#110E: Do not count that there is no God to make you pay for it – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „The first programmer in the universe was God, the first program in the universe which was highly prized by a majority of users was our physical world.”

If one is to believe in press articles and television news, everything looked like an instruction quoted from the chapter „how to abduct people in way which does NOT induce anyone’s suspicions” in a textbook for UFOnauts. On 11 January 2007, 39 years old Australian adventurer named Andrew McAuley, left Fortescue Bay, Tasmania. He intended to cross alone in kayak from Tasmania to New Zealand. No-one previously accomplished such a fit of crossing the Tasmanian Sea in a kayak. So he had a chance to be the first who accomplishes such crossing in a kayak. He had a significant experience in the use of sea kayak in similar conditions. So he prepared himself for this trip very thoroughly. His equipment included, amongst others, the satellite telephone which kept him in touch with the land all the time, and also a computer which allowed him to be in touch with family and friends via internet.

Problems started when he was around one hundred kilometres from the destination. (This destination was Milford Sound in New Zealand.) At first completely unexpectedly his batteries for the satellite telephone got flat. As he was an experienced adventurer who for long time used this kind of equipment, we should not suspect that he forgotten to charge his batteries, or that he wrongly calculated the electrical capacitance of batteries taken in this trip. After all, we already know jolly well, that the nearby presence of invisible UFO vehicle causes a rapid flatting down batteries. But before he completely lost his link with the land, he managed to send a last message about a rapid exhaustion of his batteries, giving his current position and the expected time of arrival at the destination point. Soon after the silencing, exactly at 7:19 on Friday, 9 February 2007, the rescue centre in New Zealand intercepted a garbled message on the maritime distress channel. Someone identifying himself as „kayak one” asked for help – for details see the article „Kayaker’s family wait to see if search will go on” from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post” (see their web page http://www.dompost.co.nz ), issue dated on Monday, February 12, 2007. This request for help was very strange though. Firstly it was supposedly send by a radio, while this adventurer had no radio but just a satellite telephone. Secondly, English was his native language, so how then this message could be send in a garbled English. Tertiary, the voice from the recording of this request for help was described by his own family as NOT his voice. For example in the article „Now he may never be found” published on page A1 of the newspaper „The New Zealand Herald” (see their web page http://www.nzherald.co.nz ), issue dated on Monday, February 12, 2007, his own brother, Michael, stated that – quote „the voice on the message did not sound like his brother”. So someone impersonated this adventurer – but who and why? In the result of this request for help, the rescue centre send helicopters and airplanes for search. On Saturday, 10 February 2007 his kayak was found turned upside down. The kayak was only around 80 km from the destination of his trip. But neither him, nor his body, was ever found. Later examinations of the kayak indicated, that the kayak was in a perfect technical condition and could continue the trip. The only thing which was missing, was a 70 cm tall fibreglass safety bubble that set on the back. This safety bubble was to maintain the right positions of the kayak in the wavy sea at nights. Although even in case of cutting it from the kayak the bubble still should float nearby, it disappeared completely. Most clearly it stood on the way of something that approached the kayak from the above.

If one assumes that this entire event was NOT fabricated in a purposeful although very clumsy way by UFOnauts, then nothing in the case makes any sense. But such sense immediately appears when one accepts that these were UFOnauts who decided to kill the adventurer, and thus UFOnauts fabricated the entire chain of strange events. UFOnauts had a valid reason to kill him. After all, he was showing a positive example to other people – this never is liked by evil UFOnauts who enslave humanity. Therefore they „arranged” an accident for him, and make sure that his disappearance is loudly announced and it gives a discouraging example for all others who could follow his trail. The killing described here is not the first one, nor probably the last one, such a case when UFOnauts murder courageous people who took at some accomplishments not attempted yet by other people.

One more curious aspect of the above mysterious event, is the fact that this particular expedition was filmed for a documentary film. As this was explained in the article „Kayaker ‚not your typical blokey adventurer'” ze strony A4 nowozelandzkiej gazety „The Dominion Post” (see their web page http://www.dompost.co.nz ), issue dated on Wednesday, February 14, 2007, which (article) discusses the matter of that film, one amongst most vital reasons for which the „Australian Geographic Society’s journal” sponsored this film, was that the kayaker could inspire others with his qualities such as self-reliance, responsibility for one’s own actions, innovation, teamwork, and collaboration. However, most clearly some dark forces were interested in not letting this film gave others a positive role model to follow. Although a film crew was not present at the time when this courageous adventurer crossed the sea, nor when he was killed, still his departure from Tasmania, as well as the rescue efforts and the moment of finding the overturned kayak, were captured on film. So from the filming point of view the above case is very similar to another killing of the Australian hero named „Steve Irwin” – frequently called also the „crocodile hunter”. Steve Irwin was also providing a positive role model for others, and also died during filming a documentary. (He died on 4 September 2006). Although he was killed by the barb of a stingray, still it is known that UFOnauts are able to induce telepathically attacks of animals on people. (It was just such a telepathic steering that around 2005 UFOnauts induced with it a world-wide epidemic of attacks of dogs on people.) So most clearly UFOnauts do not like courageous people, who can inspire others to positive actions, and about which documentary films are just recorded.

* * *

All explanations provided above are parts of explanations from item #D5 of the most recent update of the web page on „bandits in our midst”. The web page carries the physical name „bandits.htm”. The newest update of it is dated not earlier than on 15 February 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

P.S. If we ask any person, which profession is the most similar to the profession of God, the majority pf people would tell that this is the profession of priests. However, in the light of item #I4 from the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm” – which was summarised in the previous post #109E, it turns out that „the profession which mimics exactly the profession of God is a programmer”. Especially if such a programmer prepares programs of a technical nature and designation, which service some devices. In fact it turns out that „the profession of a programmer is a godly profession”. So programmers can proudly state, that not only their bodies are created into the image of God, but also their professional activities imitate the most fundamental skill of God.

This close relationship between the profession of programmers and the fundamental skill of God, introduces vital consequences. After all „nobility obliges”. For example, it imposes a duty onto programmers, to not limit their activities to just multiplying programs. Since they have a godly profession, they should also try to act similar to God. Means they should try to increase their knowledge on every subject, not just on the subject of programming, and also try to contribute actively to perfecting everything around themselves. This perfecting includes also the more thorough learning principles of the philosophies of totalizm and parasitism (see the web pages „totalizm.htm” and „parasitism.htm”) – so that the morality of programmers begins to coincide with intentions of God as well.

In order to learn more on the subject of God as the first programmer of the universe, you need to replace the segment „bandits.htm” in addresses provided above with the name „dipolar_gravity.htm”, and then look at „part I” of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.


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