#142E: Which evidence on God, soul, another world, etc., conceal biologists: – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Tolerance means not only agreeing of believers, that others have rights to not believe at all, or believe in something else, but also refrying of non-believers from attempts to make believing impossible for those ones who wish to believe.”

      Increasingly more people are aware that representatives of physical sciences (i.e. physics, mechanics, astronomy, astrophysics, etc.) conceal from the society an entire ocean of evidence concerning the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. A part of this evidence is described in message 141E from this blog. But not many are aware that in a similar manner a lot of such evidence is also concealed by representatives of other scientific disciplines, especially biological sciences (i.e. biology, medicine, botanic, zoology, etc.). These other disciplines also work for the detriment of humanity by concealing from people an entire ocean of evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. Simultaneously they feed the society with a various fables of the type of „theory of evolution”, or the „holographic model of memory” – for the correctness of which there is no even a single item of undeniable evidence. In this manner representatives of biological sciences actively contribute towards depriving people of the chance for taking „informed decisions” in matters of God, soul, another world, etc. After all, in order to take such informed decision people need to know about these items of evidence. But through concealing the evidence, representatives of biological sciences make impression on people that such evidence is non-existing. In this manner biologists almost forcefully push ordinary people into the atheism. In turn according to the Bible (which is authorized by God himself) the atheism has serious consequences for its adherers (see item #C4 of the web page „bible.htm”). In this manner biologists have on their conscience „eternal suffering” of a multitude of people who were tricked by them into lies that there is no evidence for the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc.

       Let us now review evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., about which representatives of biological sciences know jolly well, but also do NOT inform neither the society nor do not teach their students about it. Most vital examples of this evidence are as follows:

       1. Genetic code. As we already know jolly well, genetic code is a kind of language. In turn every language can be formed only if it is formulated by some intelligence. However, genetic code could not be formed and steadily used by anyone but God himself. Thus the existence of genetic code is a direct proof for the existence of God. Incidentally, this code was already used by the philosophy of totalizm as a basis for formulation of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God, completed with methods of mathematical logic. Both, descriptions of this proof, as well as more information about genetic code, are contained in item #B3 of the web page about God – see the web page named „god.htm”, and also in subsection I3.3.4 of the monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       2. Operation of the brain and memory. Orthodox medicine persists in telling people that memory is contained in their physical bodies (brain). However, all empirical facts prove, that memory is contained outside of physical bodies, i.e. in human soul. Of course, the reason for this persistent telling is clear – the medicine does NOT want to admit that human soul does exist. The wealth of evidence which unambiguously indicates that memory is NOT contained in physical bodies (i.e. brain), but in our souls, includes so-called OBE („out of body experiences”), NDE („near-death experience”), multiple personalities, memories of previous reincarnations, etc. But biologists sabotage research on these phenomena and lie to the society regarding interpretations of outcomes. More on this subject is explained in item #C1.1 of the web page about nirvana – see the web page named „nirvana.htm”, and also in subsection I5.4 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       3. The need for a couple of creatures (i.e. a female and a male) to multiply. A natural (i.e. purely random) evolution which is promoted by biologists, is at most able to explain origins of a single new creature. The probability that completely at random in exactly the same time as many as two new creatures mutate and that they will be a male and a female, is impossible to occur in a random manner. So couples of all creatures could only be created by God. However, this fact biologists conceal from people. More about the creating pairs of all creatures by God is explained in item #B6.2 of the web page about evolution – see the web page named „evolution.htm”, and also in subsection I1.4.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       4. Communication between people and animals and vegetation. Empirically we know jolly well that people can communicate with animals and with vegetation, and that they do this without the use of speech. In turn the existence of this communication is an evidence that there is an universal language (ULT), and also a kind of speech (telepathy) which allows non-physical communication in that language. But in order such a language was heard with the use of telepathy, there must exist the counter-world (i.e. this another world in which God lives and to which our souls should go after the death). So no wonder that biologists collaborating with serpents-UFOnauts do not want to inform people about these possibilities of direct communication between people and animals and vegetation, nor want research this communication. For more information about the ULT language – see item #B4 of the web page about telepathy – see the web page named „telepathy.htm”, and also subsection I5.4.2 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       5. Supernatural capabilities of bodies (healing, synthesis of missing chemical elements, fire-walking, blade-walking, levitation, etc.). Souls contained in bodies of living creatures are able to give extraordinary abilities to bodies of these creatures. For example cats when see an illness in their masters, tend to lie on an ill area and with their „purring” try to return the health – similar like human healers do it. Some animals and vegetation are able to carry out the synthesis of lacking chemical elements – e.g. hens can synthesize missing calcium from mica. Flounders grow normal fish eyes at both sides of their sculls, if at young age are deprived an access to the bottom of sea. All probably heard that some people can walk on fire or razor blades without hurting their feet. There are people who can levitate. None of these supernatural capabilities of the body would be possible exclusively in a physical world that is deprived God, soul, another world, etc. For more information on these subjects see subsections I7 and KB3 from volumes 5 and 10 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       6. Hypnosis. Hypnosis on several manners confirms the existence of another world, soul, God, etc. The first of these manners is the mechanism of hypnosis. Namely, hypnosis depends on switching our awareness from the physical world to the counter-world. (Our awareness is similar to a „cursor” on a computer screen. It also can switch from one „window” to another one.) The counter-world is almost an exact copy of our physical world. Therefore hypnotized people after switching their awareness to the counter-world still see over there the same objects which exist in the physical world. But in the counter-world instant shifting in time and space is possible. Thus hypnotized people can shift in there to any place and to any time.

