#145E: Shocking history of revolutionary boiler which bits all records: – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Evil manipulations of dark forces are visible most clearly on the creative inventors and scientists who lift the level of civilisation on the Earth.”
Let us imagine a revolutionary boiler of water powered by electricity, which bits all possible records. For example, it makes water boil instantly and in the entire volume. It apparently consumes much less electricity than the value of heat it generates. It is absolutely safe in use – means one can touch it, as well as touch water it boils, without a danger of electrocuting, in turn when the entire boiled water evaporates the boiler becomes cold by itself and does not initiate any fire. Furthermore, there are premises which suggest that this boiler probably also telekinetises semi-permanently the boiled water turning it into almost miraculous „water of life”. In turn, as we know (e.g. from mythology and folklore), such miraculous „water of life” has capability to heal, increases the life longevity, improves taste, conserves food, etc. Thus, these people who drink such water of life, gain from it not only good health and increased longevity, but also improved taste and greater usability of everything that is based on it. But the boiler described here bits also completely different record. Namely, the world record of it is, that some dark powers that secretly operate in the body of our civilisation, for over 60 years effectively block the implementation of this revolutionary invention to an industrial production. And this blocking is carried out in spite that the invention displays potentials to positively revolutionise principles of heating all liquids, that it semi-permanently telekinetises water that it boils, and also that the technical capabilities and pioneering principles of operation allow the invention to lift significantly the civilisation level in the entire humanity. There is the web page named „boiler.htm”, the subject area of which is about this revolutionary invention, about its inventor, and about shocking fate of both of them. A brief summary and addresses of this web page are provided here.
Attributes of the so-called „sonic boiler” discussed here bit the level of any other water heaters that are currently known. Thus at the time when this sonic boiler enters an industrial production, it is going to lift immensely the level of civilisation on the Earth. The advantages of this new technology it is even difficult to imagine at the moment. For example:
       (1) The „sonic boiler” bits with its advantages and specifications all other water heaters in existence. For example, it boils water almost instantly. It is able to boil any amount of water – even as small as that which fits onto a spoon. During boiling of water the boiler utilises phenomena which do NOT cause the burning of substances dissolved in given water. Therefore it can boil e.g. cold cacao, milk, or coffee. It is so small that it is suitable for submerging into a practically every dish. Etc., etc.
       (2) From the safety point of view the „sonic boiler” also bits all other boilers and heaters of water in existence. This boiler is absolutely safe. For example, due to placement of the „resonating bowl” (see (1) on „Fig. #B2”) – to which the life wire of the energy supply is connected, inside of the spherical and closed „buffering bowl” (see (2) on „Fig. #B2”) – to which the zero (ground) wire of the electricity supply is connected, this boiler does NOT threats with an electrocution. (But, as we realise, users typically can be electrocuted by many other already existing kinds of electric heaters of water). Thus the user can safely touch both the boiler itself, as the liquid that this boiler is just boiling.
       Additional level of safety introduces in the sonic boiler the attribute, that in order to carry out heating, it must be submerged in some water-based liquid. It is known that other water heaters can cause a fire if after leaving them without a supervision their liquid boils out completely while their safety switch does NOT work. In turn, for the boiler discussed here, when the liquid boils out completely, the boiler simply ceases to heat and cools down all by itself.
       (3) The „sonic boiler” implements the method of heating liquids that was previously unknown on the Earth – as such it has a huge scientific potential. According to my findings, this boiler releases in the boiled liquid the phenomenon of technical telekinesis – which (the telekinesis) is a reversal of friction. (For more details about this principle of operation see separate web pages of totalizm, e.g. pages free_energy.htm – about telekinetic generators of free energy, telekinesis.htm – about the phenomenon of telekinesis, or dipolar_gravity.htm – about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.) Therefore, after the mass implementation of this boiler on the Earth, orthodox scientists who presently refuse to research telekinesis will have no other option but to undertake the rational research of this phenomenon. This in turn will allow humanity to learn about the phenomenon of technically released telekinesis, and thus begin to utilise this phenomenon in a whole range of beneficial applications. Some amongst numerous applications of technical telekinesis include: the propelling of space vehicles of the Magnocraft type, remote shifting of objects, healing and telekinetic farming (as this is described in item #E6 of the web page „boiler.htm”), and many more.
