#115E: Programs called „fate”, „destiny”, and „karma” – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Even animals are able to deny, cheat, hide, kill, destroy, etc. For example a donkey is known from denying, while a hyena is famous from secretive killing. But only people received the ability to explain, act morally and openly, heal, build, etc. So let us demonstrate with our actions that we are people, not animals.”

In items #I2 and #I4 of a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page of physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”), it was explained comprehensively how in the intelligent counter-matter initially God evolved in a natural manner (see the web page of physical name „god.htm”), and later this God created the entire our physical world. (At the very end of this process of creation God created also mankind.) A vital consequence of this „software” explanation for the evolution of God and for the process of creation of man, is that in fact everything in our physical world exists only because of various natural programs. God in turn is the programmer who not only made these programs originally, but who also currently controls them with an iron hand. Expressing this in other words, both ourselves, as well as everything that surrounds us, in fact is only a structure formed from these natural programs, and also from an extraordinary kind of „liquid computer”. This unique „liquid computer” assumes any shape that is requested from it by programs that are stored inside of it.  In fact this extraordinary computer is a kind of intelligent substance, which by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page of physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”) is called the „counter-matter”. From this substance the natural programs stored inside of it form practically everything that surrounds us.

An interesting benefit of such a „software understanding” of the universe around us – that stems from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that many terms previously misunderstood, rapidly receive very precise explanations. For example, due to this understanding, rapidly such terms as „fate”, „destiny”, „karma”, or „free will”, begin to reveal their true meaning. They also begin to disclose what is the area of operation of each of these terms. Let us now explain each of them more comprehensively.

Terms such as „fate”, „karma”, or „free will”, had only a folkloristic explanation in our understanding of the reality around us to-date. Means, the entire folklore, as well as privately a great majority of us, believes that these terms do exist and they work in real life. But neither the folklore nor us were able to define precisely what exactly each of these terms causes, and what are mutual relationships between them. In the result, for our logic these terms seemed to mutually contradict each other. After all, how for example can exist such a thing as the „free will” – means our right and ability to direct our lives, when simultaneously there is such a thing as „fate” and „karma”, which impose onto us what is to happen in our lives. In turn our orthodox science, instead of explaining these doubts, it does what it always does – namely „washes hands” by claiming that in reality these terms do NOT exist, nor they have any influence on the course of our lives. So it is very fortunate for us, that the theory was developed, such as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which explains to us exactly the „software” operation of each of these terms, and which reveal what are mutual relationships between them. Let us carry out here a review, what this theory has to say.

According to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the folkloristic name „fate” or „destiny” is assigned to a general program of our lives, means to a program which contains written inside the course of our entire lives. Thus, this natural program of the „fate” or „destiny”, is the same program which in item #G4 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, was described as it controls the elapse of our time, and the mastery of which is to alow us to build so-called „time vehicles” (see the web page of physical name „timevehicle.htm”) in the future. Of course, this general program of our lives was programmed by God (see the web page of physical name „god.htm”). In turn God knows much more about programs and their capabilities from our present hyper-cleaver programmers. After all, according to what is explained in item #I2 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, God evolved herself as a single huge natural program. Therefore, this general program of our life was so designed by God, that it is able to implement itself, no matter in which area of the „timespace” it is placed. (This „timespace” is described in item #G4 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in items #A2, #B3, #B6, #C6 (1), or #D1 of this blog of totalizm. In a very primitive and simple manner it could be compared to an area of the computer memory in which present our computer programs are placed in order to be run in there.) Thanks to such a location flexibility of these programs of „fate” or „destiny”, independently from „destiny” in our lives, we still have the so-called „free will”. This free will allows us to direct our life into any area of the „timespace”, so that it is there where our general program of the life is to be unveiled. This directing of our lives into a selected area of the timespace is carried out through taking by us specific decisions in our lives. Although this „free will” does NOT allow us to change the content of our „general program of fate”, it allows us to choose for ourselves the environment and the situation in which the program of our fate is to be unveiled. Finally, God so programmed our „general program of fate”, that for every our situation in life which we live through, additional moveable „subprograms of feelings” are being attached – which (feelings) we experience in these situations. These moveable (attached) programs of feelings – are actually „karma” discussed on this web page. Although karma does NOT change our general program of fate, means it does NOT change the course of our life, it defines exactly what we are to feel at every step of our lives. Because the feelings which we experience in individual life situations are the most vital component and the content of our lives, karma in fact completely redefines the content of our lives. Poetically this could be expressed, that while it does NOT change our lives at all, karma still makes this life as it really is. This is because it fills our lives with feelings and sensual experiences.

The explanation for terms „fate”, „destiny”, „free will”, or „karma”, provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, introduces a whole range of extremely vital consequences. Let us list here al least most important out of these. Here they are:

1. They eliminate our fears. A fear is a consequence of the lack of knowledge, that what we are going to experience is already preplanned in the general program of our lives. Without knowing this fact, in specific situations we are afraid to do something, because we believe that it may cause the change of our fate into a worse one. However, the truth is completely different. Namely, no matter what we do, our general fate is going to be the same. The only thing that we change with our actions and decisions, is the area of the universe and the time in which our fate is going to fulfill, and how we are going to feel this fulfillment
of our fate.

2. They fill us up with courage. After all, they reveal to us, that our fate is already preprogrammed in advance. In practice our enemies are unable to influence it at all. They can only change in it the place or time in which it is going to unveil for us.

