#153E: Evidence for the earthquake from China on 12 May 2008 induced technically by UFOs – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Earthquakes are easy for technical creation through detonation of UFO’s Oscillatory Chambers, but difficult for recognising by people who are NOT familiar with detonations of Oscillatory Chambers.”
Why only 9 days after the cyclone in Burma China was hit by a murderous earthquake? Well, UFOnauts have this nasty habit that are prepared to kill just in order to divert more effectively the attention of people from noticing that these are them who caused problems again. Thus typically UFOnauts induce technically as many as two disasters one after the other. The first of these disasters is aimed at the destruction of an area of the Earth. In turn the second disaster is aimed, amongst others, at diverting the attention from the participation of UFOnauts in the first disaster. Just such two disasters appeared in case of the famous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26 December 2004 – for details see the totaliztic web page „day26.htm” (about the murderous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26th December 2004). (This second disaster was then the cyclone which devastated Vietnam.) Also this happened in case of the hurricane „Katrina” which devastated the New Orleans on 29 August 2005 – for descriptions of „Katrina” see part #D of the web page „Katrina.htm” indicated below. (This second disaster that was to divert attention from „Katrina” was the hurricane „Rita” which devastated parts of Mexico.
As it turned out, UFOnauts repeated their „trick of diverting the attention” also in case of the cyclone „Nargis” from Burma. Namely, on Monday, 12 May 2008, means just in 9 days after the cyclone „Nargis”, UFOnauts induced technically a highly destructive earthquake of the power 7.9 in southern China. The epicentre of this Chinese earthquake was located around 10 km underground in the Chinese province Sichuan. This earthquake turned out to be the worst in China for the period of last 60 years. Initially the number of human victims was estimated at 12 000. But on Saturday, 17/05/08 it was lifted to an estimated number of 50 000 killed people.
The technical inducing of an earthquake by UFOs (see the totaliztic web page „military_magnocraft.htm”) is very easy. UFOnauts simply detonate underground a UFO vehicle of a smaller type, which „Oscillatory Chambers” (see the totaliztic web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”) are loaded with huge amounts of magnetic energy. This allows them to place the epicentre of their earthquake exactly under the goal of their attack, means under the area which UFOnauts intend to destroy (even if this goal of the attack does not lie above a „fault-line” of a continental plate). Furthermore, it allows also UFOnauts to select exactly the power of the earthquake that they induce, through exploding a strictly calculated amount of energy. But simultaneously such explosion of UFO’s Oscillatory Chambers unleashes a whole range of unique attributes and phenomena which after being learned by people allow us to identify earthquakes induced technically by UFO vehicles, and to distinguish these from natural earthquakes. About the fact that the Chinese earthquake described here was also induced technically by UFO vehicles certifies the presence of several such unique attributes. Let us indicate here at least the most important amongst these:
1. Telekinetic formation of a kind of „mist” near the epicentre of the underground UFO explosion (and also unique „hissing noise”). A unique attribute of the earthquakes induced technically by UFOs (see the totaliztic web page „military_magnocraft.htm”) is that the underground explosion of „Oscillatory Chambers” (see the totaliztic web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”) of a UFO, loaded with magnetic energy, causes a kind of powerful „magnetic flash”. In turn a consequence of this „magnetic flash” is, amongst others, the magnetic excitation of a whole range of extraordinary phenomena near the place where such Oscillatory Chambers exploded (i.e. near the epicentre of a given earthquake induced technically by UFO vehicles). None of these phenomena appears in natural earthquakes. To the most extraordinary amongst these phenomena belongs the telekinetic formation in the air of a kind of like „white fog” or „smoke” – which actually is composed of particles of the air that because are telekinetised assume white colour. This unusual white like „fog”, which rapidly „materialised” in mid-air, registered numerous amateur video cameras in China, at the moment of the earthquake discussed here. Some of such videos which captured the „fog” were shown later in television of practically every country in the world – probably the reader also saw these. What even more interesting, just such a telekinetic white „fog” was also noticed during the famous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26 December 2004 – for descriptions of it see (3) in item #10 of the web page „day26.htm” (about the murderous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26th December 2004). To other extraordinary phenomena induced by this „magnetic flash” from exploding Oscillatory Chambers of a UFO, belong amongst others the magnetic de-focusing of pictures recorded on video tapes – also clearly visible on videos recorded in China during the earthquake described here, and also strange magnetic distortion of sounds recorded on tapes – also registered in China. Moreover, the explosion of Oscillatory Chambers from UFOs induces a strange kind of „hissing noise” – unfortunately in earthquakes on a solid land this hissing noise was overpowered by other noises of the earthquake.
