#122E: Nonsense and lies: UFOnauts are too stupid to create humans – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „A creation never can replace the creator.”

In recent years increasingly more „authorities” on Earth started to promote a deceiving lie, that UFOnauts – see the web page „ufo.htm” (not God) created the mankind. Supposedly UFOnauts used „genetic engineering” for this purpose. But if someone traces origins of this lie, then it turns out that it is spread by UFOnauts themselves. For example, the movement promoted on Earth by UFOnauts and called Raelians, openly admits that the information about the genetic engineering of people by UFOnauts these Raelians received from UFOnauts themselves.

Unfortunately UFOnauts have a very bloody tradition in occupying and exterminating humanity from the beginnings of times. Not without valid reasons old-timers used to call them „devils” – as this is revealed on a whole range of web sites of totalizm. Therefore every information which originates from UFOnauts themselves always needs to be treated with a special caution and suspicion. Especially that
in the case of this lie disseminated lately that supposedly UFOnauts created humanity, a whole list of „hidden agendas” is embedded. For example, through disseminating this lie UFOnauts accomplish following hidden goals:

(a) Cunningly pass with it the warning to humans, which scares people what happens if the humanity tries to free itself from UFOnauts’ occupation. This scaring takes the form of a following threat „since in past we were able to create you, if you are naughty then we create another race with which we replace you.”

(b) UFOnauts add a significance to their hidden occupation of the Earth and humanity. After all, this their lie that they created humans, has the significance of saying „look folks, we created you, so you are owning us a thanks that you exist at all.”

(c) They scare humanity with the level of their knowledge. This lie about the creation of humanity contains also a hidden information that „we are powerful like gods – do not dare to stand up against us.”

(d) They indirectly tell us, that UFOnauts are different from people. So this statement is a kind of condemnation of reports of people abducted to UFOs, who claim that in these UFOs they saw creatures indistinguishing identical to people. After all, in the relationship to people the lie that UFOnauts created humans, has a meaning identical to stating that „these people who report what thery saw in UFOs must lie, because we created people – so we cannot be identical to people.”

(e) Additional supporting the claims spread by UFOnauts all over the Earth, that God (see the web page „god.htm”) supposedly does NOT exists. UFOnauts put a lot of effort in spreading atheism on Earth. Thus their claim that these were them who created people, is equivalent to the claim that „God does NOT exist, because it was us who created people”.

But if someone carefully analyses „genetic creativity of UFOnauts, then the result is shocking. Namely, it then turns out that there is a large body of evidence that UFOnauts in fact did genetic engineering experiments on people in past. But the products of these experiments turned out to be deformed and unhappy monsters with enormously twisted psychology. For example, one of such a monster is shown in „Fig. #2” below. It is a genetic female mutant of a human, in which normal human hands and legs were replaced with genetic implants from clawed legs of some bird of pray – probably from a specie of eagle. As it turns out, these human mutants with „clawed paws” keep arriving to the Earth for thousands of years, helping UFOnauts in secret exploitation of our planet. In old times they used to freely show themselves to people. Therefore their images are known in practically all cultures of the world. Presently they are forbidden to show themselves to people on Earth. However, they are still seen on UFO decks quite frequently. Because of the kind of snake-like or crocodile-like pattern that they have on their skin, people abducted to UFOs usually describe them as „lizards”.

The race of these monsters exists for a long time, and it already multiplies all by itself on the planet that it occupies. Therefore it is too late to rectify now the error of UFOnauts with the creation of this race. But from the physical point of view, it is a very clumsy race, while mentally these are highly unstable, deviated, and unhappy creatures. For example, in all other creations, the both sexes of which make love to each other, try to be kind to each other during the intercourse and soon afterwards. However, these unhappy creatures are extremely brutal to their lovers. Before the intercourse and during the course of it they fight a real battle, while after the intercourse they try to physically mutilate each other. The folklore of the „Berawan” tribe from jungles of Borneo describes these females with eagle’s claws (called „kokelir” by them) that they already during the intercourse scratch and tear apart their lovers, while after the intercourse they bite their balls off. In turn the folklore from Italy calls them „wild women-cats”. It claims that after the intercourse these female „women-cats” typically tear apart their lovers – if these lovers do not manage to run away fast. In turn Greek myths describe extremely dangerous „Harpies”, the all attributes of which also correspond to the behavior of these clawed „devils” and their female versions.

The source of physical clumsiness and mental unhappiness of these monsters created genetically by UFOnauts was the short-sightedness of their creators. Giving them eagle’s claws may seem to be an excellent idea to the genetic engineers in times when these creatures still lived on trees and ate bulls alive which they torn apart with their claws. But these claws become redundant in later times. After all, as it happens to all intelligent beings, the civilization level of these monsters gradually raised with the elapse of time. In turn, it is not comfortable to walk on streets of cities on eagle’s clawed legs, nor operate a machine with three-finger clawed hands. So in spite that technically highly advanced UFOnauts can acquire the ability to implant genetically to people organs of selected animals, still these UFOnauts always will lack the far-sightedness and wisdom of God. So whatever UFOnauts are going to design, it is to be short-sighted – means good only for a short time, and for specific environmental conditions only. In turn when times or conditions change, the monsters created by UFOnauts turn out to be just that, means clumsy and unhappy monsters.

