#109E: The evolution of God and the creation of man – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Absolutely everything in the entire universe, including also people, represents only various manifestations of the same counter-matter.”

At the very beginning of everything the universe was composed of just a single world. This most primary world is called the „counter-world” by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The entire counter-world was filled up exclusively with one kind of substance which this Concept of Dipolar Gravity names „counter-matter”. Counter-matter is the substance which presently displays intelligence in the natural state. But at that initial stage of the existence, when God was still in the process of evolving, this counter-matter had only a potential for becoming intelligent, although in such ancient „times” it did not have intelligence as yet. Counter-matter was similar to a self-learning computer in which there is no any program installed yet. After all, counter-matter in the natural state is able to accumulate and to store information, is able to think, etc. Also every single particle of counter-matter has attributes which in human computers are assigned only to the so-called „accumulator”. While displaying the potential for self-acquiring intelligence, this counter-matter is a highly moveable form of liquid – slightly similar to water. So in these distant „times” it streamed from one end of the universe to other, formed whirls and streams, and played with its own capabilities.  Because a potential attribute of this counter-matter is the ability to self-learn, during this playing with itself it gradually learned about itself. In turn, this knowledge was accumulated in it as increasingly more complex programs which started to fill up the memory of this counter-matter. At some stage of the development of the universe, these natural programs become so developed, that they obtained a self-awareness. This self-awareness was the beginning of the formation of what we now call God.

In the initial stage of the evolution of this software self-awareness in the counter-matter of the universe, almost for sure several different creatures appeared, all of which had self-awareness. After all, the theory of probability states, that if any process is possible in a relatively large area, then for sure this process occurs in a number of places simultaneously. The above suggests, that at the very beginning more than one such self-aware software programs-creatures appeared in the counter-matter. These separate programs-creatures with self-awareness probably began to compete with each other. So in the memory of counter-matter a kind of „wars of self-aware programs” probably took then place. In these wars the winner was a single program which overcame or subdued all other programs. Probably the source of its advantage over other programs were principles which it used in fight, and which at present we would call „fairness” and „justice”. This victorious program is our present God, or more strictly – this component of God which the Christian religion calls „Holy Ghost” – see the web page „god.htm” (the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls it the „universal intellect”). In turn these other programs which lost the wars and were destroyed or made to comply, are probably the source of the idea which presently we call with the use of general name „evil”. Probably the memory of this first competition or battle, which with the elapse of time led to the creation of the single unifying program-being which presently we call the universal intellect (God), survived to our times in the form of idea of a fight of good with evil. In later times God has embedded the experience from this fight of good and evil into the principle of operation of the physical world described in item #I4 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”.

In the result of this competition of self-aware programs-creatures, which with the elapse of time led to the appearance of single God (or more strictly to the appearance of this component of the three-componential God, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the „universal intellect” – see the web page „god.htm”), the universe went through a dramatic change. Namely, to the initially existing „counter-world” filled up with potentially intelligent and self-learning counter-matter, another „virtual world” was added,  which was inhabited by the universal intellect (God), and by other natural programs that control the behaviour of counter-matter and that remain under the control of this only God.

Of course, God draw correct conclusions out of this first period of its own evolution. For example, one of these is the principle to never form competition for itself (i.e. if different beings need to be created, then these must be placed in a separate world). Another conclusion is that the fight of good and evil can be utilised as a vital factor which accelerates the development and evolution, and which increases the quality of the final outcome.

The prejudice which we nurture allow many people to accept the „self-evolution of man” (see the web page „evolution.htm”), but do NOT allow them to even think of the self-evolution of God. But in spite of these prejudices, in fact self-evolution of God is structurally much more easy to appear than the self-evolution of man. God is structurally consistent intellect, as it has the character of the huge self-aware program. Thus for nature was much easier to complete the self-evolution of this structurally consistent God, than it would be in case of accomplishing a self-evolution of such structurally complex creatures as man. In fact, when there is a computer, than a program for it is much easier to create than to create e.g. a living tissue. The evidence for it can be our present scientists – a large proportion of which writes good programs, but none of them is able to create even a smallest blade of a most primitive grass. Counter-matter is a kind of self-learning liquid computer. So if these is somewhere such a self-learning computer displaying attributes of counter-matter, then even if initially it is empty, with the elapse of time it must evolve inside a kind of self-aware program. This thesis can be tested experimentally in the future, because one day humanity probably develops such self-learning computers having characteristics of counter-matter.

To summarise this item, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity confirms that in fact accidental self-evolution similar to the one which present orthodox science attributes to the origin of man did take place in nature. But the outcome of this accidental self-evolution was the appearance of God (see the page „god.htm”), not the appearance of man. Only this God later created man with the use of empirical method of trial and error – which could also be called the „intelligently controlled evolution”.

In this first stage of the existence, when God still did NOT create the „physical world”, he must feel very lonely. After all, he was the only intellect having self-awareness in the entire universe. So on some stage he decided that he should create various other beings on his own image – means slightly similar to him.

