#159E: Almost everyone saw the physical proof that time passes in jumps, only that the majority ignored it – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „A majority just watches it, some actually see it, sparsely anyone takes notice of it, but only creative exceptions can make it work for the good of humanity”
Present official science tells us wrongly that time flows around us in a continuous manner – like water flows in a river around a motionless stone. However, the „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity teaches us that time stands still while we move through time in fast jumps – similarly like in fast jumps used to move single frames of film over motionless cinema screens. Exists also a physical evidence (proof) well known to almost everyone, which visually illustrates that time really moves in jumps. This proof, as well as its significance, I am going to remind here. After all, if time really flows in jumps, then it is possible (and relatively easy) to travel in time and to shift time back. In turn, if we learn how to shift time back, then we also learn how we can live forever through the repetitive shifting ourselves – after reaching an old age, back to time of our youth.
The existence of ability to shift time back and to build time vehicles is described on the totaliztic web page „timevehicle.htm” – about the work of time, time travel, and about time vehicles. The „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (described in more details on the totaliztic web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”) defines time as the „passage of execution control through the natural program that controls our life”. (More exact explanation how this execution control passes through natural programs of our life is provided in subsections N1.5 and N1.4 from volume 11 of monograph [1/5] disseminated free of charge from the totaliztic web page „text_1_5.htm”.) According to this definition, time is simply a sequence of discrete commands in the program of our life. In turn, being such a sequence of commands, time can be shifted forward or backward, skipped through, slowed down or accelerated, etc. So according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (described in more details on the totaliztic web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”) travelling in time is possible, realistic, and even quite easy.
Of course, if time is really a discrete program combined from a sequence of individual commands, in which the execution control can be shifted back or forth, then there must be some physical evidence which documents this fact. As it turns out „one example of physical evidence for the discrete nature of time, many amongst us saw with their own eyes”. This evidence is the interference that occurs between a discrete pulses of time, and objects that flicker with the frequency of completion of individual execution commands. The existence of this interference proves that time does NOT flow continually, but it elapses in fast jumps – like individual frames of film used to flow through screens in old cinemas, or more strictly like the execution of individual commands carried out in every long program. This proof can be noticed with naked eyes – if one visually watches the gradual acceleration of a wheel with spokes, so that the velocity of flickering of these spokes changes from almost zero to around 1800 spokes/min (i.e. so that spokes flicker in the range from almost zero to the frequency of around 30 Hz). (For example, the proof can be seen on wheels of cars of motorbikes when these are accelerating while driving parallel to our own car.) Namely, watching these spokes that rotate increasingly faster, at the beginning we see in which direction they are accelerating. But at some stage of their acceleration we are going to notice, that these spokes look as if they stopped in their rotation, and then they begin to make an impression that they begin to rotate increasingly faster in an opposite direction than they really rotate. The moment when these spokes look as if they stopped, is just the moment when their frequency of flickering coincides with the frequency of completion of individual commands in our programs of life. In turn the fact that in our eyes these spokes seem to start the rotation in an opposite direction, is a visual proof that the elapse of time have a discrete nature (means that time elapses in jumps). After all, if we analyse principles of this reversal rotation, then we are going to realise, that nothing except of a discrete nature of time can allow to form an impression of rotation of spokes in a direction that is opposite to their actual direction of rotation. Thus the actual existence of this phenomenon is another physical evidence for the jumping (discrete) character of the elapse of time.
(So also another evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.)
Highly promising is also the awareness, that this physical proof for a jumping (discrete) character of time provides us simultaneously with a principle for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people, as well as provides us with a first instrument for measuring this speed. As the philosophy of totalizm (see descriptions of this philosophy on web page „totalizm.htm”) explains this, time does NOT elapse with the same speed for every person and for every situation. For example, this speed changes with age, thus e.g. for older people time flows much faster than for youngsters. Also in situations that release powerful feelings time clearly changes the speed of flow. Therefore, if we construct a kind of propeller which is to measure precisely for a given person the frequency (speed) of flickering at which this person notices that the propeller apparently changes the direction of rotation into an opposite one, then we obtain an instrument for measuring the speed of elapse of time in individual people. In turn measurements of this speed may lead people to shocking discoveries, e.g. that some people are obese NOT because of their genetics or amount of calories that they eat, but e.g. because their day is much shorter than a day of slim people – thus some obese people may have not enough time to burn all calories that they eat.
I do NOT intend to extend this post by proving here also that every evidence for the elapse of time in small jumps, is simultaneously a proof for the existence of God. After all, the reader should be able to deduce by himself or herself, that time which elapses in jumps, and thus which can be shifted backward, could be implemented only in case when God does exist and thus when He intentionally designed time just in such an extraordinary manner. After all, in order such a software time could prevail in the physical world, God needed to build firstly the structure, which on web pages „timevehicle.htm” (see in there items #B6 and #D1) and „dipolar_gravity_pl.htm” (see in there item #G4) is described under the name ” timespace”. Only when such a software ” timespace” exists and works, time can i flow in jumps – in the manner described by the „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn to actually build such „timespace”, intelligent God must exist and must have the form of a huge natural program – means the form which to God is attributed by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
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