#163E: Remedies of our future, means how the „chase of profit at cost of good of people”, that appeared in pharmaceutical industry, forces „time vehicles” to become „remedies for all illnesses” – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Man to man is wolf.”

Soon after the Second World War, means in 1950s, the humanity accomplished a huge progress in its fight with illnesses. It was at that time when most basic antibiotics were developed and when preventive vaccinations become widely used. In the entire world old illnesses of people rapidly started to disappear. People gained a belief in infinitive capabilities of medical sciences. At that time a number of researchers undertook first practical works on the „curamina”, means on a hypothetical medicine which just single-handedly supposed to heal all possible illnesses. In everyday language this hypothetical medicine that is able to heal every possible illness, usually is called a „remedy for all illnesses”.

Information about efforts to find the „curamina”, of course penetrated also to folklore. I still remember until today fragments of several-pages-long poem entitled „Curamina”, which was anonymously spreading in Poland of 1950s, and which in a funny manner illustrated how the life is going to look-like when „curamina” becomes a fact. People recited then to each other from memory sections of this funny poem, as a kind of „guidelines” that tell others what they supposed to do when they begin to complain because of their health problems. For example, in case when someone complained about toothache, then the following section of the poem „curamina” was recited to him (or her) to explain what he (or she) supposed to do according to the „down-to-earth logic of folklore”: „… if you have a toothache and are unable to take anything into mouth, then three droplets of curamina pour onto cotton, place cotton inside the tooth, ask dentist to remove the aching tooth, and you are to have the everlasting peace with it. …” (in the above my translation it does not rhyme – but in the original Polish language this poem rhymes, i.e.: „…
Jesli bola was zeby
i nie mozecie nic wlozyc do geby,
wowczas trzy krople kuraminy na wate polejecie,
do zeba wetkniecie,
zeba wyrwac dacie
i z nim wieczny spokoj macie. …”).
(I have reasons to believe that the poem „Curamina” had also its English folklore version. If any reader still keeps this poem somewhere, or remembers some parts of it, I would appreciate sending me whatever survived out of this „pearl of the folklore poetry”. (My address is indicated in item #H5 below.) I would love to publish it here.)

In spite that the folklore was joking about the „remedy for all illnesses”, actually to the idea of finding such a medicine a number of researchers devoted their lives shortly after the Second World War. Unfortunately, soon afterwards „higher reasons” have appeared, for which these searchers needed to be abandoned.
     The end of „medicines which really heal” in the epoch of „placing profit before healing people”:

Due to a convergence of circumstances, simultaneously with the development of medicines, also profit and influence of pharmaceutical corporations started to grow. These corporations soon discovered, that medicines which effectively and conclusively cure illnesses, instead of being the source of profit for these corporations, become a source of lost opportunities for increasing the profit. After all, every completely healed person ceases to buy medicines. So soon decision makers of these corporations changed principles of their acting. For example, they ever-increasingly limited financing research on medicines which fully heal ill people, and gradually narrowed down production and use of such medicines. In turn they enthusiastically support the development, production, and use of medicines, which ease the severity of symptoms of illnesses, but which leave illnesses unhealed. Especially strong support from these corporations gained medicines which cause the „hidden slavery” – means which when used once, force their human victims to take them until the end of life. In the excellent manner this politics of „placing profit before people” adopted by pharmaceutical corporations is described in the book by Jacky Law, entitled „Big Pharma” (Constable, London 2006, ISBN 1-84529-139-5). I take the liberty to quote here a section from the back cover of this book: „For all benefits they bring, the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest companies headed by Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline increasingly face a conflict between the goals of corporate wealth and public health. In a broad and independent analysis of modern healthcare Jacky Law shows how a small number of corporations have come to dominate the research agenda. She reveals a system in which the relentless pursuit of profit is crowding out the public good.”

