#112E: Time is the execution control within the program of our lives – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Absolutely everything in the entire universe is only a manifestation of intelligent counter-matter and natural programs which reside in this counter-matter and which control behaviours of it.”

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained the idea of time in a completely different (software) manner than this idea is explained by present orthodox science. The full explanation of this idea is provided on a separate web page about „time vehicles” (see the web page with the physical name „timevehicle.htm”). Here (below) is only summarised briefly the essence of it.

According to this software explanation, „time is the flow of execution control through natural programs contained in the counter-matter”. In order to explain this in other words, counter-matter and natural programs contained in it are like a kind of „liquid computer” which in our physical world assumes shapes of everything that we see around ourselves. (About this „liquid computer” I already wrote in item #E3 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) For example, our bodies, and also buildings, mountains, or entire planets, are made of just such separate „liquid computers” which assume these shapes. The computers are controlled by appropriate programs contained in them, which command them what supposed to happen, which changes they supposed to endure, etc. Well, the motion of the execution control (i.e. like the motion of a „cursor”) through subsequent commands of these programs is actually perceived by us as an elapse of time. Thus our time is actually a kind of „software time”, or a software simulation of the true time.

The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states further, that in the process of creation of our physical world, the elapse of time in our „physical world” was intentionally so pre-programmed by God, that God, and also all more technically advanced people, could control this elapse of time in any way they wish. (The description of the creation of our physical world is provided in item #I4 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) For example, people can control the elapse of time through building special machines called „time vehicles” (see the web page with the physical name „timevehicle.htm”). In order to reassure this control, the elapse of „software time” in the physical world was clearly separated from the elapse of „natural time” (or „true time”) in the remaining two worlds of our three-world universe, i.e. in the „counter-world” (in which the indestructible counter-matter resides, which is in the state of continuous motion), and in the „virtual world” (in which the indestructible and timeless universal intellect resides, means which is the home for God – or more strictly the home for this component of God which the Christian religion calls „Holy Ghost” – see the web page with the physical name „god.htm”.)

I explain now more accurately the above capability of shifting back in time in this software time of our physical world. In fact, the universe has two kinds of time. One of these is the „absolute time” of the universe – means the time, the elapse of which affects God. This absolute time elapses in a manner as present people on Earth experience their elapse of time. Means, when it already passes, God is unable to shift it back and change anything that with him (means with God) happened earlier. But for God this mechanical flow of absolute time of the universe has no larger significance. After all, God, counter-matter, and programs that God creates, all of them can exist infinitively. The only significance that this absolute time has for God, is that by being aware of its irreversible flow and consequences, God so pre-programmed the physical world, that the software time which works in this physical world could be shifted backward. (The process of creation of the physical world is described in item #I4 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.) Therefore, while creating the physical world God so pre-programmed it, that all times of this physical world do exist in it simultaneously, in the form of so-called „timespace”. (This „timespace” is composed of many separate like „layers” which represent different physical times.) For example, in separate layers of this „timespace”, still at this moment exists and works our physical world in the form that it manifested itself e.g. in the year 1000 B.C. In another layer our physical world is already there which is going to manifest itself e.g. only in the year 8 000 A.D. So if someone knows how, then from the present moment such someone can shift to any selected one amongst these two times (as well as to any other time), through a simple crossing to another layer of this „timespace”. Although these times (layers of time) of the physical world are also subjected to the action of the absolute time of the entire universe, this absolute time has no influence on them, as they do exist infinitively long. After all, counter-matter from which they are formed, as well as programs which provide them with the required form and attributes, exist infinitively. Since all time in this „timespace” do exist the entire future and the entire past of our physical world, then God, as well as all more intelligent creatures which populate the physical world, can travel in time both forward and backward. After all, this travelling in time is simply a travelling in various directions across this „timespace” that always exists in its entirety.

The basis for the creation of the fully controllable elapse of this „software time” in the physical world is the existence of this so-called „timespace”. The timespace is a kind of like a container separated from the rest of the universe, which the container in every moment of time contains all objects that ever existed, exist now, or will exist in the entire physical world and in all times which constitute this present physical world. Only that, someone’s insight to these objects of the entire timespace is limited to the capability to see just whatever was located in a given layer of timespace through which this someone is just passing. This timespace is also timeless and indestructible – although it can be subjected to continuous reconfiguring (i.e. to movements of objects contained in it). In fact it has the same attributes as the counter-world and the virtual world. After such indestructible and fully defined timespace is introduced, the elapse of time is defined as the „path of every object existing in our physical world across this timespace, controlled by appropriate natural programs”. Thus the elapse of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is comparable to someone’s march through a landscape (where this „landscape” is just the „timespace”). In  normal cases, this march always can be carried on in the same direction – which we call the direction of the elapse of time. But if someone gains an access to the control programs which manage this our passage through the timespace, then such someone can move in time in any direction and with any speed. In this way „travels through time” (see the web page with the physical name „timevehicle.htm”) are possible. (E.g. it is possible to repetitively shift back in time to years of our youth in order to accomplish the so-called „imprisoned immortality” described in item #E1 of the separate web page about the „philosophy of parasitism” – see the web page with the physical name „parasitism.htm”.)

The most vital in this software definition of time is the structure (design) of this „timespace”. The closest things to which this structure could be compared are so-called „objects” in a version of present programming of computers which is called the OOP (i.e. Object-Oriented Programming). For example, a given object existing in the „timespace” of our physical world, e.g. a stone, is similar to the OOP computer program which defines a similar object visible on screens of our present computers, e.g. similar to the program which shows a button on the screen of a computer (this button can also be made in the shape of a stone). Means, in fact this stone which we see is actually a program, similarly like a program is also this button on the screen of the computer. But counter-matter from the counter-world, inside of which the program of this stone resides, provides the image of the stone with the required appearance, actual state, changes to which it is going to be subjected with the elapse of time, etc. How this appearance of stone is maintained, one can imagine easily by considering what would happen when present computers are made of a „liquid” and could e.g. assume shapes of any object, e.g. this stone – if the program contained in them would require them to look like a stone.

Furthermore, in our physical world every „object” of this „timespace” is positioned in a „nested” manner in the entire hierarchy of other objects. For example, several such „liquid computers” pre-programmed to form elementary particles from themselves, are combined together to form individual atoms. Then a series of such „liquid computers” forming entire atoms, is further combined together to form crystals from the crystalic structure of a given stone. In turn these „liquid computers” that form crystals are also combined together to form an entire stone. Later this stone is a component of a larger configuration – e.g. a pyramid made of stones. This configuration is then a part of even larger planet. Etc., etc. – almost infinitively.

The subsequent „objects” which form the „timespace” from our physical world are obeying certain laws. For example, they change themselves, they can be relocated in space or in time, etc. The only thing which people are not allowed to do with them is to generate them, or to destroy them before they had opportunity to manifest thremselves in our world – this formation or complete destruction of objects is reserved for the universal intellect (God). Therefore time travel is able to change the fate of objects, but is unable to neither completely remove these objects, nor to create completely new such objects. For more information on the same subject see also the web page about „time vehicles” (see the web page with the physical name „timevehicle.htm”).

All interpretations provided above are adopted from item #G4 of the most recent update of the web page on the „Concept of Dipolar Gravity”. The web page carries the physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”. The most recent update of it is dated not earlier than on 25 February 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

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Let totalizm prevails,
Prof. Dr Jan Pajak


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