       (4) The „sonic boiler” does NOT have moving parts, thus in practice it is „indestructible”. So if someone does NOT burn it out or physically break by accident, this heater can effectively work and fulfil its functions practically infinitively long – as this happened with the „amphora from Pakistan” described in item #E4.1 of the web page „boiler.htm”.
       (5) The „sonic boiler” can be designed to be very simple in production – as this is explained in technical description from this web page. Thus practically everyone who can break through the artificially imposed discouragement to undertake the research of this boiler, and who wishes to implement this boiler into an industrial production, is able to accomplish this just on the basis of descriptions from this web page and even with methods of a „cottage industry”. The implementation of this boiler to the mass production does NOT require production of expensive or technically difficult components.
       (6) There is a working model of this boiler, and also the inventor ready to advice how to build it and how to introduce it to a commercial production. Everyone who undertakes the production of the boiler discussed here can see how this boiler looks like and how it works. This sighting of the boiler can be accomplished on many different manners, e.g. either through visiting the inventor, or through ordering from channel 1 of the New Zealand television a DVD disc with a copy of news item about this boiler that was broadcasted on Wednesday, 30 January 2008, around 11:00 pm, or through viewing video-links entitled „Watch audio slideshow of Peter Davey” which in February 2008 were accessible through the web site http://www.stuff.co.nz/thepress/4379593a6530.html, that contained the text of the article about Mr Davey and about his boiler. (I should remind here that this article appeared in the local newspaper from Christchurch, named The Press, issue dated on Wednesday, January 30, 2008, page A13.) People who undertake the production of the sonic boiler can also count on the consultations from the inventor.
       (7) During heating liquids the boiler discussed here most probably also telekinetises these liquids semi-permanently, giving to them attributes of the „water of life”. In turn what is this „water of life”, and what attributes characterise it, this is described in item #E6 of the web page „boiler.htm”.
       (8) The breaking through suppression that is imposed on the commercial production of the „sonic boiler” is discretely supported by God Himself. For example, it cannot be just a coincidence that the broadcasting of the news item about this boiler and about the inventor of it (in TVNZ 1 at around 11:00 pm on 30 January 2008), took place shortly before my trip to Christchurch for a wedding of the daughter of friends, planned long in advance. Thus, the broadcasting of this news item on that particular night allowed me to find a next day the address of Mr Davey – in spite that Mr Davey does NOT appear in the telephone book of Christchurch. This in turn allowed me to meet the inventor and preliminarily research the „sonic boiler” so fast, that the dark powers which suppress this invention had no time to make this meeting and my preliminary examination of the boiler impossible for me. It is also NOT a coincidence that on the day of broadcasting this news items I did NOT go to bed in my „normal” time, thus enabling myself to accidentally view this report. After all, typically at 11:00 pm I am already asleep. It is also no coincident that at the time when I wrote item #E5 of the web page „boiler.htm”, unexpectedly failed the thermostat in my electric jug thus illustratively realizing to me another safety feature and advantage of the boiler discussed here – i.e. that it ceases to work and becomes cold at the moment when the water that it boils evaporates completely. In connection to events described on this web page several further rather extraordinary „coincidents” took place, the nature of which does not allow me to describe these here, but which clearly indicate that in name of the „universal justice” some positive supernatural power (i.e. God) make it possible for me to „mess up a bit the act” of these evil powers which with the use of some tricks try to extend the length of time when the invention of the boiler described here is suppressed and blocked from the factory production.
The most extraordinary feature of the „telekinetic heaters”, an example of which is the „sonic boiler” described here, is that water which these heaters boil most probably transforms into so-called „water of life”. Let us describe here what is this „water of life”:
       Old mythological stories described extraordinary life-giving water, the drinking of which brings to the drinker an excellent health and long life. Most frequently this water is called the „water of life”. The scientific „theory of everything” called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”) determined that just such „water of life” is every water which was appropriately telekinetised. A part of this concept explains even how to accomplish the so-called „telekinetic farming” which depends on the increase of productivity and health valour of the food being produced through watering plants with telekinetised water and through giving this water to animals to drink. Descriptions of the „telekinetic farming” are provided in subsection NB2 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4] (see the totaliztic web page named „xext_1_4.htm”).
