#119E: build a museum and exhibits will find you – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „When the enthusiasm is gone then even pigs are not going to wander to Wszewilki.”

Who wants a collection of pigs, who wants a collection of pigs? I have a friend with a very generous heart. A photograph of her, as well as a part of her private collection, can be viewed on a totaliztic web page about „ornamental pigs from the Chinese (birth) animal zodiac” (see the totaliztic web page of the physical name „pigs.htm”). My friend is a Chinese who was born in a so-called „year of pig”. In turn, the Chinese culture is extremely appreciative towards the zodiac sign under which one was born. No wander that the entire her life my friend collected various ornamental pigs. Besides, she is reasonably wealthy – so she spared no funds to build her collection up. Even myself each time when I know that I am going to see her, I purchase something for her in a shape of pig. Her large flat is literally overflowing with miniatures, drawings, and patterns of pigs of various appearance, behaviour, and designation. In my opinion her private collection of ornamental pigs is either the biggest in the world, or one amongst biggest in the world. There are many real pearls of zodiac pigs amongst her collectables. For example, she has ceremonial teapots in shape of pigs, which are used during Chinese „tea ceremonies” for people born in a year of pig. In turn such ceremonies are big events in the Chinese culture. They always are organized with a big fuss on the occasion of some really „auspicious” events. I lived amongst Chinese for many years, and I saw such ceremonies only twice in my entire life. My friend has also a real Chinese „pig of fortune” – an extremely rare specimen. It somehow happens that my friend wishes to give this entire collection to a museum. (Completely for free – in spite that this collection is worth a fortune.) The only condition is that the museum places this collection on a permanent exhibition that will be made accessible for public all the time during hours when the museum is open. My friend asked me to find a museum which is willing to accept this gift and host her given-away collection.

During my professorship on the Island of Borneo in years 1996 to 1998 I lived in the city named Kuching. (It is the capitol of a huge province Sarawak from the Northern Borneo.) In the local language the word „Kuching” means „cat”, or more strictly – an intimate name for a large cat, slightly similar to our „kitten” (except that relating to an adult cat). Of course, in the city named „cat”, cats must be practically everywhere. So almost every larger street crossing has huge sculptures of cats. Most interesting, however, is the museum of cats (see the web page http://www.dbku.gov.my/catmuseum.htm„) located in a modern building of the city-hall from the northern part of that city (i.e. in so-called Bukit Sroi from Petra Jaya). It is a very large museum entirely devoted to various exposits and exhibitions of cats. (Supposedly the largest in the world.) One can find in there various figures of cats, photographs of cats in strange positions or situations, reproductions of famous paintings containing cats, jokes about cats, films about cats, etc., etc. I personally believe that this museum of cats from Kuching is one amongst most interesting museums that I visited in the entire my life. I warmly recommend to everyone who is going to be in Kuching to pop for a visit to this particular museum. This museum is also extremely popular. Many tourists fly to Kuching just to see this particular museum. Also many people from the entire world send to this museum various curiosities regarding cats. For example, even myself I found not long ago in New Zealand a very funny advertisement of a “massage parlay” – which shows a cat wearing a funny costume of a massager which is giving a massage to another cat with a turban from a towel on his head. I already secured this advertisement to give it to the museum of cats during my next visit in Kuching.

I remembered this museum of cats in Kuching (see the web page http://www.dbku.gov.my/catmuseum.htm ) at the time when my friend charged me with the mission of finding a museum for her collection of pigs. So I immediately thought of Polish places named „Swinki” and „Swiniary” (means „piglets” and „piggeries”.) There are two villages in Poland named „Piglets” (in Polish – „Swinki”) and 15 villages called „Piggery” (in Polish – „Swiniary”). Unfortunately, out of my searches in internet stems out, that all these are small villages of around 10 to 600 inhabitants. Probably none of these villages has its own museum, nor intends to build a museum. Thus possibly the only place in Poland which is sufficiently large to have a specialized „museum of pigs”, in which could be exhibited the collection of ornamental pigs of my friend, is the town named „Pig outlet” (in Polish „Swinoujœcie”, in German „Swinemunde”). Unfortunately, I operate from an opposite side of the world than Poland. So I am unable to check whether this town would be willing to open a museum with a large collection of pigs. After all, in Poland there is an opinion, that if something is not a part of the rocket, torpedo, or ancient weapon, then it does NOT qualify for being shown in a museum.