Of course, soon also it turned out, that pharmaceutical corporations are NOT the only influential institutions in the interests of which lies to replace „drugs which really heal” with „drugs which ease symptoms but do NOT eliminate illnesses and are sources of hidden enslaving”. For example, such a replacement lies also in the interest of „drug administrations” from various countries, means institutions which decide in given countries about drugs that are allowed to be sold in there. The point is that „drugs which really heal” eliminate the need for the existence of such institutions and the demand for their „services”, and thus also eliminate the source of income for their well-paid managements. After all, about drugs which really heal, no „experts” must make any decisions – these drugs speak for themselves. However, for the „drugs which only eliminate symptoms, but do NOT heal and cause hidden enslaving” large panels of experts are needed which select amongst them and decide which of these drugs should be sold in a given country. Therefore, decision makers of these institutions soon also realised „where lies their bread and butter” and also started to promote these „drugs that only ease symptoms” while simultaneously discriminating „drugs which really do heal”.

In addition to the above it turned out that the spread of these „drugs that only heal symptoms” lies also in interest of governments and politicians. After all, in democratic ideologies in order to stick to power and become elected again, governments and politicians must be able to show to the public how much they care about the good of people, how much they spend on health care, how huge difficulties they must overcome, etc. They also must be able to plan for the future, predict the spending, etc. Only „medicines which do NOT heal” allow them to accomplish all these. After all, „medicines which really heal” are impossible to be subjected to planning, disallow „showing off”, and are needed only randomly depending on how many people fall ill for a given disease. As such, these efficient medicines completely disorganise activities and planning of governments and politicians, disclosing their incompetence.

So in such a manner our civilisation arrived to the present situation, when the major requirement imposed onto modern pharmaceuticals is to just ease significantly symptoms of illnesses that cause human suffering, but under NO circumstances actually heal these illnesses completely. In this way the modern drugs turn people into life-long slaves of pharmaceutical corporations. So if we currently look around, we notice crowds of people whose life always in exactly the same manner is dependent till the death on drugs which must be taken continually, no matter what illness one has. Currently difficult to not be sorrow when one sees that victims of rather insignificant illnesses, such as high blood pressure, allergies, stomach problems, etc., in order to ease their suffering are forced to spend until the death their last cents in the same ruthless manner as this must be done by people who fall victims of the most deadly illnesses such as aids, diabetes, or cancer. After all, with goals of pharmaceutical corporations defined by profit taking, at the moment no-one officially seeks „remedy for all illnesses” any more, nor even seeks „drugs which really heal”.

Fortunately, still do exist so-called „alternative medicines” and so-called „folklore remedies”. These in turn really do heal. Also these have NOT cease their millennia-old dreams to find a „remedies which heal all illnesses”. In addition to these, also research on so-called „time vehicles” revealed prospects of healing by technical devices, instead of using medicine. Namely, it turned out that outcomes of our fight with death and with illnesses, which are much more effective and much more moral from advances of medical and pharmaceutical sciences, are going to arrive to the humanity also due to the construction of a technical device that is able to shift people back in time – for details see the web page named „immortality.htm”. (This device is described two paragraphs below.)
     Folklore „remedies good for all illnesses”, of the type of Korean „silkworm pupa”:

The greatest progress in finding a „remedy good for all illnesses” accomplished folklore medicines from countries of the „Far East”, means Korea, Japan, and China. In these countries folklore medicines know remedies which not only really heal illnesses, but also while the same remedy (or food) eliminates a whole array of different illnesses. One example of just such a „remedy which hills almost all illnesses”, namely the extraordinary root called „ginseng”, is described in item #F2 of the web page „healing.htm”. To other similar folklore remedies belong also a soup called „miso” from Japan – which supposedly is able to even heal a radiation illness, and a kind of fermented cabbage called „kim-chi” from Korea – which maintains slim and healthy the majority of around 50-million population of the South Korea (this „kim-chi” is described in item #B1 of the web page „korea.htm” – about mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea). But probably the most close to the true „remedy for all possible illnesses” are „silkworm pupa” used as a kind of folklore remedy in the South Korea. The still unknown to our official science chemicals and substances contained in silkworm pupa, have the action very similar to these „stem cells” – which are researched so intensely by present official human medicine. (Means, these substances and chemicals supposedly have the ability to rebuild cells and tissues that are damaged by illness – similarly as they do it when transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly.) Only that these silkworm pupa are already tested in action, still they can be purchased without any difficulties, and they are applied through just ordinary eating them. More information about the use of these „silkworm pupa” as a kind of „remedy for all possible illnesses” is presented in item #B3 of the web page „korea.htm” (i.e. the web page about mysterious, fascinating, moral, progressive Korea).
     „Time vehicles” which defeat death and heal every illness, means which are to become the true „remedy for all possible illnesses”:

