#122E: Finally my autobiographical web page is updated – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Truth estranges. Truth turns people off. The greater the truth, the greater the libel.”

These readers who know my scientific accomplishments also probably know already that many criticizers consider themselves to be polite and diplomatic if they describe my results with the expression „controversial”. However, it is not anything extraordinary to find in internet anonymous opinions which use various less refined names. The reason for such a campaign of persecution of my accomplishments is a single scientific discovery which actually was forced onto myself by these ones who now so viciously attack of whatever I established. Namely, this is the discovery of the existence of a secretive occupation of our planet (see the web page named „evil.htm”) by evil creatures which look almost identical to people. Throughout last thousands of years these creatures were called with the use of many different names. But in my opinion the most appropriate name for them is „changelings” – see the web page named „changelings.htm”. (Please notice that all words in my web pages, which are highlighted with a green colour and underlined, in fact are links to separate web pages entirely devoted to given topics. So it is enough to click on these green links, to shift to these separate web pages and to review separate topics on web pages that are then to appear.) The name „changelings” was given to these creatures by the folklore of several countries. It comes from a very bad habit of these creatures, that when they decide to take over the post of an influential human, then they go through a plastic surgery which makes them similar to this person, and then they change for this person. A more comprehensive explanation as to who are these evil creatures, what other names were used for them, and what are their activities on Earth, is provided on several separate web pages, e.g. on the web page about the origins of evil (see the web page named „evil.htm”). Here I only mention that (a) these creatures are close relatives of people, (b) they look almost identical to humans – thus they can take key administrative positions in various human institutions without becoming recognized by people, (c) in present times they try to destroy our civilization, and that (d) about the existence and secretive activities of these creatures warns us even the content of the Bible. Thus my scientific disclosure of the existence and the activities of these „changelings” makes for them significantly more difficult e.g. sending innocent people to wars and justifying why one groups of humans should shoot to other groups of humans. So this one my discovery directed at me a huge fury of the secretive organization of these criminal creatures that operates on the Earth.

With the elapse of time other my subsequent scientific discoveries and technical inventions also started to act against the manipulations of these evil creatures. For example, this was how worked my invention of the space vehicle with magnetic propulsion, called the Magnocraft (see the web page named „magnocraft.htm”), and also the invention of the propulsor for this
spaceship – means a technical device called the „Oscillatory Chamber” (see the web page named „oscillatory_chamber.htm”). After all, the wide promotion of the Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber make much more difficult the life of these „changelings” who managed to infiltrate head offices of such institutions as NASA or the European Space Agency, to sabotage the activities of these institutions from inside. After all, in the light of widespread knowledge of Magnocraft and Oscillatory Chamber amongst people, these „changelings” have increasingly more difficult job to convince their superiors why they should spend millions on the development of a very primitive rocket propulsion systems, but simultaneously ignore completely the work on magnetic propulsion systems. Similarly is with the matter of my scientific discovery that there is a phenomenon which is an exact reversal of friction. This phenomenon spontaneously absorbs thermal energy and generates mechanical energy of motion. (As we remember, friction spontaneously absorbs energy of motion and generates thermal energy.) I call this phenomenon the „telekinetic effect” (see the web page named „free_energy.htm”). An attribute of it is, that it allows to build relatively simple generators of electricity, which spontaneously absorb the environmental heat and generate the motion of electrons in wires – means generate electric current. These generators work like a reversal of so-called „heat pumps” of over 100% efficiency. Their popular name is „telekinetic generators of free energy” (see the web page named „fe_cell.htm”). Of course, my publications about the possibilities of building such generators and about their principles of operation steered the business of all these „changelings” which sabotage earthly energy corporations by spending millions of taxpayers money on the development of unhealthy and environmentally damaging ways of energy generation, while simultaneously they are blocking any attempts to spend even a single cent on research into free energy. Still another results of my scientific research similarly well block the unpunished activities of these „changelings” in further earthly institutions. For example, let us consider the development of a scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page named „dipolar_gravity.htm”) – which represents the so-called „Theory of Everything” sought for so many centuries, as well as the discovery of the natural evolution of God (see the web page named „evolution.htm”). These two accomplishments make very difficult the secretive operation of such „changelings” who so-far were misdirecting the earthly science and movements of churches. This is because how they can still tell lies to people when my findings clearly explain what really is going on. Or let us consider the internet. „Changelings” promote internet strongly because it allows to enslave people better and to control them more tightly. But simultaneously I utilize this internet for the promotion of the knowledge about the „changelings” throughout the world. (E.g. there were times, when after writing my name e.g. to Google, on the screen a longer list of references to my findings appeared, than e.g. after writing names of heads of some states.) No wonder that my presence in internet is sabotaged by these „changelings” the most intensely.

