#114E: Science – or rather a „smoke screen” – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „In science it is extremely difficult to distinguish a true eagle from a stuffed eagle. But if something holds back the progress and discourages research – then most probably it is just such a stuffed one, not a real one.”

If one knows what should take notice of – as this is revealed in previous parts of the web page „evidence.htm”, then evidence of continuous and highly destructive activities of UFOnauts on Earth is visible literally everywhere. The shocking for people who know about this huge ocean of evidence that certifies for the continuous interference of evil UFOnauts into matters of Earth, is how it is possible that the majority of people and scientists do not notice this evidence, nor do not wish to know about it. As it turns out, in order to accomplish just such a silencing effect, UFOnauts use on Earth a whole array of their cunning tricks and advanced technical devices. This post to the blog of totalizm tries to present at least the most vital of them.

UFOnauts look exactly like people do. After all they are our closest cosmic relatives (see the web page carrying the physical name „ufo.htm”). This in turn allows them to infiltrate humanity with their agents, who mix with the crowd and who help these cosmic oppressors to secretly exploit people for many thousands of years already. On a separate web page completely devoted to their description, these agents of UFOnauts are
called „changelings” (see the web page carrying the physical name „changelings.htm”). As this stems from my estimates presented in subsection V3.1.1 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4] (see the web page carrying the physical name „xext_1_4.htm”), which – estimates are based on the scars from identification implants inserted by UFOnauts into the shine bone of every person on Earth, a huge number of these UFOnauts-changelings operate on our planet. All data indicate that one of them operates amongst every less than 100 people. These changelings can be found in practically all key positions on Earth. So we should NOT be surprised, that many of them impersonate Earthly scientists. A trick which they implement after they join the scientific community, is to invent various scientifically sounding fables with unambiguously defined goals. Namely, these scientifically sounding fables are aimed either at hiding the continuous activities of UFOnauts on Earth, or are to discourage human scientists to carry out research in directions which UFOnauts consider to be dangerous for their occupational interests on Earth. So in fact products of activities of these changelings who impersonate human scientists, are not representing fruits of science, but a kind of „smoke screen” or a kind of breaks that hold back our progress. Let us have a look here at several most known examples of just such „smoke screens” created by these UFOnauts-changelings.

A very successful „trick” of the „smoke screen” type, accomplished by these UFOnauts-changelings, which significantly contributed to a huge number of atrocities that are committed every day on people by UFOnauts who secretly occupy our planet, are so-called „Murphy’s laws”. Before an UFOnaut-changeling dropped onto the idea of insinuating to people that such Murphy’s Laws in fact do exist, every atrocity committed on humans by UFOnauts was called by our ancestors exactly with the correct name – namely that it was an action of „devils”. (As this is explained more comprehensively on some web sites, e.g. on the web site about God (see the web page carrying the physical name „god.htm”), „devils” is an old name for evil creatures which presently are called „UFOnauts”.) For example, if something rapidly disappeared in spite that only a moment earlier the owner put it down in a well known place, in past people were describing this with a saying „disappeared as if a devil covered it with its tai”. In turn today, when such a situation takes place, we are saying, „o, just a Murphy’s law is at work”. But in spite that we all believe so intensely in the existence of these „Murphy’s Laws”, in fact neither the existence nor the operation of these laws can be confirmed in a scientific manner. So these laws do exist, or not? Why we refer to them, if it is impossible to prove scientifically, that they in fact do exist? After all, e.g. in case of UFOs, people avoid the use of the word UFO supposedly just because they believe that the existence of UFOs was NOT confirmed formally. (It actually is untrue, as in 1981 a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs was published. This proof was repeated in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] (see the web page carrying the physical name „xext_1_4.htm”). The brief discussion of this proof is provided on several web pages of totalizm (see the web page carrying the physical name „totalizm.htm”), e.g. in item #A1 of the web page „evidence.htm”, or in item #C2 of the web page about time vehicles – see the web page carrying the physical name „timevehicle.htm”.)

The fact that the existence and operation of these supposed „Murphy’s Laws” cannot be proven scientifically, but simultaneously thousands of people every day are affected by their „operation”, is very meaningful. After all, from the everyday life we know that in every case where something is taking place, but it turns out to be extremely difficult to prove, always a mischievous intelligence hides behind it. For example, all cases of cunning stealing and cheating, carry just such attributes. Expressing this in other words, the fact that the existence of supposed „Murphy’s Laws” cannot be proven scientifically although many people are persecuted by them, means that behind them someone’s mischievous, although invisible, intelligence is hiding. But if one analyses what this intelligence is, then there are only three possibilities to choose from. Namely, these are either other people, or God, or UFOnauts. The nature of operation of supposed „Murphy’s Laws” automatically eliminates other people from a suspicion that these are their actions. When God is concerned, the action of these laws is too negative and too one-sided for Him. So the only intelligence which can hide behind these laws are UFOnauts. The fact that Murphy’s Laws are simulated by UFOnauts is actually confirmed by the track record of UFOnauts. Namely, we already know jolly well, that UFOnauts always use all resources available to them trying to make impossible to people to gain any evidence of the existence and continuous operation of UFOnauts on Earth, that would be convincing for everyone.