A relatively accurate description of each one amongst six basic phases of the creation of physical world is described in the Bible – see there the Book of Genesis, 1:1-31. On the basis of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity I can definitively state, that this description is correct and true – only that it is made with the use of ancient terminology, and reported extremely briefly. Evidence which confirms this correctness is the fact that each one amongst six phases of the creation of the physical world described in the Bible, depicts the solving of a subsequent problem which stood on the path to the formation of this world and which is indicated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as the problem which really existed and which really needed to be solved at a given phase. Furthermore, the mutual order of solving these problems is agreeable with the order which, according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, must be followed during this creation. So let us now translate these descriptions from the Biblical into ours, means let us explain how according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the subsequent phases of this six-stage process of the creation of physical world and evolution of humans looked like – if these phases are described with the use of present terminology.

(1) The creation of the earth and light. The first phase of the creation of our physical world that fulfils the requirements and conditions described in item #I3 of the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm”, required development of natural programs which transformed counter-matter from the counter-world into matter from our world. Counter-matter displays attributes which are exactly opposite to attributes of our matter. Therefore these natural programs needed to cause such behaviour of counter-matter, that attributes of this substance were reversed into exactly opposite. Due to this, „objects” representing all chemical elements (means „earth” – as in old terminology these elements were called), and also software „objects” which represented all basic phenomena of the physical world (means – mainly various kinds of electromagnetic radiation, or „light”), were formed from such natural programs and from counter-matter which implemented commands contained in these programs.These „objects” are simply natural programs and appropriate clusters of counter-matter which implement the content of these programs. Their description is provided, amongst others, on the web page „dipolar_gravity.htm” in item #G4, and also on a separate web page about „time vehicles” (see the web page „timevehicle.htm”), where these objects are explained as basic components of the so-called „space time”. In general, these „objects” can be compared to objects from present OOP (i.e. „Object-Oriented Programming), e.g. to an object of a „button” which appears on the screen of our computer. This is because these „objects” are very similar to such computer images (e.g. the image of a „button”). For example, on a computer screen such a „button” look as if it is a solid form, on which one can implement various manipulations, e.g. can shift it into a different area of the screen, change colour of it, enlarge or shrink it, etc. But in reality this button is still a program and an image formed by this program with the computer’s hardware. Similarly these „objects” formed from natural programs contained in counter-matter, and from images formed by hardware of this counter-matter, also look as if the are solid, they can be subjected to manipulation and shifting, etc.

(2) The creation of a dome which divides two fluids (waters). After the matter and basic physical phenomena were created, God separated this matter and these physical phenomena, from counter-matter and from phenomena of the counter-world, through placing these inside of two completely separate worlds. In this way God created then an entire „physical world” – which the Christian religion calls „God Son” – see the web page „god.htm”. (This is a very accurate name, considering that this religion calls „God Father” the counter-world, while it calls „Holy Ghost” the „universal intellect” contained in the „virtual world”.) Then God created  an impenetrable barrier which separates this physical world from the counter-world. Through this barrier almost nothing can pass, apart from these natural programs that reside in the counter-matter.

Although in the description provided here this second phase of the creation of the physical world may appear to be a simple and easy, in fact it required the carrying out the complete reconfiguration of the counter-world. After all, every object from the physical world received then its counter-material duplicate in the counter-world. Furthermore, the maintaining of the existence of this impenetrable barrier between both worlds, and also the software communication through this barrier, required the preparation of a huge amount of indescribably complex software, which maintains the cooperation of both worlds while physically separating them from each other.

(3) The clarification of lands and seas and the evolution of plants. After the separation and enveloping the physical world with the use of appropriate software, God began to define, using a different kind of software, the subsequent laws that prevail in this physical world. These laws gradually allowed God to subdivide matter into different consistencies of gases, liquids, and solid matter, separate these kinds of matter from each other, and also begun to experiment with creating first living organisms – which by the nature of things needed to belong to plants during that phase of creation.

(4) The creation of stars and planets. After the laws established by God for the physical world were programmed out and tested, God decided to enlarge and extend the developed then (small) prototype of the physical world. This enlargement and extension depended on the creation of an entire present physical world and the entire „time space”. In this way the volume of the entire universe was formed, which included all stars, galaxies, planets, etc.

(5) The creation and evolution of living beings in seas. After the basic principles of work and development of plants were mastered, God began to gradually introduce and evolve various animals. At the beginning he did it mainly within waters of oceans.

(6) The creation and evolution of land animals and a gradual creation of human beings. After all details of genetic codes and principles of evolution were programmed and tested, God finally could proceed with gradual development of increasingly more perfect land animals. In the final stage he could also evolve human beings. How he accomplished the evolution of humans it is explained on the separate web page about the „evolution of man” (see the page „evolution.htm”).

All explanations provided above are parts of explanations from items #I1 to #I5 of the most recent update of the web page on the evidence of UFO activities on Earth. The web page carries the physical name „dipolar_gravity.htm”. The newest update of it is dated not earlier than on 9 February 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog:

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak


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