The problem with these „changelings” is such, that there is a lot of them on Earth, and also that they occupy many key administrative positions in human institutions without the knowledge of people. Thus my fate frequently depends on their decisions. In turn it is known, that the life of these ones who
ruffed feathers of someone powerful and influential is not an easy one. On other hand, as I explained it before, outcomes of my research trotted on toes of many very influential „changelings” which currently sabotage practically all areas of life on Earth. So is should NOT be a surprise, that whatever I am publishing, is continually, although secretly, sabotaged. In turn I myself am unable to keep one job for longer than two years in average. Furthermore, in times when I am again send to become unemployed, always by some strange „coincidence” some law turns out to exist, which makes impossible for me to receive an unemployment benefit in a given period of time. Although this law may be abolished later, no one returns me the amount of benefit which I was deprived because of this law, nor no one says sorry for the stresses and the uncertainty of tomorrow that this abolished law introduced previously to my life.

Writing about myself in such a situation is rather difficult. If I write the truth about what really is going on, then I add further proverbial „fuel” to already raging proverbial „fire”. If I skip through various aspects of reality and pretend that everything is OK, then I would spread untruth and make easier the task of my secretive persecutors. No wonder that in this situation I was walking a long time around the matter of updating the web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm” like a proverbial „dog walks around a hedgehog”.

Until the year 2007 I adhered to the principle that I live morally and I have nothing to hide. So on my web pages I also presented openly what I live from and where exactly I work. Unfortunately, my numerous enemies exploited this my openness and flooded my current employers with a river of accusations and complaints about me and my research. This in turn always eventuated into a loss of job. Therefore, starting from 2007 I decided to change my principle of acting. Namely I decided to reveal openly only my accomplishments, situation, and the position that I occupy. But the data regarding my current employer I am going to reveal only in the future. Means, I reveal this data only when I will be sure that my enemies are NOT able to exploit this information for making more difficult my job, my research, or my life, nor are able to make any troubles to the institutions which turned out to be enough progressive and appreciative to the creative thinking that they had a courage to employ me.

When someone has so many and so influential enemies, it is nothing out of extraordinary that about such a someone various derogatory statements and intentional lies are disseminated. So one of the major goals of the web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm” is to open to readers the access to facts, and thus to take under control the activities
of these my enemies who spread untrue disinformation about my person, research
that I carry out, and ideas that I disseminate.

Independently from such main goal, this web page fulfills also several additional functions. For example, it shows that behind results of my research hides an ordinary man, such as every other inhabitant of the Earth, who also has his own problems and accomplishments, rises and falls, and also has a place of birth, past, and a family. In addition, this man was born in a most ordinary Polish village – not so long ago described with the expression „very provincial” (see the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”) and „where the devil says good night”, but since some time slowly getting to be known to the entire world due to my web pages, like the one about Wszewilki of tomorrow (see the web page named „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”). I should not even mention here the fact that before I started to design the space vehicles with magnetic propulsion system (see the web page named „magnocraft.htm”), to explain the mechanism of the operation of time (see the web page named „timevehicle.htm”), and to discover the course of the evolution of God (see the web page named „evolution.htm”), there was such a period in my life that I was running in short trousers and grazed cows of my mother by the sides of the small local river called „Barycz” (see the web page named „wszewilki_milicz.htm”) near the township of Milicz (see the web page named „milicz_uk.htm”). In turn it teaches me to be humble. This web page also reveals that there is such a thing as the „universal justice”. After all, in spite that I have so many powerful enemies, and that my research and publications are so viciously suppressed and sabotaged, I continually raise from my falls and continue my research. Furthermore, this web page spreads an optimism. After all it reveals that a single person can and should make a difference. Means he or she can and should stand against immorality, injustice, lies, and persecution, no matter how powerful forces are hiding behind them, and no matter how big danger to the life and to the survival introduces such a persistent promotion of morality, justice, truth, and peace.

I continually keep receiving emails which try to establish „whether I really believe in whatever I am writing”. My reply to these emails and inquiries always is the same – namely that „writing and publishing whatever results from my research introduces to my life so many threats, so many additional obstacles and difficulties to overcome, so many tormenting of my private life, and so many sacrifices and limitations that I am continually forced to put up with, that I would never write nor publish whatever I am writing and publishing, if I am NOT absolutely sure that every word which I am writing expresses an absolute truth that other people need to know – as this truth I was guided to learn.”

Considering the so-called „controversy” of my scientific contribution, one should also bear in mind how future generations usually judge later such researchers that were „controversial” during their own times, and also bear in mind how these generations judge later people who persecuted and tormented such „controversial” researchers.

The above introduction to the newly updated my autobiographical note, was presented in item #A1 of the totaliztic web page named „pajak_jan_uk.htm”. This web page „pajak_jan_uk.htm” (in English) can be viewed from any address listed below. The most recent update of this page is dated not earlier than on 12 May 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:


Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „pajak_jan_uk.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft.htm .)

The above explanations are also repeated on two mirror copies of this blog, namely at http://www.getablog.net/totalizm and https://totalizm.wordpress.com .

UFOnauts-devils get out from my space, get out from our planet!
Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak

P.S. Interesting whether the reader noticed that for an easy memorising the alias http://naj.zs.pl it can also be interpreted as „Jan, zooming something, from Poland”. After all the segment „naj” is a reversal from „Jan”, the segment „zs” is also an abbreviation from „zooming something”, in turn the segment „pl” can be interpreted as „from Poland”.


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