness of death. On the other hand, also for vital reasons, God continually maintains us in the lack of certainty about the existence of this immortal „soul”, and even in the lack of certainty about the existence of God – for details see item #F2 on the totaliztic web page named „evil.htm”, or see item #D1 on the web page named „ufo.htm” (addresses under which one should seek these web pages are indicated at the end of this post). No wonder, that practically almost everyone of us continually seeks the reassurance based on the „knowledge and understanding”, that regarding the „soul” true is everything that religions make us to believe just „on a trust”. For example, every person would like to learn a scientific proof that he or she actually has an immortal soul, and that this soul is going to „live” after the physical death of the body of that person. Also everyone would like to be reassured that in other dimensions this soul is going to allow him or her to continue „living” after the physical death takes place. Therefore practically everyone of us asks various questions regarding his or her soul. The totaliztic web page named „soul_proof.htm”, from addresses indicated at the end of this post, provides replies to the majority of such questions. For example, it explains precisely what our soul actually is, explains why the soul is immortal, reveals what is this „life” of the soul after our physical death, and presents numerous items of scientific evidence to confirm that souls really do exist – in this number also photographic evidence, and even an experiment of a physical nature.

Many publications about souls have appeared so far, which are similar to the web page „soul_proof.htm”. But that web page has a significant advantage over all other such publications regarding soul. The reason is that other publications about souls draw so-far their argumentation and evidence from just a single source – namely from religious traditions. On the other hand everyone knows that if during searching for a truth just a single source is utilised (means the search is based on the testimony of just a single „witness”), then the researcher is exposed to errors, imperfections, and deviations of this single source (means on departure from the truth which was introduced by this only „witness”). Thus even the Bible is clearly recommending to us, that – quote: in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established – for exact references to this biblical recommendation about principles of searching for truth see item #C5 on the totaliztic web page named „bible.htm” (which describes secrets of the Bible authorised by God Himself). For this reason everything that states the totaliztic web page „soul_proof.htm”, is based on statements derived from two different sources simultaneously, namely from (a) written religious tradition (i.e. mainly from the Bible), and (b) the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see descriptions of this theory provided on the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”). Also everything that the web page „soul_proof.htm” states about souls in a definitive manner, is confirmed simultaneously by both these sources – means is confirmed by two mutually independent „witnesses”. Therefore, statements of this web page provides much higher level of correctness and certainty than statements from all other previous publications about souls, which were based just on a single „witness” (i.e. just on a single source of information – which for them was the „religious tradition”). Personally I am convinced that information confirmed by such two independent „witnesses” (means by two independent sources of information) give the sufficiently high certainty to be correct, that whatever they state is worth to take seriously under consideration in our lives and in our actions.

Only on the web page „soul_proof.htm” a significant number of items of scientific evidence was presented which certifies for the existence of immortal souls. These items of evidence originate from a whole range of different scientific disciplines. For example, not only from physical sciences and biological sciences, but also from the area of mathematical logic, statements of the Bible and religions confirmed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also from everyday experiences of people. On that web page is even indicated the highly objective photographic evidence for the existence of souls. In turn item #E7.1 of that web page describes a simple experiment which every person should be able to complete in order to experience on oneself that actually he or she does have the soul after all. And we must remember that whatever was presented on the web page „soul_proof.htm”, it is just a small droplet in a huge ocean of such scientific evidence for the existence of soul, which is already indicated to us by various sources and by numerous researchers.

The meaning of this huge pool of scientific evidence is unambiguous – everyone amongst us, including yourself, the reader, in fact do have an immortal soul. There is no even a slightest doubt about it. The problem, however, with our certainty about the existence of the soul depends only on the fact that – as this is explained in item #B1 of the web page „soul_proof.htm”, certainty cannot be given to someone as a free gift, but everyone must earn it with his or her own effort. Therefore, by basing own searches on the information and findings presented on the web page „soul_proof.htm”, now everyone can on his or her own find and confirm private evidence and proofs that actually he or she do have the soul. In turn, through finding and confirming such evidence and proofs, now everyone can earn, just by his or her own effort, a cognitive certainty that in fact he or she does have the soul.