2. Combining the main earthquake from several waves with different speeds of propagation. Magnetic explosions induce in the Earth’s crust several waves which propagate with different speeds. Therefore such technically induced earthquakes, including the China earthquake described here, always cause appearance of like several separate earthquakes occurring one after the other (i.e. when the subsequent of these waves with different speeds of propagation arrive to a given area). Independently from China, such several waves of shocks were noticed also in the tsunami of 26 December 2004, described on the web page „day26.htm” (about the murderous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26th December 2004). Thus, still another attribute of earthquakes induced technically by UFO vehicles, which was present in China, is that a given earthquake is combined from at least three waves of shocks, which are like symmetrical towards each other, and each of which can contain tens of separate chaotic quakes. Of course, the present science all these puts into a common bag of „aftershocks”.
3. Collapsing of an underground post-explosive cave which is a source of long-term appearance of numerous „aftershocks”. An underground explosion of „Oscillatory Chambers” (see the totaliztic web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”) from a UFO, not only that generates an earthquake, but also forms under the ground a huge post-explosive cavity. This cavity does NOT appear after natural earthquakes. It then collapses gradually for a long period of time. In turn this gradual collapsing of the underground post-explosive cavity causes a long series of chaotic „aftershocks”, for which almost there is no end. For example, in China these aftershocks even as long as a week after the main earthquake still troubled local people at least 5 times a day.
4. Technical inducing chaotic vibrations. Natural earthquakes typically induce vibrations of the Earth’s crust, which as a rule display a kind of orderly behaviour. After all, the natural mechanism of generation of earthquakes through the mutual slipping of two continental plates is similar to slipping of our finger pressed against wet glass – means the natural earthquake generates a series of rhythmical vibrations that are closely related to this regularly rattling squeak of the finger moved along wet glass. Therefore each larger natural earthquake is perceived as a rhythmic and „orderly” series of waves of the earth vibrations. I personally live sufficiently long in New Zealand, which is frequently troubled by earthquakes, to notice this rhythm and orderly fashion of natural earthquakes. For example, one time during a powerful earthquake I was just looking at a road along which there was a row of telephone poles. These poles started then to slant towards each other in a rhythmic oscillatory motion, looking like a row of mutually synchronised Japanese people who are rhythmically „bowing” to each other. Other time during a powerful earthquake I was just in a library on (probably) forth floor. I was looking at rows of high library shelves, as these shelves, similarly to the telephone poles that I described before, also rhythmically „bowed” towards each other. Still another time a long and powerful earthquake awake me at night when I was just in a bed. The bed was tossed up rhythmically in a highly orderly manner which me resembled a rhythmical beat and swaying of the type „tu tu tut, tu tu tut, tu tu tut, etc.” experienced in old railway carriages which rolled over old rails that were composed of short sections screwed together (presently such pieces of rails are welded together into a single infinitively long piece on which wagons are not „tossed up” anymore). Also destructions and collapsing caused by natural earthquakes display a unique kind of „order”. But earthquakes induced technically through underground explosions of UFOs’ Oscillatory Chambers induce a large mixture of various chaotic vibrations. Thus, e.g. on videos such technically induced earthquakes appear as highly chaotic jerky tossing and swaying in all possible directions. In turn destruction induced by such explosion of UFOs’ Oscillatory Chambers display a shockingly chaotic picture – e.g. buildings and other objects collapse in all possible (random) directions. This chaotic character of vibrations and destruction that results from the explosive (technical) rather than natural origin of the China earthquake we could see on videos that recorded the earthquake and destruction in China, which are described here.