       Another manner on which hypnosis confirms the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., is the function of hypnosis. God gave to its creations only these capabilities which are needed for something. Hypnosis is NOT needed by people, although people learned how to used and abuse it. But it is needed by God for controlling the behaviour of people in critical moments. As such it also confirms the existence and operation of God. No wonder that serpents-UFOnauts forbid to people carrying out research on hypnosis. More about hypnosis is explained in subsections I5, I5.1, I5.4, and I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       7. Near-death experience, including NDE, OBE, coming of dead close ones, review of the entire life, „death flash”, the loss of weight by body immediately after death, etc. Whatever happens shortly before death and at the moment of death cannot be described differently as a manifestation of evidence for the existence of soul, another world, God, etc. No wonder that serpents-UFOnauts who supervise human scientific research forbid research on these phenomena. But personally I am disappointed because representatives of biological sciences rush submissively to obey this forbidding and refuse to research these phenomena and to inform the society about their existence. If anyone carries research on these phenomena, he or she must do it almost in hiding, like it was his or her personal hobby, and always later has difficulties with publishing the findings. Instead of this research that are so important for everyone, representatives of biological sciences spend millions on fruitless searches for „missing links” or for evidence of the existence of „natural evolution”. On the other hand many believers in God report that shortly before the death their dead close ones are arriving to assist a given person to go through this difficult transformation into another world. Many dying people experience OBE (out of body experience) and NDE (near death experience) – for which the only rational explanations are when one acknowledges the existence of soul, God, another world, life after death, etc. Almost every dying person goes through a „review of the entire life” which (the review) in the full extent can take place in a short period of time when someone is e.g. still falling from a roof, but in which the falling person relives again every moment from the just finishing life. God frequently takes part in this review, and with a humour He even comments some moments from the life of a dying person. In the very moment of death the body beams a powerful flash of electromagnetic radiation which usually is called the „death flash”. This flash can be registered with the use of present measuring equipment. Body of a died person also weights less than a moment earlier when it still was alive. More about this subject is explained in subsection H7.3 from volume 4 and in subsection I7 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       8. ESP, instinct, multiple personalities, and other phenomena of this kind. These also are not possible to appear if there is no soul, another world, God, etc. Simultaneously, it is known for sure that these phenomena do exist. More on their subject is explained in subsection I8.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       9. The existence of „animal geniuses”. There is no many of these. But from time to time we learn about animals who know and are able much more than people do. Their descriptions are provided, amongst others, in subsection I8.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”. I personally believe that these animals are „serpents” who secretly occupy our planet, who died in some accidents, and were reincarnated by God into these animals. (God treats „serpents” as animals, thus He reincarnates them into animals – as described in item #C4 of the web page named „bible.htm”.) In order to explain this extraordinary knowledge and intelligence of such animals, one must consider the existence of soul, another world, God, etc.

       10. The perfection of oldest animals on the Earth is equal to the perfection of newest animals. If one analyses a level of perfection of living organisms of the oldest animals of our planet, then it turns out that these animals have equally perfect organisms as the newest animals. Many of these oldest animals persisted until today and are equally well off as the newest animals. As an example consider the „kings crab” which is a „trilobite” but lives in great numbers in sea waters of Malaysia, or consider crocodiles and lizards, or sharks, which have NOT changed their organisms for millions of years. In turn this perfection of oldest organisms documents that they were created by God. This is because only God could have a plan from the very beginning how a perfect organism looks like, and then implemented this plan as He equipped the ecosystem from the physical world into subsequent animals that were needed in this ecosystem. More on this subject is explained in item #B6.3 of the web page about evolution – see the web page named „evolution.htm”.

       11. Contribution of services of every living creature for the good of the rest of physical world. As it turns out, none creature or vegetation lives just for itself, but it provides a whole range of services to other creatures and vegetation. Thus all of them fulfill a „general plan” which could only be created by God.