Simultaneously with proving the existence of the soul, the web page „soul_proof.htm” discloses to everyone that what happens to this soul after the death it depends solely on the decision of God. Not every soul is going to land in the place which the Bible calls „heaven” or the „kingdom of heaven” – i.e. not every soul is maintained „alive” after the physical death of its owner and cohabits the „heaven” with God as so-called „spiritual being”. It turns out that God had in past unpleasant experiences with „spiritual beings” – e.g. consider descriptions of Biblical „fallen angels”. Thus in order to avoid in the future equally unpleasant for God experiences with spiritual beings which God Himself created, God currently acts according to the proverb „once bitten, twice shy” (or the proverb „a burnt person dreads the fire”). It means that after the physical death of body God „gives life” to only these souls which are meeting a whole array of very rigid requirements. For example, He gives life to only these souls which prove already in the physical life their unconditional loyalty to God, their obedience to God’s will, their usefulness as helpers in accomplishing God’s goals, and their unconditional fulfilment of all God’s commands. Of course, in order to be able to test every souls whether it fulfils these requirements, God subjects it in the physical life to a whole array of exams and tests. In turn to create appropriate conditions for carrying out these exams and tests, God intentionally maintains on the Earth a very unpleasant conditions. These conditions are so controlled by God, that the physical lives of people are dominated by immorality, evil, greed, injustice, envy, illnesses, oppression, wars, etc. In this way God has the opportunity to expose every person to the action of various forms of immorality and evil, and to check how this person is going to react. God ostentatiously subjects people to such tests and exams through e.g. arranging on the Earth such situations that power and leadership must be given to most inappropriate people, that immorality and evil are immediately rewarded in a spectacular manner, while moral behaviours and doing good are immediately spectacularly punished, etc. – for more extensive descriptions of methods of action of God see subsections JG3.3 to JG5.5 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2] (copies of which are available free of charge from the totaliztic web page „text_8_2.htm”). This immorality and evil intentionally promoted by God on the Earth is so dominant, that the epoch in the fate of the humanity to-date can be named the „epoch of God’s experiments with evil and with consequences of evil” – for details see item #B5 on the web page named „will.htm”, or see subsection JF6 from volume 6 of that monograph [8/2]. This experimenting with evilness on people God admits Himself in the Bible, informing us in there that He presently gave the Earth to rules of „Satan”. (The Bible states also in other verses that this „Satan” is just another creation of God.) Thus, within the scope of these God’s tests and exams frequently one group of people ruthlessly exploit, enslave, torment, and destroy another group of people. No wonder that in the final effect only extremely rare people pass all these God’s exams and tests and prove that they fulfilled all requirements imposed on them by God. So practically to the life after the death and to cohabiting the heaven together with God allowed are only very sparse souls. In turn the majority of souls lands again on the Earth in their another reincarnation, to receive here still more lessons, to be able to perfect further their attributes, and to receive one more chance of proving that they fulfil God’s requirements. Unfortunately, some souls, which have proven beyond all doubts, that they are completely unworthy of God’s favours, land in the place where they are subjected to the „second death” (i.e. „deletion”) – means they land in so-called „hell”. (What exactly is this „hell” the web page „soul_proof.htm” also documents precisely in item #J2.2 – as usually supporting these findings with information from as many as two separate sources, i.e. from two different „witnesses”.)

The evidence, explanations, and presentations from the web page „soul_proof.htm” lead us to a very vital conclusion. Namely, they prove that souls really do exist and they reveal that it is worth to put a bit of effort and attention to what we do during this our physical life. Also it is worth to take notice of warnings that are provided in the Bible authorised by God Himself. After all, it would be very unwise to unleash our immoral behaviours only to gain a few mortal benefits, and this way to deprive our soul the chance for everlasting life and to designate this soul to the fate that we would NOT like it experiences.

If the reader is NOT convinced by physical, medical, and photographic evidence for the existence of souls, which are described on the web page „soul_proof.htm”, then I suggest to complete a relatively simple experiment described in item #E7.1 of that web page. The experiment illustratively and convincingly demonstrates to people who complete it, that the soul in fact does exist, and that this soul is a „superior natural program which controls the matter”. This experiment boils down to convincing the soul to grant a supernatural weight to a body of normally light person, making this body almost impossible to be lifted up. Those ones who complete this experiment, have a chance to experience in person that in spite of claims of present atheistic scientists, souls do exist.


In the above post I try to realise that a huge body of physical and medical evidence, photographs, and experiments does exist, and that this body of evidence was identified, researched, and explained to prove to all of us that everyone really does have an immortal soul and continually carries this soul inside. The only problem with getting to know this huge body of evidence and proofs, depends on the need to open our eyes to it in order to be able to see it. Examples of such evidence and proofs are described on the totaliztic web page named „soul_proof.htm”, update of 21 April 2009, or later. The above post was adopted from item #L1 of that particular web page. The latest update of the web page „soul_proof.htm” was already uploaded on several frequently viewed totaliztic web sites. Because of someone’s stubborn sabotage of the totaliztic web pages, the web page „soul_proof.htm” is also planned to be uploaded in future to several further totaliztic web sites. Interested readers already can seek the web page „soul_proof.htm” at following addresses:
It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently from the web page „soul_proof.htm”, each address (web site) indicated above also offers all other web pages of totalizm – unless some of these web pages just were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to all other totaliztic addresses (servers), on which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the name „soul_proof.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „prophecies.htm”, „bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm”, „healing.htm”, „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „eco_cars.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „telekinetics.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”,  „god.htm”, „god_proof.htm”, „bible.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „explain.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, „katrina.htm”, etc., etc.

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With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

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