       The telekinetisation of water can be accomplished on many different ways. In a natural manner water is telekinetised when it originates from melting of ice and snow. This is why inhabitants of high mountains, who continually drink water originating from melting of ice and snow that is deposited on picks of these mountains, are so healthy and live so incredibly long. It is also to expose people to the action of such telekinetised water that in Poland exists a folklore tradition of so-called dyngus – described in item #15 of the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm” – about the village of Wszewilki. (This „dyngus” depends on water dousing on the Easter Monday with water that originates just from the spring melting of snow and ice.) A simplest manner of technical telekinetisation of water, is to pass it through the focal point of a pyramid. Technical telekinetisation of water, and all other substances, occurs also in areas where telekinetic UFO vehicles once landed (see the web page „newzealand.htm”).
       The interesting side to the „sonic boiler” described here is that all signs indicate this boiler telekinetises water while boiling it. After all, this boiler utilises the phenomenon of technical telekinesis for the principles of operation. Furthermore, it clearly changes physical properties of water that it boils. So there is a large probability that this boiler not only boils water, but also it gives to it attributes of that mythological „water of life”. The ability of this boiler to give attributes of the „water of life” to liquids that it boils, is already confirmed by the first evidence in form of the longevity of the inventor of it. As I am stressing this in caption under „Fig. #E1” of web page „boiler.htm”, Mr Davey had his 92nd birthday on 30 January 2008. So there is a high probability that his long life was caused by drinking of telekinetised water boiled by his boilers.
       Of course, the best policy is „everything in moderation”. After all, we already know perfectly well that even eating excessive amounts of such innocent substance as just ordinary kitchen salt, can also cause a death. Therefore, to these readers who purchase for themselves the boiler discussed here, or who build it by themselves in a hobby manner, I would like to remind, that the good overdone sometimes ceases to be good. The most illustratively informs us about it also the mythology, or more strictly the mythological story about the king Midas who turned into gold everything that he touched. It is worth to remember about this in case of using „water of life” described here and produced (most probably) by the boiler discussed on this web page. Thus, just in case, I would advice pregnant women, males who just plan to procreate a child, and also youngsters who still are growing, to NOT drink such telekinetised water. But because the discussion of dangers introduced by excessive telekinetisation of the environment is presented on separate web pages (see the web page „tfz.htm” – about the telekinesis free zone, item #13 of the web page „telekinesis.htm” – about telekinesis, or item #I2 from the web page „newzealand.htm” – about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand), I do not elaborate this topic also on the web page „boiler.htm”.
Much wider than the above descriptions of the „sonic boiler” originally are presented on the web page named „boiler.htm”, entirely devoted to the „sonic boiler”. The web page shows numerous photographs of the „sonic boiler”, including photographs taken during the operation of this telekinetic heater. Furthermore, the web page indicates links to Internet publications and videos of the „sonic boiler”. The most recent (before writing these comments) update of the web page „boiler.htm” was dated on 23/2/08 (or later). The web page „boiler.htm” should be available from following addresses ?if it was not sabotaged in there by evil powers that recently rampage over our planet:

It is also worth to know that under each address indicated above all the web pages of totalizm should be available (unless some of these web pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other web pages of totalizm, e.g. from web pages listed in this message, or in other messages from this blog, then in the above addresses the name „boiler.htm” is just enough to exchange for the name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. the web page „newzealand.htm”, „free_energy.htm”, „fe_cell.htm”, „malbork_uk.htm”, „evolution.htm”, „god.htm”, „bible.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „evil.htm”, „memorial.htm”, etc.
I should also add here that in September 2007 web sites of totalizm, as well as everything that is linked with totalizm, were subjected to a massive „anti-totaliztic” offensive. In the result of this offensive for example just deleted were over 50 sub-domains of totalizm (almost each one of these sub-domains contained all web pages of totalizm ?means around 200 web pages each). A significant proportion of these sub-domains existed (and was utilized with a great success) since 2000. A list of web pages deleted then is provided at the end of the page „Menu 4” accessible from each web page of totalizm. Because of the fact that totalizm is so aggressively and brutally persecuted and destroyed by evil „serpents-UFOnauts”, this message for the security of access is also repeated at several other blogs of totalizm that contain a mirror copies of this blog, for example at following addresses:

Let totalizm prevail,
Jan Pajak


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