#135E: A formal proof for the existence of God – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Proofs inspire open-minded people, but make furious enemies of the ideas being proven.”

Here it is, „the father of all proofs”. It formally proves that „God does exist”. It is not the only proof that proves the existence of God. But it is the shortest, the most sure, it cannot be undermined (it was already discussed in internet in a different language), and it is based on the „genetic code” about which everyone knows.
Of course, the „internet terrorists” about which I wrote on the thread
for sure are going to attack this proof. After all, they attack everything that is moral and progressive. However, even with their experience in „throwing dirt” they will be unable to prove that „white is black”. So all they can do is to throw a lot of dirt at this proof and at myself. But they will NOT be able to undermine this proof. It is impossible to undermine it, because the existence of God is fact, and no evil force can hide it from us. So please read this short proof provided below. But before I show it, firstly a few words of usual introduction.

In the second semester of 2007 by some strange act of God I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures from the mathematical logic on a Korean University (for details see my autobiographical web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm”(. A „by product” of these lectures was that to three previous versions of the formal proof for the existence of God completed before with the use of physical methods, I could add another version of the formal scientific proof for the existence of God which this time is completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. Because this proof is short, I am quoting it below for the use of these readers who would like to get familiar with it, or wish to check the validity of it. However, I would still encourage to reach for further information regarding it, which is provided in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of the newest monograph [1/5] (currently still in process of writing). The base propositions of the above proof for the existence of God stem from so-called „genetic codes”, the more extensive description of which is provided on the web page about evolution. So here it is, the formal proof for the existence of God completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:

           „God does exist”.
       Basis propositions:
           (1) „Genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes and according to the Shannon’s Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages. All languages are formed by intelligent beings.
           (2) The creation of a single „language of genetic programming” which would be capable to program and to express with genetic codes all attributes for the huge number and variety of living creatures that populate the Earth, required the work of either superior being of a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God, or a multitude of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like intelligent beings of capabilities and efficiencies similar to these of humans. The fact that attributes of countless living creatures which populate the Earth were programmed and expressed with the use of a single and always the same, coherent „language of genetic programming”, completely eliminates the possibility that genetic codes of creatures from the Earth were programmed by a large number of unanimously cooperating with each other human-like creatures of capabilities and efficiency similar to human.
           (Explanation complementing this set 2 of premises: The history of development of languages and codes proves, that the large crowd of human-like creatures, which use a language or a code, NEVER is able to unanimously cooperate with each other, therefore with the elapse of time such a crowd always gradually introduces numerous variants to the grammar, vocabulary, structure, etc., of the language that it uses. Therefore a large crowd of human-like beings which would work on the development of life, similarly like a purely random evolution, would either eliminate completely the use of genetic codes, or in case of continuation of the use of such codes, it would gradually introduce completely different structures and contents of these codes for each species of living creatures.)
           (3) God does NOT exist, or does exist. The use by God of a single and always the same coherent „language of genetic programming” for all creatures that populate the Earth eliminates completely the possibility that God does NOT exist.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of „hypothetical syllogism”. This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion „p” says „genetic code displays all attributes of intelligent codes”, while the assertion „q” says „according to the Shannon’s Theory of Communication all codes are versions of languages”, in turn the assertion „r” states „all languages are formed by intelligent beings”. The transformation of these propositions implies the conclusion that „the genetic code was formed by an intelligent being”.
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of „disjunctive syllogism”, the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that „a single, coherent ‚language of genetic programming’ which appears in a huge number of creatures that populate the Earth must be formed by a single superior being with a supernatural knowledge, power, and efficiency of God”.
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion with method called the „disjunctive syllogism”, the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion „p” says „God does NOT exist”, while assertion „q” states „God does exist”. Thus the final conclusion states „God does exist”!
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that „God does exist”.

       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols „p”, „q”, and „r” mark subsequent „assertions” utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols „&&”, „||”, and „=>” mark logical operators „and”, „inclusive or”, and „implies” (if … => then …”).

       It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is errorproof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of God finally we were able to develop, it is worth to check now whether we live according to this proof. After all, the faith in God to-date is replaced by it with the reliable knowledge and certainty of the existence of God.

       The proving procedure presented above was also utilized in one more proof that is quite important for each one of us. Namely it allowed to formally prove that the counter-world does exist. (The term „counter-world” is a scientific name assigned to a world that is separate from our physical world, in which God lives, and which religions, and also folklore, calls „another world”.) A formal scientific proof for the existence of counter-world completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #D3 of a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity – named „dipolar_gravity.htm”. It was also presented on Google’s discussion group – e.g. see
The most comprehensive presentation of it, however, is contained in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5] free copies of which can be downloaded from addresses provided below.

Because the he proof that „God does exist” presented above is so extremely important for each single one of us and for the humanity as a whole, it is publicized in several different ways and through several different means. For example, it was presented in Google discussion groups where readers could add their own contribution to it – you can find it e.g. at
It was also published in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] – which you can download free of charge in format PDF if in addresses listed below the name „god.htm” you exchange into the name „text_1_5.htm”. Finally, this proof is also included into item #B3 of following web pages (if these web pages were NOT sabotaged in the meantime):


Please notice that it is easier to comprehend the above proof, if one understand better the „genetic code”. In turn the „genetic code” is explained comprehensively on the separate web pages named „evolution.htm” – which you should be able to view, if the name of „evolution.htm” is exchanged for the name „god.htm” in any address listed above.

It is also worth to know that under each address indicated above all the web pages of totalizm should be available (unless some of these web pages were sabotaged in the meantime). Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions from any other web pages of totalizm, e.g. from web pages listed in this message, or in other messages from this blog, then in the above addresses the name „god.htm” is just enough to exchange for the name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. the web page „evil.htm” or page „changelings.htm”.

I should also add here that in September 2007 web sites of totalizm, as well as everything that is linked with totalizm, were subjected to a massive „anti-totaliztic” offensive. In the result of this offensive for example just deleted were over 50 sub-domains of totalizm – a significant proportion of which existed (and were utilized with a great success) since 2000. Addresses of the majority of these deleted web sites of totalizm are listed under ther address
Because of the fact that totalizm is so aggressively and brutally persecuted and destroyed by evil „changelings”, this message for the security of access is also repeated at several other blogs that contain a mirror copies of this blog, for example at following addresses:

It is worth to remember, that the Bible (authored by God which does exist – as proven above) is warning us about the planet Earth being in power of forces of evil which try to hide from people the entire truth about God, about the afterworld, the life after death, etc. These evil forces draw various benefits from maintaining humanity in darkness and in brutal persecution. Some of these benefits are explained in item #B2 from the web page „evil_pl.htm”.

Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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