3. They rationalize our approach to life. After all, they indicate to us, that only karma is the factor which is under our full control, and with which we can improve the quality of our lives. They also reveal that decisions which we take are only able to change the point in which our passage through time and through space is to take place, but these decisions do NOT influence at all what is to happen to us in these times and points of space. In turn knowing this, we can with a greater courage and greater stoicism approach the process of making our most vital life decisions.

A good illustration how the knowledge of the above facts influences our lack of fear and a stoicism in our approach to life, is the case of shooting my belly which I experienced around 4 am, on the Thursday night on 15 March 2007. Around that date I stepped on toes and on pride of ancient enemies of humanity – as it is described comprehensively in item #A4.1 of the web page about „Wszewilki of our future” (see the web page of physical name „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”), and also in the post number #113E from this blog of totalizm. These enemies took their revenge in a number of different ways. One form of this revenge was to shoot me in my tummy with some unknown kind of weapon. In the result of this shooting my body on belly simply disintegrated, leaving a hole of a pencil diameter (i.e. caliber 22), located around 3 cm below my belly button. Without having the knowledge explained in this item I would be extremely upset and sorry that I made so wild these enemies of ours, so I would stop the defense, hide in some corner and licked my wound – hoping that enemies are going to leave me alone. But knowing that this hole in my belly was already written into my destiny, it did NOT worry me. After all, even if I do not fight with these ancient enemies of humanity, still I would somehow obtain this wound – e.g. by being shot on a street, or by being shot by an armed criminal who would break to my flat to steal something. Anyway, because I had no karma for this hole, it was almost painless – in spite that it looked rather ugly, and in spite that the mischievous enemies make on purpose this shot in such a manner, that the hole appeared right under the lock of my belt and was worn by this belt during every my movement at work. (Just in case I took a photograph of this hole several days later. But on a photograph it looks so ugly, that it is NOT suitable to showing in public.) Interestingly, a similar shooting into my belly into a middle of night, only slightly lower then presently, I experienced already once in January 2004. But his previous hole in my belly had smaller diameter (it was approximately of the diameter of a thick needle from a big syringe – not a diameter of a pencil – i.e. caliber 22, as it was the case presently). Furthermore, it was located much lower – approximately in the place where in my belly a prostate gland is located.

About a famous case, when the program of life was fulfilled in spite of heavy efforts to prevent this fulfillment, I heard during my professorship in Cyprus. Near Cyprus, on the Turkish shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as tourist village is located. (I did NOT manage to visit it.) On a rocky island not far from this village an unapproachable caste was build in a distant past. This castle was build by a king who wished to save his daughter from a bite of a venomous snake. The king loved his daughter enormously. But the palace’s „vizier” told him, that his daughter is to die in her best years because she is going to be bitten by a venomous snake. (The name „vizier” is one amongst many names which in past were used to describe creatures that presently we call „UFOnauts”. Because these creatures for thousands of years already have time vehicles (see the web page of physical name „timevehicle.htm”) in their disposal, they know perfectly what is to happed to each person during the course of his or her life.) Thus, in order to prevent this biting by a snake, the kind built a castle on a rocky island for the daughter. He hoped that snakes are not able to crawl to this castle. Unfortunately, someone brought fruits from the mainland for his daughter, packed nicely into a weaved basket. No-one noticed that weaved into this basket was also a venomous snake. The snake bite the poor daughter, who died soon after.

Our own civilization is still very primitive. Yet people already now are inventing various manners to delay or to stop the fulfillment of their programs of life. So they use transplants, artificial hearts and kidneys, oxygen, artificial teeth, etc. Just only seeing this we can imagine what invented technically more advanced civilizations – for example ones which we know under the name of „UFOnauts”. Of course, God knows us better than we know ourselves. So into the world that he created he build-in appropriate mechanisms in order to maintain a control in cases of attempts of such cheating. His manner depends on complexity of life programs. After all, people easily can control only these things which involve a single variable. With a difficulty sometimes they can control also matter which involve two or three variables. But people are hopeless when facing something that is rules by thousands of variables. In turn God controls easily situations which are ruled by billions of variables. So in order to NOT give up to people the control over their life programs, God designed these programs as very complex software systems. For example, the life of each one of us is ruled not by a single such a program, but by billions of them. Thus we have a separate life program for our soul (which is timeless, means which defines our fate across many incarnations), and also a separate such a program for our body. Out counter-body also has its own life program. Furthermore, each our organ, each tooth, or each bone, has its own program of life – this is why after thousands of years someone may find our tooth or our bones. In normal cases all these programs are generated and work on their own as a single perfectly synchronized software system – means work without the intervention or control of God. But when we try to cheat something in them – then God comes into the action and he decides what is to happen next. In this way the invisible God rules with an iron hand over everything, even over these over-inflated UFOnauts. And in fact nothing happens in the entire universe without his will and his approval.

The above interpretation of the work of „fate”, „destiny”, „free will”, etc., are described in items #D1 tto #D3 from „part D” of the most recent update of the web page on karma. The web page carries the physical name „karma.htm”. The most recent update of it is dated not earlier than on 25 March 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „karma.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft.htm” from the address http://parasitism.about.tc , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://parasitism.about.tc/military_magnocraft.htm .)

Let totalizm prevails,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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