#111E: Cancellation of „limbo”, means the removal of evidence on UFOs – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Foundations of church are traditions. So when someone keeps removing selected traditions we have a duty to notice ‚why’ and ‚who really forces these removals’. After all, replies meaningfully hit us in the eyes from the general trend in these removed traditions.”

Still in the times of my youth, means during 1950s and 1960s, practically almost everything in Christian churches contained some unintended references to the robbery which humanity is secretly subjected by owners of UFO vehicles. Some out of these references are described on web pages of totalizm. For example, in item #16 of the web page about the city of Wroclaw (see the web page which has a physical name „wroclaw_uk.htm”), and more briefly also in item #17, and in caption under the „Fig. 18”, from the web page about the town of Milicz (see the web page which has a physical name „milicz_uk.htm”), is described how old church altars refer to the interior of UFO vehicles. After all, these altars imitate the control leavers and steering instrumentation from a pilot cabin on decks of UFO vehicles. In the same item are also described further details of the interiors of Christian churches, which originate directly from the equipment of UFOs. These details include confessions, christening dishes, columns, domes, towers, and the appearance and use of space in the entire old churches. An extended description of „confessions” is also contained in item #C6.1 from the web page about time vehicles (see the web page which has a physical name „timevehicle.htm”). In turn the caption under „Fig. #2” from the same web page about the city of Wroclaw (see the web page which has a physical name „wroclaw_uk.htm”), explains the symbolism of church „rosettes” which are imitations of outlets from sixteen-sided Oscillatory Chambers (see the web page which has a physical name „oscillatory_chamber.htm”) assembled into every propulsor of UFOs of the third generation (called also „time vehicles” – see the web page which has a physical name „timevehicle.htm”). These „rosettes” imitate the appearance of UFO propulsors sighted in the overhead view by a witness who is unfamiliar with the operation of the propulsion system of these space vehicles. In addition to the above, in subsection P6.1 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] (see the web page which has a physical name „xext_1_4.htm”) described is the evidence which reveals that ancient description of the „Eden” was in fact a description of a UFO vehicle type K7.

Such huge saturation of Christian churches with the symbolism which directly refers to UFO vehicles, must enormously worry UFOnauts-changelings (see the web page which has a physical name „changelings.htm”) who for sure must also operate in ranks of this church – similarly as they operate practically in every other institution on Earth. After all, data which started to stem from the increasingly more reliable reports of people abducted to decks of UFOs, could inspire humanity to make analogies that could be dangerous for the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts. Therefore, a mass removal from Christian churches of everything that directly refers to UFO vehicles has begun starting from around 1978. At the very beginning removed were two most meaningful such symbols, namely artistically priceless old church altars, and also the general architecture of churches – which since then could NOT imitate motives copied from UFO vehicles.

An idea, which in old Christian church referred directly to the content of UFO vehicles that for thousand of years rob our planet and rob humanity, was the so-called „limbo”. This limbo was described in the Christian church as a kind of large hall in which accumulated are all human children that died without being christened. These children supposed to float over there without any motion nor will, placed in kinds of glass jars or test-tubes.

What in fact was this „limbo”, we know now jolly well from present reports of people abducted to UFO decks. Many of these people describe huge halls which on decks of UFOs are filled up with thousands of glass „test-tubes”. In these test-tubes human foetuses are technologically being grown. UFOnauts obtain these foetuses through the fertilisation (inside of UFO vehicles) of the eggs (ovule) robbed from human females during these mass abductions to UFO vehicles, with sperm robbed from human males. These foetuses, after they are carried to planets of UFOnauts, are then grown into a kind of slaves, which UFOnauts use for all most dirty, most dangerous, and most unpleasant works. These slaves, or more strictly these our (human) children robbed from us without our knowledge and consent, in the UFO literature are described under the name of „biorobots”.

Of course, knowing that the original models for „limbo” are still contained in UFO vehicles, one can easily understand where the old Christian church came with this idea. Namely, most probably UFOnauts accidentally show to an old human dignitary from the church, who was abducted to a UFO, such a hall with these thousands of human foetuses. So when this dignitary asked what are these foetuses, UFOnauts in their typical cunning manner explained to him that these are „children who died without being christened”. After all, how well skilled are UFOnauts in lying to people, is indicated not only by my own research, but also by the research of many other rational UFO investigators. For example, in subsection VB3.4 from volume 17 of monograph [1/4] (see the web page which has a physical name „xext_1_4.htm”) quoted are various findings of other rational UFO researchers about lies of UFOnauts (including findings of the late Dr Karla Turner – who was murdered by UFOnauts in revenge for her research that disclosed a hidden occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts). For example, a well-known rational UFO researcher, Budd Hopkins, expresses about UFOnauts the following opinion, quote: „Out of all things that we know about these creatures, the most important are their two attributes: their tendency to cheat and their capability to implant in our minds views and pictures agreeable with their will. No-one should believe in any their assurances more than in publications of air force about the reality of UFOs existence.”

