#113E: „Once professor, always professor” means it is God who decides our fate – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Bible, Proverbs 3:5)

Herewith I have the pleasure to inform all totalizts and sympathizers of totalizm, that I was invited by a renown university to take the position of a full professor in it starting from 1 March 2007, until 31 December 2007. The title of a full professor is the highest academic title in existence. There is nothing higher than that. So it is an immensely honourable event for me. After all, in order to become a full professor at such an university, one needs to not only have the knowledge required, but must also fulfill a whole array of conditions. I was granted this honour. At present I am already on my duties in this honourable position. I know that this is NOT well taken by these ones, who used to write various accusations in internet about myself and about my totalizm. After all, the full professorship is not granted to people whom they portrayed in their accusations. I also know, that this my full professor position at a renown university is going to cheer up all these people who believed in totalizm, in morality, in God, and in me. After all, it means that there is such a thing as an universal justice, and that God grants to us what we deserve. The writing that follows explains most vital implications of this my highly honourable position.

Our planet is secretly occupied and tormented by evil creatures since the most ancient times. In past people used the name „devils” to describe these evil creatures, while presently they are called politely „UFOnauts” (see the web page of a physical name „ufo.htm”). The reason why they are so devilish and so mischievous is explained in item #C9 of the web page about „time vehicles” (see the web page of a physical name „timevehicle.htm”), and also in item  #A2 of the web page about „bandits amongst us” (see the web page of a physical name „bandits.htm”). In fact all people are afraid of these creatures. After all, they are like a horde of biting dogs – killing and tormenting everyone who only happens to be in the reach of their fangs and claws. Even the so-called „atheists” and orthodox scientists, who do not believe in the existence of anything other than the „natural evolution” (see the web page of a physical name „evolution.htm”) or the present action of the „climatic El Nino” (see the web page of a physical name „tornado.htm”), still were forced to acknowledge the evilness of these creatures in their activities. So they willingly accepted the scientifically sounded fable about apparent existence of the so-called „Murphy’s Laws” – which was provided to them by agents of these evil creatures. With these supposed „Murphy’s Laws” they explain now all mischievous things done secretly to people by these evil creatures. In old times people also tried to protect themselves somehow against persecution by these secretive occupants and exploiters of the Earth. So they invented a principle, that each time „when giving a large candle to the good God, just in case they also gave a small candle to these devils”.

Since the time when via the philosophy of totalizm I disclose without any compromise the secretive presence of these brutal occupants of our planet on the Earth, an entire fury of their anger is focused on my person. In fact I am persecuted by them almost continually. As I explained this on several web pages and blogs of totalizm, e.g. about „bandits in our midst” (see the web page of a physical name „bandits.htm”) or about „destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles” (see the web page of a physical name „military_magnocraft.htm”), and also on this blog of totalizm, there is no such manner of inflicting a pain to me, that these bandit creatures would not try on me. And so, they ruin my health during night abductions to UFOs, they torment my family and my close ones, they spit on me and on my totalizm in countless discussion lists and internet web sites, they instigate my continuous redundancies from jobs, they block my applications in every case when I try to compete for a decent place of employment, and they even murdered with some fur scorching radiation my innocent cat „Teecee” (see the web page of a physical name „bandits.htm”). No wonder, that after causing that I was made redundant from the last position at a Polytechnic, I was afraid that in the matter of my invitation to the post of a Visiting Professor at a renown university – as described in item #A4 of the web page „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, these evil creatures also manage to find a way to make impossible for me the taking this highly honourable position. After all, shortly before getting this position, UFOnauts demonstrated to me how they could shift time back and in the new elapse of time cancel the job advertisement at the AUT, for which I tried to put forward my application (an exact history of the cancellation of that job advertisement is explained in item #C6 (case 2) from the separate web page about „time vehicles” (see the web page of a physical name „timevehicle.htm”). Unfortunately, God created us in such a manner, that the tendency for doubting we have written into our nature. So in spite that I knew about the recommendation from the Bible mentioned in item #A4 of the web page „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”, i.e. „Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Bible, Proverbs 3:5), when preparing myself for the assuming my duties as a (full) professor, all time I was scared  that these evil creatures somehow manage to prevent me from getting this highly honourable position.