Of course, the list of monsters generated genetically by UFOnauts does NOT finish on the „three-finger devils with cock’s claws”. In medieval times a whole range of other kinds of them were known. For example, then also existed hoofed monsters, and similar goat-horned monsters. Hoofed monsters from the belt upward had appearance of people, while from the belt downward had the appearance of goats. To their examples belong, amongst others, „hoofed devils” widely known in the medieval times, and also „satyrs” from the ancient Greek. The ancient Greek knows also the goat-footed god „Pan”. In turn horned monsters include, amongst others, medieval horned devils. Furthermore, horned was also the German god Wotan, and the god of Vikings named Odin which traveled on the „flying horse” called Sleipnir (i.e. a UFO vehicle). Horns had also Moses (the one which took Israelis from Egypt) – which fact is immortalized even on the sculpture of Michael Angelo „Moses” (to be seen in the church San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome). Furthermore, on one English documentary film about Alexander the Great it was claimed that this Macedonian monarch also had small horns – the fact of which is supposedly recorded even in Koran. (Such information induces in us a question, who actually was Moses and Alexander the Great – i.e. were they horned versions of present UFOnauts-changelings – see the web page „changelings.htm”.) Every place on Earth knows further mutated monsters of a partial characteristics of a human. However, all of them were just clumsy monsters. UFOnauts still are too stupid to successfully play God!

On the web page „evolution.htm” illustrated is a genetically engineered mutant which is a result of short-sighted genetic experiments of UFOnauts. A photo in there presents a genetically mutated monster which is a cross between a human with genes of selected animals. For example his hands and foots are replaced with paws of a bird of pray – probably some version of an eagle. Practically in all cultures of the world this creature is known as a „devil with cock’s claws” – as an example I suggest to recall the poem „Pani Twardowska” of the Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz „… chicken legs and cock’s claws he had. …” On the above sculpture reflected is a „female version” of this „devil”. In order to allow a better examination of her wings and system of 3+1 clawed fingers on hands and legs, she is photographed from two directions. Please notice that these „bat-like wings” which this female devil has, in fact are appropriately designed „pelerines” which only assume the shapes of wings when during the flight this creature lifts her hands up. The purpose of these „wings” is to maneuver better during flights in the air with the use of a special so-called personal propulsion system (see the web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”). More information about this genetic monster is presented on a separate web page about the church of St. Bobola in Milicz (see the web page „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm”).

In spite of dissemination of lies by UFOnauts that these were UFOnauts who genetically designed and created present inhabitants of the Earth (i.e. that UFOnauts created humans), even just a brief analysis proves that these lies are complete nonsense. So let us look now on the most vital examples of evidence which unambiguously documents that UFOnauts never were able, and never will be able, to create humans. Here are examples of this evidence:

(i) From the anatomy point of view UFOnauts are in every aspect indistinguishably identical to people – the fact of which is supported by a huge body of evidence. This means that UFOnauts could NOT create humans, because then people would be different from them. So in reality their claimed „creation of humans” looked that way, that one day they simply caught several children of isolated their own farmers and shifted them to the Earth.

(ii) The structure and functioning of the human body shows a huge far-sightedness of which UFOnauts are incapable. The human body proves itself to be optimal and practical in all conditions and in all times. Thus the human body shows the wisdom and far-sightedness of the one who controls the time – means God. In turn whatever UFOnauts design and what they form genetically through compositions of genes stolen from various God’s creatures, always is a kind of monster which is good just for one times and for one kind of conditions. When the time changes or conditions change, these monsters become clumsy and unhappy.

(iii) If it is true the claim of UFOnauts that God does NOT exist and that these were UFOnauts who created humans, then immediately a next question rises, „who in this case created UFOnauts”. UFOnauts do NOT provide, and in fact are unable to provide, an answer to this next question.

(iv) The entire body of evidence about genetic engineering of UFOnauts documents, that the only thing they are capable of, is to form genetic composites of already existing creatures. Means, UFOnauts were only able to insert genes stolen from already existing creatures, between human genes. For example, by adding to genes of humans another genes stolen from goats, they formed „Satyrs” and „horned devils”. But UFOnauts were unable to evolve completely new kinds of creatures, that never existed before. This in turn means, that they were only secondary „copying cats”, and that they are very far from skills of the original creator. So for sure, they were unable to create humans.

Independently from the productive creatures, God created also destructive beings. Their example are UFOnauts who secretly occupy our planet for thousands of years. These destructive creatures are also needed – after all they fulfill the function of intelligent vultures and hyenas. The bad luck is, however, that this vermin crawls around the universe like lice. Wherever they come, they become the bad news and plague. After all, the only thing that they know how to do, is to rob, steal, kill, torment, humiliate, block, push down, lie, etc. Because of such their nature, even when these beings try to create something, still parts and materials that they need they steal from God, and then they claim themselves the entire credit for the god’s work, simultaneously giving life to clumsy monsters with twisted mentality. In no matter we should believe in even one word that originates from them.
The above evidence which documents the absurdity and hidden agandas behind the lie disseminated lately, that UFOnauts created the man, is presented in item #G3 of the totaliztic web page named „evolution.htm”. This web page „evolution.htm” (in English) can be viewed from any address listed below. The most recent update of this page is dated not earlier than on 21 May 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „pevolution.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft.htm .)

The above explanations are also repeated on two mirror copies of this blog, namely at http://www.getablog.net/totalizm and https://totalizm.wordpress.com .

UFOnauts-devils get out from my space, get out from our planet!
Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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