We used to think that the path to health, to defeating death, and to everlasting life, leads through progress in medical sciences. But a newest research completed according to principles of the most moral philosophy of the world called totalizm (spelled with „z” not „s” – see the totaliztic web page named „totalizm.htm”), revealed that progress in medicine is NOT the only path to health and to defeating death. There is also even more moral and faster than medical path to health and to everlasting life. It leads through progress in technology, or more specifically through building the so-called „time vehicles” (see the totaliztic web page named „timevehicle.htm”). This is because „time vehicles” are able to shift people back in time. Therefore, amongst others, time vehicles are also able to heal illnesses even more effectively than present drugs do this. Furthermore, time vehicles allow to defeat death and to live forever. After all, when for example someone wears wrong clothes in a cold day, and e.g. catches a cold because of it, then by having a time vehicle this person can shift his (or her) time back, while in the new elapse of time can dress properly and avoid catching the cold. In turn avoiding catching any illness is much more pleasant and beneficial than healing it. On a similar principle time vehicles can „heal” practically every illness. After all, every illness has its origins and reasons. For example, almost every illness of the digestive system (e.g. diarrhoea or stomach ache) results from eating something inappropriate – so having a time vehicle we can eliminate it through shifting us back in time and avoiding eating whatever caused our illness. In turn e.g. a lung cancer can be caused by breathing dust from asbestos, thus can be reversed by shifting time back and avoiding this dust. Practically every illness can be eliminated if we are able to shift our time back. In a similar manner, when having time vehicles, we can avoid dying. After all, when the death is approaching, we can shift our time back to years of our youth, and begin our life again from the very beginning. To summarise the above, the construction of time vehicles is going to eliminate illnesses and death and is to become this „remedy for all possible illnesses” – about getting access to which the humanity dreams already for thousands of years.

As the reader can read this from my web pages on the „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the totaliztic web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”) and on the ways the humanity can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives (see the totaliztic web page named „immortality.htm”), I am the scientist who (1) discovered how time works, who (2) indicated the simple visual proof that is easily verifiable by everyone and that confirms the correctness of my findings regarding the work of time, who (3) developed principles on which time can be shifted back, and who (4) invented design of time vehicles. Judging from my accomplishments to-date, it is sure that I would also be able to build my time vehicles – if I received the assistance that I need. (After all, so advanced machines as „time vehicles” cannot be build under my kitchen table, but require the access to proper research laboratories and to prototyping facilities – which access I was deprived so-far.)

Unfortunately, in order to build „time vehicles” people must believe that such vehicles really can be build. However, presently almost no-one amongst people believes in this possibility. In turn without believing in time vehicles, no-one helps me to build them. All this in spite that the truth is exactly opposite. In reality until today just by myself I would be able to build time vehicles – as I justify this comprehensively in item #A1 and #K1 to #K4 of the web page „immortality.htm” – about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives. Of course, I would build time vehicles by now only if I received the required help already in 1985 – means in the year when I discovered how time works, and in which I realised that the path to shifting time back leads through building a device called the „Oscillatory Chamber of the third generation”. (The general appearance of such „Oscillatory Chambers” is shown on videos from addresses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svbVqGFnkQQ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrjhRNTbpuE . Principles of operation of these „Oscillatory Chambers” are explained on the web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”. In turn how such „Oscillatory Chambers” shifts time back – it is explained in item #I1 of the totaliztic web page „evolution.htm” – about evolution.) If already in 1985 I would be allowed to undertake the construction of time vehicles, then until today, means after around a quarter of century, these time vehicles for sure would already work. Unfortunately, many people really „bend backward” in order to prevent me from undertaking research and development of these devices. What even more interesting, these people hold me back in undertaking the construction of time vehicles in spite that I indicated to everyone an easily verifiable empirical proof that time is really a software phenomenon and that in fact time elapses in small jumps – means exactly in the manner as the work of time is explained by the „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the totaliztic web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”). This empirical visual proof for the jumping elapse of software time is described comprehensively in item #D1 of the totaliztic web page „immortality.htm” – about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives, and also in item #D2 of the web page „god_proof.htm” – with selection of scientific proofs and evidence that God really exists. Unfortunately, as so-far, hardly anyone recognises the existence of this proof, and recognises the potentials that it opens to the humanity.