In fact these „evil creatures” (see the web page of a physical name „evil.htm”) used all powers in their disposal, to make the getting this professorial position impossible for me. After all, they knew, that when it comes out that I was getting such a high honour, people will stop taking notice of nonsense that agents of these creatures write about me in the internet. Therefore, when it only become clear, that I am going to be invited to take this professorial position, these creatures as many as two times released the virus of the „bird flu” – which could become a beginning of a world-wide pandemic. (In turn such a world-wide pandemic would spoil everything, including also my professorial post.) Firstly, at the end of January 2007, the virus of the bird flu was released by them in Japan. In turn when the situation over there got under the control, and it would not escalate into a world-wide pandemic, at the beginning of February 2007 the same evil creatures instigated the massive outbreak of the bird flu on a huge farm of turkeys in England. In the meantime the same creatures also blocked my email addresses to make difficult the communication between myself and my future employers. For example, when the most vital document regarding this professorial position, i.e. the invitation to take this professor job – which needed to be confirmed by me, was send to me by an email, these evil creatures shut down the entire world internet system. In the result this document did NOT arrive to me. If not an accidental email from the future employers, I would never learn that I received this invitation. In turn my silence would probably be assumed to be my refusal to take the position. This swindle of UFOnauts with shutting down the entire internet system was later revealed to me by the direct intervention of God. Namely, in the New Zealand newspaper „The New Zealand Herald” (issue dated on Friday, February 9, 2007), which I read systematically, on page A7 an article appeared entitled „Attack of the zombie computers fails: a bid to bring down the worldwide web used a network of hijacked PCs”. In this article was explained, that at the time when this immensely important email was posted to me, an entire worldwide web ceased to work for a short time, because someone unidentified took the control over a network of computers which belonged to some housewives and grandmothers, and then with the aid of these computers blocked addressing servers which control the flow of internet messages. So an undisclosed number of messages got lost in the result. As if everything this was not enough, on Wednesday, 21 February 2007 – means a week before I supposed to start my new professorial position, around 3 am, I was abducted to a UFO where I was infected with a horse dose of some virus similar to flue. For several next days I was lying overpowered by fever and almost dead. But again, by the intervention from God, my body managed to bit this illness by the first day of assuming my professorial duties. Of course, about subjecting me by these evil creatures to slightly less damaging tormenting just before assuming my professorial duties I will not even write here (of the type that they cut my fingernails in half during a night abduction to a UFO – so that each hitting a computer keyboard is painful for me, or about purposeful pulling a disc from my spine – so that I am unable to walk straight in my new job, or about biting my foot again – so each my step is painful, or about removing my filling in the tooth at night – so that instead of doing my duties I must worry about getting to a dentist, etc., etc.)

 When finally I assumed my duties at this professorial position – in spite that UFOnauts literally were raging to make this impossible for me, it was for me a kind of shock illustration for the statement from the Bible „Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Bible, Proverbs 3:5). I got to understand then, that in fact these „devils”, or „UFOnauts” – as we call them now, are for God kinds of „scary dogs” which God keeps on a short leash and controls absolutely. Although these dogs bark at everyone like crazy, and show their teeth, they are able to bite or to torment only these people whom God allows them to torment, because these people need to be punished for something. In turn when God considers that someone does NOT deserve to be bitten by them, then God keeps these dogs on a very short leash and does NOT allow them to touch this person. This practically means, that even if the logic tells us otherwise, in fact we should believe in words of the Bible „Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” It is not worth to waste even a „small candle” for these devilish creatures. After all, everything that they wish to do, must firstly be approved by God. This is because God has an absolute power over them – in spite that these evil creatures themselves do not believe in God.

The description of the history of accepting the full professor position, that is presented in this item, I included into this web page for several vital reasons. One of these is to cheer up these people, who have dreams and who pursue them, but against whom almost an entire world seems to raise. If they will act morally, their dreams for sure God makes true one day. They do not need to be afraid of evil powers – these powers are entirely under the strict control of God and under the God’s command. In turn that everything comes in life with such a difficulty – it is how it should be. After all God wishes to bring us up into hardened people who are used to fight for what is right. According to the will of God we have a duty to know exactly what we want and we must consequently stand by this. Means „we have to be moral from our conviction and always, not just by accident and only when there is a good weather”. Another reason is to reveal here how groundless are these damaging writings which „wolves in sheep skins” place in internet about me and about my „moral totalizm” (see the web page of a physical name „totalizm.htm”). After all, people who really are as these damaging writings state, no-one offers full professor position and renown universities. This is because in order to become a (full) professor, one needs to be confirmed to this position by the government of a given country, and also one needs to pass various checks of special services of this country. Another reason for presenting here this history of my professorship, is to make readers sensitive to the fact that on Earth really work in secrecy these „wolves in sheep skins” which devilishly attack me and my „totalizm” (see the web page of a physical name „totalizm.htm”). The point is that from the bad past experience, I do not intend to reveal the name of the university at which I am currently a full professor until the January 2008. (This name is not known even to my close family living in Poland.) In past, when the name of my place of work was publicly known, these „evil creatures” (see the web page of a physical name „changelings.htm”) pretended that they are „good citizens” who are trying to warn my employers against „wrong views” that I supposedly have. Thus in past, these creatures flooded my employers with a stream of accusing emails regarding my views. Presently these creatures probably will try this again. But where I currently work only UFOnauts know. So everyone who in internet gives the location of my place of work, or who writes an accusing email to my employers, for sure must be an UFOnaut. In turn, when in future even a single such an accuser shows up, and he will document with his action that he knows where I work, this for everyone should be a proof, that our planet is in fact secretly occupied by evil UFOnauts. After all, no-one in internet knows where I work – apart from these real UFOnauts who continually check on my emails, who watch me day and night, and who repetitively abduct me to their UFO vehicles. Actually, if one thinks the matter over, then even every attempt to initiate in internet the search for place of my employment, also is going to be the evidence for a hidden occupation of the Earth. After all, only hostile UFOnauts can be interested in indicating publicly in internet where I work – so that later these UFOnauts could pretend to be „concerned citizens” and flood my employers with accusations regarding my views.

The above description of history of my current professorial position is adopted from item #A4.1 of the most recent update of the web page on the „future of the village Wszewilki”. The web page carries the physical name „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm”. The most recent update of it is dated not earlier than on 12 March 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a given web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft_pl.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft_pl.htm .)

Let totalizm prevails,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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