       12. Everything that exists in living creatures is just a different manifestation of the same „counter-matter”. For example, „bodies” of living creatures are actually structures formed from counter-matter by appropriate natural programs (see subsection I1.4.1 in [1/5] – the web page named „text_1_5.htm”), memory is actually a computer-like memory of counter-matter (see subsection I5.4 in [1/5] – the web page named „text_1_5.htm”), feelings are the flow of natural programs through this counter-matter (see subsection I5.5 in [1/5] – the web page named „text_1_5.htm”), etc., etc. This in turn again confirms the existence of counter-matter and counter-world, and also the creation of living creatures by God.

       13. The work and efficiency of magic, telekinetic healing, bloodless operations, etc. Their existence also would NOT be possible if there is no another world, soul, God, etc. But for sure these phenomena do exist and are practiced in various parts of our planet (usually in secrecy). More about this subject is explained in subsections I5.7, I6.1, I3.5 and several others, from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”.

       The above represent just several most important examples of evidence from the area of biological sciences. This evidence well documents the existence of God, eternal soul, another world, etc. More evidence of this type, together with much better explanations, can be found mainly in volume 5 (and a bit also in volume 4) of my newest scientific monograph [1/5] – see the web page named „text_1_5.htm”. It is really pity that teachers and lecturers of biological sciences are too engaged in telling their students that God, soul, nor another world do NOT exist, to also be able to inform the students about the above facts – and thus to accomplish a right balance of views. After all, if these facts are known to every person on the Earth, then our civilization would look completely different, while the life of each one of us (including lives of these atheistic lecturers) would be incomparably more moral, happy, and peaceful.

       I personally feel a great disappointment towards my own lecturers from physical and biological sciences that for sure knowing about a majority of cases of evidence listed in this message 142E and in previous message 141E, they never had the courage to inform us, their students, about this wealth of evidence. I believe that due to failing their duty to inform, they committed an array of immoral acts. The same immoral acts commit also present lecturers and teachers, who knowing about this body of evidence still have no courage to inform about it their students in a formal or informal manner. Let us list here the most important out of these immoral acts: (1) Forcing their students to commit „spiritual suicides”. It is known that although everyone has the right to do himself or herself something immoral and bad, e.g. commit a suicide, it is highly immoral and criminal if this someone forces others to do the same. In turn depriving the access to truth about God is in fact forcing to commit a spiritual suicide. (2) Collaboration with enemies of humanity. Serpents-UFOnauts always were and always will be sworn enemies of humanity. Thus collaboration with their activities, is equal to the betrayal of humanity. (3) Emptying themselves in the place where they live. The depriving people of access to knowledge about God in the social sense is an equivalent to the increase in level of immorality, crime, addictions, etc. Thus symbolically it is similar to emptying themselves in the place where they live. (4) Playing a „dog in the manger”. It is a kind of nasty behaviour to „not eat ourselves and not allow others to eat”. But in this way behave these present lecturers and teachers of physical and biological sciences, who do not believe in God themselves, and therefore they make impossible for others to find their own path to God by concealing from these others vital information regarding God. (5) Neglecting duties for which they take salaries. Lecturers are paid to provide well balanced knowledge. But the knowledge purely atheistic is tendentious, means NOT balanced at all. Thus through tendentious pushing towards atheism they malpractice their professional duties. If you, the reader, are one amongst such lecturers or teachers in the disciplines described here, reconsider what you are doing. After all, as a lecturer or a teacher you have thousands formal and informal opportunities to inform your students about this wealth of evidence which is so extremely vital for their spiritual life.

Even more extensive information about the presented above evidence for the existence of God, soul, another world, etc., which typically is concealing by lecturers and teachers of biology and physics, is provided in items #F1 and #F2 of the web page „bible.htm”, update dated on 9/12/07, or later. The web page „bible.htm” should be available from following addresses:


It is also worth to know that under each address indicated above all the web pages of totalizm should be available (unless some of these web pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other web pages of totalizm, e.g. from web pages listed in this message, or in other messages from this blog, then in the above addresses the name ” bible.htm ” is just enough to exchange for the name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. the web page „evolution.htm”, „god.htm”, „text_1_5.htm”, „dipolar_gravity.htm”, „nirvana.htm”, „evil.htm”, etc.

I should also add here that in September 2007 web sites of totalizm, as well as everything that is linked with totalizm, were subjected to a massive „anti-totaliztic” offensive. In the result of this offensive for example just deleted were over 50 sub-domains of totalizm (almost each one of these sub-domains contained all web pages of totalizm – means around 200 web pages each). A significant proportion of these sub-domains existed (and was utilized with a great success) since 2000. A list of web pages deleted then is provided at the end of the page „Menu 4” accessible from each web page of totalizm. Because of the fact that totalizm is so aggressively and brutally persecuted and destroyed by evil „serpents-UFOnauts”, this message for the security of access is also repeated at several other blogs of totalizm that contain a mirror copies of this blog, for example at following addresses:
Let totalizm prevail,
Jan Pajak (Prof. Dr Eng.)


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