Because it appears that there are very small chances for finding a place-name which contains the word „pigs” in its name – and which would be willing to accept the gift of my friend for its specialist museum, I have here a proposal for Wszewilki. This proposal states as follows: „Wszewilki – please build a museum fast, and interesting exposits will find you”. After all, Wszewilki could open a museum devoted to a theme „Museum of Creation” or „Museum of Nature and Man”. In such a museum it would be desirable to exhibit all kinds of curiosities and exposits of the nature, including the history of carp from Milicz, or knowledge about God’s creatures called „spiders” which hunt down everything that flies or that arrives to the Earth, and also including ornamental pigs from the Chinese (birth) animal zodiac. The only problem is that Wszewilki would need to hurry up with the construction of this museum, in order to have it ready before my friend disposes her collection out. Between us, if in fact a museum is organized in Wszewilki, then myself I also have a small collection of coins and banknotes, which I would be willing to donate to this museum. (Some of these coins originally come from Wszewilki, as they were found in Wszewilki by myself.) Although my collection of coins and banknotes is NOT as large as the one exhibited in the museum of coins and banknotes arranged by the Ministry of Treasure and Finances of Malaysia, and located by the central place of Kuala Lumpur (I warmly recommend everyone to visit this museum – it takes breath away; amongst others it exhibits almost all Polish coins and banknotes), still I have several interesting and rare exhibits. I am also sure that there are readers of this web page who would also be willing to join the support for a museum in Wszewilki – and also give their collections to this museum. (Readers who have some private collections that would be willing to donate to a possible museum in Wszewilki – if such a museum eventuates one day, are welcome to let me know in an email what collection they declare for this purpose. In turn I will make this information available to citizens of Wszewilki.)

A very interesting initiative implemented the National Museum of New Zealand called Te Papa. Namely, it organized an entire exhibition devoted to coconut palms and various products that are obtained from these palms. (New Zealand has a climate similar to Poland. So coconut do NOT grow in there. But for cultural reason New-Zealanders are vividly interested in coconut palms – similarly as Poles do.) This exhibition is based on an old legend from the area of Pacific, which (the legend) is described on a separate web page about tropical fruits (see the totaliztic web page of the physical name „fruit.htm”). This legend states that God gave the coconut palm to inhabitants of poor coral islands to compensate for all other goods that were received by inhabitants of large continents. In the result, almost no other tree or vegetation on Earth is the source of so many different products as coconut palms do. A similar exhibition could be also arranged by the museum in Wszewilki. Especially that many products from coconut palms can be now purchased in Polish shops. (For example, in Poland now one can purchase: coconut fruit, palm margarine, coconut milk and cream, coconut oils, coconut soaps and cosmetics from coconuts, coconut medicines, coconut leafs woven baskets and mats.) In turn other exposits for such an exhibition, for example samples of coconut leaves, cuts from coconut palm trunk, or samples of coconut fruit in various stages of development, I could post to this museum myself. After all, I have an access to these during my numerous trips to tropical parts of the world. Similarly I could post a sample of coral sand, corals, and various shells. This is because I frequently visit tropical coral islands. Furthermore, it is in New Zealand waters that lives the most beautiful shell of the world – namely the famous „paua”.

Of course, in order to build a museum in Wszewilki an enthusiasm and passion is needed. However, since the time when my generation left Wszewilki there is shortage of these in this village. Fortunately, soon another jamboree in Wszewilki (see the totaliztic web page of the physical name wszewilki_uk.htm”) is coming. It is going to take place on the most auspicious day of this year, namely on 7/7/7. So if the reader intended to see the place of birth of totalizm – this year is especially suited to go there. So I propose that all these people planning to participate in such an auspicious jamboree, take with them to Wszewilki a bit of their own enthusiasm and passion. Every jamboree in Wszewilki has a motive for a leading slogan of that day. So a perfect slogan for the approaching jamboree in Wszewilki in my opinion would be the motto from this item, namely „when the enthusiasm is gone then even pigs are not going to wander to Wszewilki.”

The above description of problems that one has when wants to donate a collection worth of fortune, is adopted from item #F3 of the most recent update of the web page which carries the physical name „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”. This web page „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm” (in English) can be viewed at any address listed below. In turn a part of the collection of ornamental pigs from the Chinese (birth) animal zodiac is presented on the web page named „pigs.htm”. The most recent update of the web page „pigs.htm” is dated not earlier than on 18 April 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

The above explanation is also repeated on two mirror copies of this blog, namely at http://totalizm.myblog.net and https://totalizm.wordpress.com .

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „pigs.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft.htm .)

UFOnauts-devils get out from my space, get out from our planet!
Let totalizm prevail,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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