#125E: Act, but be cautious of vindictive UFOnauts – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Totalizm requires that we live for it, not die for it.”

Only rare people were punished with breaking their finger for the fact that they had the courage to photograph something that they do not suppose to photograph. I belong to these rare group. When on 26th of May 2007 I photographed a mysterious „Jin Cave” shown on the photograph „Fig. #7” from the web page „malbork_uk.htm”, some creatures invisible to human sight got so furious, that during taking one of photographs they almost openly pulled my legs when I was just pressing the shutter’s trigger. Then they so directed my fall down that I broke my finger. During this extraordinary event I felt on my body the hitting and pushing, like if from someone’s invisible hands, while in my mind I heard like telepathically send to me someone’s derisive laughter. (I perfectly know this laughter – I already heard it once when UFOnauts, probably just for a fun, poured me and my suit with cold shower – as I described this thoroughly in subsection W6 from volume 18 of monograph [1/4] (see the web page named „xext_1_4.htm”), see item „Re. F” in there.) Descriptions of this extraordinary breaking of my finger are provided in item #A4.1 of the newest update of the web page about Wszewilki of tomorrow (see the web page named „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”). „Fig. #7” on the web page „malbork_uk.htm” shows just one of photographs that I managed to take then just before my finger was broken. The photo illustrates the entrance to a cave, which in my estimation was a former entrance to a system of underground tunnels that UFOnauts created under the surface of our planet in order to hide their UFO vehicles from human sight in these tunnels. Amongst local population this cave is called the „Jin Cave”. (The name „jins” is another name which in cultures of the East was given in past to UFOnauts. Jins had the same powers as „devils” – only that in past they were considered to NOT be so mischievous as devils are. In our culture jins are mainly known from a fable about the „Lamp of Aladdin” in which one of these powerful creatures supposedly used to live.)

The diameter of the „Jin Cave” tunnel, measured in the horizontal direction, is equal to 4.7 meters, while its height is equal 5.10 meters. This cylindrically shaped tunnel is evenly cut like by a huge drill. It runs from the south-east (the entrance) to the north-west (the interior of the hill). So this tunnel was cut out by a discoidal UFO vehicle type K3 that flied horizontally with the floor directed perpendicular to local force lines of the Earth’s magnetic field. The external diameter of a UFO vehicle type K3 is equal to D = 4.39 meters. The carving of this tunnel was carried out through the discharging of powerful telekinetic pressures at native rocks, not through evaporation of rocks by a plasma whirl. So the UFO vehicle which made this tunnel was a UFO of the second, or even the third, generation.

The important aspect of this UFO tunnel is, that it was known for many centuries. In turn local people treat it with the highest respect, almost like a holy place. Therefore UFOnauts could NOT secretly collapse it, or remove it – as they did with entrances to many other similar UFO tunnels. But in order to not reveal that it leads to underground UFO bases, some time ago UFOnauts melted in it a vertical partition wall which closes it already around 10 meters from the entrance. What even more interesting, this partition wall that blocks the entrance to remaining parts of this tunnel, was formed by melting the native rock with a hot plasma whirl. In turn the tunnel itself was created by ripping the rock out with telekinetic pressure (so it is a carved tunnel – not an evaporated or melted tunnel). Such mixing two completely different manners of shaping the structure of this tunnel, both of which are unique and characteristic for capabilities of UFO propulsion system, additionally confirms strongly the technological origins of this tunnel formed by a UFO vehicle.

The entrance to a similar UFO tunnel existed also in Poland on the „Babia Góra” Mountain. It remained open in there until around 1920s. (Later UFOnauts hide this entrance.) A similar entrance is also described in the famous German legend about the „Pied Piper of Hamelin” (the main event of which supposed to take place on 23 July 1284). The description of this legend is even contained in some encyclopedias, e.g. see the prestigious „Encyclopedia Britannica”, 1959 – entry „Hameln”. According to this legend, in 1284 the township of Hamelin from Lower Saxony (near Hanover), which is positioned at the converge of rivers Waser and Hamel, was infested with a plague of rats. Then this rat-catcher appeared (probably an UFOnaut that had a device for a remote hypnotizing of animals and people). After receiving the offer of a good payment, he led rats out of the city and drown them in the Waser river. But after fulfilling his part of the deal, citizens of Hameln accused him of the trickery and refused to pay the contract. Then, exactly on 23 July 1284, he played again his pipe. In the reply all children of Hamelin left their homes and walked hypnotized following him. After they walked to the local hill called Koppelberg, huge gate opened on the slope. The rat-catcher with the all children – but except for one lame, disappeared inside of this hill, while the gate shut after their passage. (It seems that the lame child was of no use as a slave on the planet of UFOnauts.) The interesting aspect of this legend is that the spoken version of it that I had an opportunity to hear, describes a glossy tunnel leading inside of the Earth, that was hidden behind these gates in the Koppelberg. The hypnotized children marched thorough this tunnel. Its description coincides with the glossy and even tunnels formed on Earth by UFOs, one example of which is shown in „Fig. #7” of the web page „malbork_uk.htm”. Another example of a similar tunnel existed in Poland on the mountain named „Babia Góra”. The entrance of it, according to Polish legends, was hidden behind a gate that looked like an ordinary rock. (This legend about the UFO tunnel from the „Babia Góra” mountain in Poland is described in treatise [4B] and in subsection G2.1 of monograph [5/3], while it is just mentioned in subsection O5.3.2 of monograph [1/4]).

The photograph of the „Jin Cave” described here, which according to my estimation hides an entrance to underground system of UFO tunnels, is shown in „Fig. #7” of a separate web page named „malbork_uk.htm”. This web page „malbork_uk.htm” (in English) can be viewed from any address listed below. The most recent update of this page is dated not earlier than on 15 June 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Of course, nasty habits of UFOnauts to punish severely all people that somehow act against their interests on Earth do NOT limit themselves to just breaking fingers of these people who photograph their underground tunnels. On 8/7/6 (i.e. on 8 July 2006) I organized via internet a jamboree in a small Polish village named „Wszewilki”. This jamboree was in support of the philosophy of totalizm – which is hated and suppressed by UFOnauts. It is described thoroughly (in Polish) on a web site named „wszewilki_milicz.htm”. As it later turned out, all people who participated in this jamboree „Wszewilki-2006” were plagued later by a whole range of very serious problems (like illnesses, losses of jobs, family problems, etc.) All these problems looked exactly like ones which are caused by vendetta of UFOnauts. Because of these problems, another jamboree „Wszewilki-2007”, which supposed to be held on 7/7/7 (i.e. on 7 July 2007) needed to be cancelled. The information about this cancelling is provided (in Polish) on the web page named „wszewilki_2007.htm”. (In turn the information about the village Wszewilki itself is described in English on the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”.)

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „malbork_uk.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „wszewilki_uk.htm from the address http://evidence.ueuo.com , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://evidence.ueuo.com/wszewilki_uk.htm .)

The above explanations are also repeated on two mirror copies of this blog, namely at http://www.getablog.net/totalizm and https://totalizm.wordpress.com .

UFOnauts-devils get out from my space, get out from our planet!
Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak

P.S. My posts on this blog are infrequent lately, as my broken finger is still NOT healed. (In fact it appears that whatever healing takes place during daytime, during nights – after abducting me to a UFO, vindictive UFOnauts keep breaking again.)


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