5. Panic escape of toads from the vicinity of epicentre. As it was reported by mass media, the days before earthquake, toads started a mass exodus from the vicinity of epicentre of this murderous earthquake in China. Supposedly in times of this  mass exodus of frogs, streets of the city Mianyang from the province Sichuan literally were covered with toads escaping in panic. Someone even took a photo of these frogs and placed it on a blog. In turn, as this is known already, various animals are very sensitive to the field of UFOs. Thus clearly toads could NOT withstand the field of UFOs. So when UFO vehicles started massive arrivals to the later epicentre of earthquake, in order to prepare the UFO explosion in there, these toads started to escape from the area in massive numbers. Interestingly, according to mass media, in 8 days after that earthquake (i.e. on Tuesday, 20 May 2008) toads started to escape also from another city named Zunyi – thus inducing a panic of local people. The city Zunyi is located outside of the destruction zone. So either UFOnauts again started to prepare in there epicentre for another earthquake, or their vehicles that are invisible for human eyes started to arrive in there because UFOnauts discovered underground something that interests them a lot. I should mention here that in the area where was the epicentre for earthquake induced technically by UFOnauts, which induced the famous tsunami on 26 December 2004, also later an area was found, which was completely deprived of living creatures. Clearly residues of the UFO magnetic field still existing in there caused the escape from that zone practically all sea creatures. About this „dead zone” on the bottom of sea I am writing in item #10 (5) of the totaliztic web page „day26.htm” (about the murderous tsunami induced technically by UFOs on 26th December 2004).
It is worth to add that practically each one amongst the above attributes just by itself is a proof for the technical inducing this earthquake by UFOs. In turn all of them taken together give to this earthquake the certainty that it originates from the technical detonation (deeply underground) several UFO „Oscillatory Chambers” (see the totaliztic web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”) loaded with magnetic energy.
For me personally is puzzling why China does NOT undertake the construction of the apparatus for the remote detection of impending earthquakes which works on principles of the interpretation of contents of telepathic waves („chi”), and which is known under a popular name of the „Zhang Heng seismograph” (see the totaliztic web page „seismograph.htm”). After all, it was invented by the Chinese genius already almost 2000 years ago. On the basis of historic records it is known that this apparatus was able to detect remotely earthquakes, which are just brewing up, from as far distances as even 500 kilometres – for details see the paper available under the address http://www-ist.massey.ac.nz/conferences/icst05/proceedings/ICST2005-Papers/ICST_112.pdf . The construction of this apparatus with the use of present technology surely would provide people with a tool that should allow to prevent disasters similar to the one that is described in this item.
The explanations presented above, which indicate most meaningful evidence on the technical origins (from a UFO-caused underground explosion) of the China earthquake on 12 May 2008, are adopted from item #E3 of the totaliztic web page named „katrina.htm”, updated on 23 May 2008, or later. This item #E3 of the web page „katrina.htm” complements information about the cyclone „Nargis”, also unleashed technically in Burma by UFO vehicles, the technical origins (from UFOs) of which, and also satellite photographs that document its double character, are documented in item #E2 of the same web page „katrina.htm”. The latest update of the web page „katrina.htm” should be available from following addresses – if it was not sabotaged in there by UFOnauts that recently rampage freely in the internet and all over the Earth:


It is also worth to know that under each address indicated above ALL totaliztic web pages should be available (unless some of these web pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in this message, or listed in other totaliztic messages, then in the above addresses the name „katrina.htm” is just enough to exchange for a name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name of web page „god.htm”, „bible.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „totalizm.htm”, „evil.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „memorial.htm”, „newzealand.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „boiler.htm”, „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”, „fruit.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „day26.htm”, „ufo_proof.htm”, etc., etc.
I should also add here that in September 2007 web sites of totalizm, as well as everything that is linked with totalizm, were subjected to a massive „anti-totaliztic” offensive. In the result of this offensive for example were deleted over 50 of free sub-domains of totalizm (almost each one of these free sub-domains contained all web pages of totalizm ?means around 200 web pages were deleted on each such sub-domain). A significant proportion of these sub-domains existed (and was utilized with a great success) since 2000 and some even from 1999. A list of web pages deleted then is provided at the end of the page „Menu 4” accessible from each web page of totalizm. Because of the fact that highly moral totalizm is so aggressively and brutally persecuted and destroyed by some hidden evil force, this message for the security of access is also repeated at several blogs of totalizm that contain a mirror copies of it, for example at blogs having following addresses:

Let totalizm prevail,
Jan Pajak
P.S. This post was discussed on threads sci.geo.geology, sci.geo.earthquakes, alt.disasters.misc, alt.alien.visitors, alt.alien.research from the Google discussion groups http://groups.google.com . The only problem in there was with the sabotaging these Google threads by UFOnauts, and thus causing that links to totaliztic web sites with the „katrina.htm” page could NOT be placed on these discussion groups. Thus readers from these Google groups were unable to view photographs of the double cyclone „Nargis”, which (photographs) provide one amongst the best and most significant evidence for the technical origin of that earthquake from the explosion of UFO vehicles.



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