In present times many people are surprised why on 4 October 2006 Catholic church decided that „limbo” is cancelled. The reason for their surprise is, that in fact church is not competent to decide what should exist in the afterlife. After all, in the understanding of many people, about how the afterlife should look like decides God (see the web page which has a physical name „god.htm”), not the church. But if someone understands, that in this cancellation of the „limbo”, actually the intention is to eliminate from the Christian church another direct reference to the secretive occupational activity of UFOnauts on Earth, then this recent move of the church is not surprising anymore. The only problem which in such a case should bother us, is from whose exactly initiative this systematic removal of direct references to UFOs from our churches is in fact continued.

If one analyses the attributes of this removal from churches direct references to UFOs, then it turns out that these attributes are very meaningful. For example, this removal lasts already for the duration of two papal cadences, and spans the duration of two human generations. So whoever inspires it, acts on very long-term principles – similarly as this was the case with the persecution of the village of Wszewilki (see the web page which has a physical name „wszewilki_uk.htm”). This someone also caused the removal of altars – which in fact were not only hearts of churches, but also almost always represented art objects of priceless value for the human culture. So whoever carried out this removal of altars needed to have huge influence and big power of persuasion in the body of church. This removal is also dictatorial – no church obtains a right to voice its opinion or to choose whether to implement it. So whoever inspires it, is used to act accordingly to cannons of the philosophy of parasitism (see the web page which has a physical name „parasitism.htm”) – so contradictive to the totaliztic spirit of Christianity. This removal is also agreeable with the content of old folklore prophecies about the end of the church and Christianity. (These prophecies are partially discussed in item #4 of a separate web page about prophecies (see the web page which has a physical name „przepowiednie.htm” – unfortunately, still available in the Polish language only), and also very briefly summarised in item #G2 of the web page „god.htm”.) So whoever is the propelling force for this removal from churches all direct references to UFOs, is not too respectful for consequences of action of prophecies, destiny, fate, etc.

This fairly recent cancellation of the „limbo”, and also all previous manoeuvres of the authorities of the Roman Catholic church aimed at the removal from the church all unintended references to UFO vehicles, are only a small part of a huge campaign of UFOnauts carried out lately on Earth. In this campaign, UFOnauts-changelings (see the web page which has a physical name „changelings.htm”) who look exactly like people and who secretly hold important posts in human societies, systematically destroy all traces of the activities of UFOs on Earth. This destruction of traces is omnipresent. Only a small section of it concerns the removal from the Earth all traces of a material character, such as these which are described on the web page of totalizm about evidence of UFO activities on Earth (see the web page which has a physical name „evidence.htm” or page „tapanui.htm”). Other sections of this destruction involves increasingly more secretive methods of action of UFOnauts on Earth – similar to these described on a number of web pages of totalizm, e.g. on web pages about destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles (see the web page which has a physical name „military_magnocraft.htm”), or about bandits in our midst (see the web page which has a physical name „bandits.htm”). The removal of these traces includes even human minds. From these minds the knowledge about UFOs is eradicated with various methods that remain unnoticeable for ordinary eaters of sandwiches. One such a method is a wave of scoffing and lies which UFOnauts-changelings for a long time carry out in the press on Earth. For example, in the scoffing article „Americans still convinced there are aliens about”, which appeared on page A15 of newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Wednesday, February 21, 2007, some agent of UFOnauts claims, that the percentage of people in the USA who still believe that aliens had visited Earth fell from 25 per cent in 1983 to 15 per cent in 2006. I am not sure where this agent of UFOnauts took his data from, because only several years ago research confirmed that in the same USA over 60% of people believes that UFOnauts raid our planet. Highly unfair is also this hidden scoffing tone of that article. After all, it was published in the country (New Zealand) in which in 1979 a UFO vehicle was documented on a film long for several hours, over the town of Kaikoura. The authenticity of this film no-one managed to undermine. Another good example of such methods of „manipulations of UFOnauts on views of people”, is many years long scoffing campaign of UFOnauts-changelings against totalizm and against the creator of totalizm. After all, amongst people who encounter examples of this campaign, rarely someone asks the following question. „Why against such morally verifiable philosophy as totalizm (see the web page which has a physical name „totalizm.htm”), and also against the creator of totalizm who, after all, accomplished the level of an university professor and whose credentials everyone is able to verify, some masked individuals who are not able to even put full-stops in correct places of their sentences, viciously write such mischief and nonsense in internet?” Expressing this in other words, if for the persecution escalated against totalizm i totalizts by UFOnauts-changelings, one tries to find a physical comparison, it could be compared to „a horde of masked creatures with red horns on their heads, murdering people on prayers in a church, and yelling that they do this to defend faith and morality.”

All interpretations provided above are adopted from item #D9 of the most recent update of the web page on the „scientific view of God”. The web page carries the physical name „god.htm”. The most recent update of it is dated not earlier than on 21 February 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Notice that any web page indicated or referred to in this blog can be run if in an address listed above the segment „god.htm” is replaced by the physical named of a give web page. (E.g. if someone wished to run the web page „military_magnocraft_pl.htm” from the address http://energia.sl.pl , the outcome of such a replacement would yield the working address http://energia.sl.pl/military_magnocraft_pl.htm .)

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak


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