In such a manner, my productive time on the Earth gradually runs out, while people slowly loose the chance for accomplishing immorality, life without end, and the „remedy for all illnesses” that takes the form of „time vehicles”.
     So if you, the reader, have enough medicines which „make us enslaved” instead of „healing”, then perhaps you should start supporting the research and development of „time vehicles”:

In the „chase for profit”, our civilisation gradually looses from the sight the „good of people”. One manifestation of this loss is that, amongst others, instead of developing drugs that „heal” illnesses, present pharmaceutical corporations promote drugs which make people „dependent” on them, and which just ease the symptoms instead of healing. So if someone begins to use these drugs, he (or she) is enslaved by them until the end of his (or her) life. Many people do NOT know about this. After all, such information is NOT revealed by official sources. So they suffer silently because they do not realise that there is a better way. Well, it is about time these people awake and begin to repair this abnormal situation. Although in present ideological systems of humanity aimed at maximising profits (see the web page „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”), goals of pharmaceutical corporations cannot be changed, still there is a way of making the things better. Namely, we can deprive these corporations the power over people, by building „time vehicles”. So herewith I have an appeal to the reader. Instead of „sitting on your own hands” and passively accepting the present wrong situation, it is much better to totalizticly (see the totaliztic web page named „totalizm.htm”) begin assisting me actively in the efforts to undertake the research and development of „time vehicles”. After all, giving me such an assistance does NOT require neither funds nor much effort. All that I need is the access to laboratories and to prototyping facilities which already exist at numerous universities financed by taxpayers. In turn to open this (so-far closed) access for me, people just can limit the help to the promotion of the idea of time vehicles. (How in the simplest manner assist me in these efforts – it is explained in items #K1 to #K4 of the web page „immortality.htm” – about ways the humanity already today can accomplish immortality and everlasting lives.)
The explanations presented above are adopted from items #G1 to #G5 of the most recently updated version of the totaliztic web page „healing.htm”, updated on 3 January 2009, or later. The latest update of this web page with the highest priority is uploaded on several historically longest used web sites of totalizm. These web sites include http://members.fortunecity.com/timevehicle/healing.htm , http://ufonauci.w.interia.pl/healing.htm and http://totalizm.nazwa.pl/healing.htm .

With the secondary priority this web page is to be uploaded at a number of further web sites (established more recently), for example at:

It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages are available at each web site (each address, or each server) of totalizm. Therefore independently from the web page „healing.htm”, each address (server) indicated here should also offer all other web pages of totalizm – unless some of these web pages were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to other addresses (servers) of totalizm, on which a given web page should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above addresses the name „healing.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „eco_cars.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „telekinetics.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”,  „god.htm”, „god_proof.htm”, „bible.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „explain.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, „katrina.htm”, etc., etc.

If at this address the above text needed to be cut down to fit into the memory that is available, or is difficult to read, or links from it refuse to work, then it is worth to know that this post is repeated on several blogs of totalizm – where it carries the number #163E. These blogs of totalizm can be accessed through following internet addresses:

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

PS: These readers who wish to discuss any aspect of my theories or inventions should be pleased to learn that the internet discussions on almost all topic that I researched currently, including many of my devices and inventions, are carried out in the internet already for a long time. A list of topics just being discussed, as well as addresses of subsequent threads in the Google discussion groups, where these topics are exposed to public comments and receive my replies, is provided in item #M3 of the totaliztic web page „immortality.htm” – which is available at all addresses provided above. Readers who have constructive comments about any matters relating to my research and inventions, are encouraged to find addresses of these Google threads from item #M3 of the web page „immortality.htm”, and then voice their constructive opinions at these addresses.


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