#120E: A male witch named Sapieha from the area of Milicz – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „In every story hides a grain of truth.”

Every area of the world has its own manners of scaring children, which are slightly naughty, but not enough naughty to deserve for a slap. If I remember well, in years 1970s in Wroclaw (see the web page named „wroclaw_uk.htm”) one could effectively scare almost every kid on a street through reminding a „black hand” to it. But why kids from Wroc³aw of that time were extremely scared of this „black hand” being reminded to them, it is always going to remain a mystery for me. In times when I was small, children from the vicinity of Milicz (i.e. from the area including Wszewilki (see the web page named „wszewilki_uk.htm”) Stawiec, and Cieszków), were scared by the warning „Sapieha flies”. However, this particular warning originated from much older times. From family stories it is known to me, that with the same warning in these areas children were scared already in times when my parents were children. This in turn means, that the flying „Sapieha” raged in areas of the present „gmina” Milicz not later than at the beginning of 20th century. (But equally well he could operate in there already much earlier – as it is NOT known to me with whom and how were scared parents of my parents when they were still children.) I searched for any written information about evil bahaviour of anyone from the family of Sapieha out of these areas – which behaviours would provide any indications as to the origins of this strange warning. But I found nothing specific. (If anyone amongst readers knows anything on this subject I would be grateful for letting me know.) The only thing that I managed to find, is the legend „About count Sapieha, cunning tailor, and devils” (in the Polish origin „O ksiêciu Sapie¿e, chytrym krawczyku i diab³ach”) published, amongst others, on the web page http://www.krotoszyn.pl/legendy.html but originating from the book [F1] by Stanis³aw Œwirko, „Orle gniazdo: Podania, legendy i baœnie wielkopolskie” (Wydawnictwo Poznañskie, Poznañ 1969, strony 201-204). But I suspect that the Count Peter Sapieha from Koźmin, who is the main character of this legend, does not have anything to do with the warning „Sapieha flies” used in the area of Milicz – in spite that all these places lie within the „scope of patrolling flights of a single wizard”.

According what is known to me about this warning „Sapieha flies”, this Sapieha supposed to be a local „wizard” (a „wizard” is a male equivalent to a „witch”). He lived somewhere in the area and was known to local people. He had huge wings like a gigantic bat. These wings were used at nights when he patrolled „his” area. In these patrolling flights he searched for lonely victims who either traveled alone at nights, or were forced to work alone at night. After finding a victim, he usually tormented it on many different ways, trying to cause the death of this victim. He caused this death NOT by personal killing the victim, but through either scaring it to death, (e.g. through causing a heart attack), or through making it to run until the victim fell to some bog, water, hole in the ground, or old well, where the victim drowned in the result of a panic escape. In winters he supposedly had the custom to draw his victims far from settlements, where they died out of cold, scare, or exhaustion. Supposedly he needed these deaths of innocent people in order to maintain his magical powers.

The manner of murdering people by the „wizard” Sapieha corresponded to the presently known manner on which today UFOnauts murder people. As this is explained on web pages about „destructive uses of UFO vehicles” (see the web page named „military_magnocraft.htm”), and also about „bandits in our midst” (see the web page named „bandits.htm”), UFOnauts also almost never kill directly. Rather they induce or bring something, that is to cause death of a given victim. So that the responsibility for a given death always falls onto this something, not onto UFOnauts. Of course, this something that kills for UFOnauts also each time is different. For individual people it is either a deadly illness, e.g. cancer, or a cunningly arranged „accident”. In turn for group deaths it always is either a catastrophe, or an appropriately controlled forces of nature. For example, in case of „collapsing of the hall in Katowice by UFOs” (see the web page named „katowice_uk.htm”) it was the smashing of the roof of this hall with magnetic forces, which was carried out by a UFO vehicle that remained invisible to human sight. In case of „evaporation of WTC buildings by UFO vehicles” (see the web page named „wtc.htm”) it was a supposed terror attack. In turn in case of „tsunami of 26th December 2004 induced by UFOs” (see the web page named „day26.htm”) the real cause was an underwater explosion of a UFO vehicle.

Similarly like a majority of us, when I already grew out of the age when this scaring had any effect on me, I treated this stories of old folks from the area of Milicz about the „wizard” named Sapieha, the same as each one of us treats them – namely with a big pinch of salt. But the matter got complicated when I emigrated from Poland and discovered that folklore stories about exactly the same evil creatures with bat-like wings are known in cultures of practically entire world. These creatures are known even on islands which were completely cut out of the rest of the world. What even more interesting, the majority of precise details of these creatures is repeated exactly the same in folklores of completely different parts of the world. Because logically it is difficult to imagine that old-timers living in such diverse parts of the world had a kind of conspiracy and agreed that all of them are going to describe the same creatures, the only other explanation for such an omnipresence of the same details of these evil creatures, is that such creatures actually existed. What even more interesting, various people claim that they meet these creatures sometimes even in present times.

With the use of 5 photographs which I am showing and explaining on the web page „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm” indicated below, I try to document that creatures of the type as this „wizard” Sapieha from the vicinity of Milicz in fact are known practically in all areas of the world. In all descriptions these creatures have the same key attributes – in spite that depending on the local culture these attributes can be illustrated on slightly different ways. So here are these illustrations:

The above brief descriptions of evidence in support of the thesis that „Sapieha-like” male witches operated (and probably secretly still operate now), practically in every part of the Earth, are presented in #F1 of the most recent update of the web page which carries the physical name „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm”. This web page „sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm” (in English) can be viewed at any address listed below. The most recent update of this page is dated not earlier than on 27 April 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:


The above explanations are also repeated on two mirror copies of this blog, namely at http://blog.zs.pl and https://totalizm.wordpress.com .

UFOnauts-devils get out from my space, get out from our planet!
Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak

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