When one analyses these supposed „Murphy’s Laws”, then it turns out that their operation perfectly hides inborn mischievous behaviour of UFOnauts. As it is explained in item #A2 of the web page about „bandits amongst us” (see the web page carrying the physical name „bandits.htm”), and also in item #C9 of the web page about time vehicles (see the web page carrying the physical name „timevehicle.htm”), UFOnauts are extremely evil. In fact the depth of their evilness and inner deviation cannot be compared to anything that we know from the Earth. In addition to being so evil, UFOnauts have in their disposal extremely advanced technology. After all, their civilization is already around 500 millions years older than ours. For example, they have devices which allow them becoming invisible to human sight, and which also allow them to fly in the air like birds, or to pass through walls and furniture – as if these are made of a liquid not of a solid mater. These devices of UFOnauts are described under the title „state of telekinetic flickering” in item #C1 of the web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page carrying the physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”). UFOnauts also are able to e.g. slow down the speed of elapse of time (see the web page carrying the physical name „timevehicle.htm”) at every their wish. So when such an invisible for our sight UFOnaut is present in our flat, and he notices that we e.g. just dropped down something heavy, then only from his inner need to harm and to cause a pain, he will slow down the elapse of time and so change the trajectory of the falling object that the impact of this object is going to cause the destruction of something that is most precious for us. In turn us, in our naive outlook, and in the lack of knowledge about the need to cause pain which UFOnauts feel all the time, are going to claim that „Murphy’s Laws” just acted upon us. After all, one such a law states that „dropped tool always falls where it causes the most damage”. In a similar manner these invisible UFOnauts for a simple need to satisfy their thirst to cause pain, are going to hide from us whatever we just need the most, or will spoil our computer when we need it badly, or will cut us from the internet connection when we are just receiving an important email. In item #A4.1 of a separate we page about Wszewilki of tomorrow (see the web page carrying the physical name „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”) I described how in my own case, whenever I need to be physically fit, or whenever I have a lot of work to do, UFOnauts always keep abducting me at night and then they cut my fingernail in two – so that it induces severe pain when I type something on a keyboard. Or they infect me at night with an illness – when I should present myself somewhere healthy and full of energy. Or they pull a disk from my spine cord – when I supposed to carry something heavy. Or they hit strongly my foot – when I supposed to walk a lot. Or they shoot some crystals under the skin of my face, which causes a wound to last for months – when I supposed to look hansom. Or they pull out at night my tooth filling – when I am in a new city and still have no access to a dentist. They always do such things to me when I sleep – around 3 am, so that I go to bed healthy, and woke up ill, bitten, and in severe pain. Of course, in my case, I already know that all these are damages inflicted on purpose by UFOnauts. So I do not recognize  actions of supposed „Murphy’s Laws”, and I send my karma (see the web page carrying the physical name „karma.htm”) for all these atrocities to a correct address. But other people still believe that similar cases and events affect them because of the action of these supposed „Murphy’s Laws”. So these laws perfectly fulfill their role of a „smoke screen” which is imposed by UFOnauts, so that they can hide behind them all mischievous behaviours and atrocities.

Please notice that „Murphy’s Laws” are NOT the only kind of a „smoke screen” and the „breaks for a progress” which UFOnauts introduced on purpose into the human science. Other ideas with similar functions include „Occam’s razor” which effectively holds back, amongst others, the scientific research on subjects of UFOs, God (see the web page carrying the physical name „god.htm”), souls, devils, angels, etc.. To the same category belongs also the theory of relativity, which successfully blocks new research in directions encompassed currently by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page carrying the physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”). An extremely destructive for humanity is also the Second Law of Thermodynamics. After all, it is skillfully utilized by UFOnauts who impersonate administrators of science to effectively block on Earth the development of so-called „telekinetic generators of free energy” (see the web page carrying the physical name „free_energy.htm”), such as e.g. „telekinetic cells” (see the web page carrying the physical name „fe_cell.htm”).

In the area of engineering we also have a similar situation. For example UFOnauts introduced there various „blocking technologies”. One example of these can be the present technology based on radio waves – which effectively blocks the development on Earth of technologies based on telepathic waves described more comprehensively at the web page about telepathy (see the web page carrying the physical name „telepathy.htm”). Another example of such a break for the progress is the technology of inertial seismographs – which is used by UFOnauts to skillfully block the research on a development of telepathic devices for the detection of impending earthquakes, similar to the famous „Zhang Heng seismograph” (see the web page carrying the physical name „seismograph.htm”). Of course, what I indicated here is just a small droplet in a huge ocean of cases of intentional pushing humanity down, misleading, confusing, etc. Actually descriptions of other similar cases are overflowing practically every book concerning the fate of inventions – as I described this more comprehensively in item #11 of the web page on „telekinetic cells” (see the web page carrying the physical name „fe_cell.htm”), devoted to the explanation of the so-called „curse of inventors”.

The above interpretation of the actual origin of supposed „Murphy’s Laws”, and also sources of events which hide behind these laws, are described in item #H1 of the „part H” of the most recent update of the web page on „evidence of UFO activities on Earth”. The web page carries the physical name „evidence.htm”. The most recent update of it is dated not earlier than on 17 March 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „evidence.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft_pl.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft_pl.htm .)

Let totalizm prevails,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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