#108E: Of course we can, but is it wise – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „The fact that in present times people can apparently get unpunished when they spit on God, rational UFO researchers, builders of telekinetic generators of free energy, or adherers of the philosophy of totalizm, does NOT mean at all, that someone’s joining such an organised propaganda spitting is wise or moral. After all, no one really knows what mechanisms and consequences this spitting may trigger one day. And we need to remember about life teaching us continually that no improper behaviour in the final count is left unpunished. Only that the punishment for wrong behaviour life always serves in such a manner that the punished person does not even know what is hitted by and why.”

Let us consider the following case, a description of which I encountered in a brief article entitled „Search for plane crash called off”, which was published on page A9 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Tuesday, January 30, 2007. In this article was written, amongst others, quote: „… two golfers at Te Kauwhata reported hearing an explosion and seeing a ball of flame going down over the lake.” … „at Lake Waikare, northern Waikato” … „No aircraft has been reported overdue.” Means, reliable witnesses reported a descending ball of fire and a sonic bang, but it was not an aircraft. So what was it? Why no-one from authorities tries to establish what such events really mean and what kind of threats to citizens of the country hides behind these events?

Until the time of the case of a highly public dropping in New Zealand a large piece of the „onion charcoal” described in item #B3.1 of the web page „evidence.htm”, I encountered in New Zealand press literally tens of reports of people who saw landings, or flights, of four-propulsor UFOs. But previously after each encountering such reports, and after a brief reflection about the close-mindedness of local people, I kept forgetting fast all these reports. In the result, tens of these reports remain undocumented. But after the case described in item #B3.1 of the web page „evidence.htm”, I decided that each next such a case that I encounter, I am going to describe briefly on that web page „evidence.htm”.The case described in the first paragraph above, was the first out of these documented new reports concerning raids of four-propulsor UFOs at the territory of New Zealand.

Available data indicate that UFO vehicles also empty sewage tanks from under their toilets in the air high above the Earth. In 2003 a favourite country over which this emptying of UFO toilets frequently took place was New Zealand. In the result, roofs of a number of New Zealand houses, as well as roofs of cars, were covered at that time by fresh muck of a well known brown colour and not very pleasant smell. For example, the article „More mystery showers of unidentified muck” from page A2 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Pos”, issue dated on Thursday, September 25, 2003, indicates as many as 7 such cases from that time, plus one case dated 11 years earlier. It also shows a photograph of a new roof covered with such „bombardment” which took place in Te Awamutu. The problem with this emptying of UFO toilets over roofs of New Zealand houses was such, that local scientists were unable to determine what actually this muck is. Although it appeared familiar and smelled in a known manner described as the smell from a „long drop”, laboratory research did not confirm it to be human faeces. Most clearly local laboratories either did not have an idea, or did not wish to have an idea, how really faeces of cosmic humanoids look like and by which properties these faeces differ from the human ones. It is pitty, because it would be enough to read for this subsection JE9 from volume 9 of my monograph [1/4].

As it is explained on web pages „better humanity” (i.e. see page „humanity.htm”) and „party of totalizm” (i.e. see „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”), in our everyday life we are surrounded with increasingly tight ring of limitations and bans. Do not deposit chuming gum on street because you are going to pay a fine, do not cross a street outside of pedestrian crossing because you are going to be hit by a car, do not criticise your government because agents of it will somehow persecute you, do not photograph because you will be accused of spying, do not inform because you break the Privacy of Information Act, do not forget to fasten belts in your car because in case of an accident you do not get insurance, etc., etc. In the result, the venting of increasing frustration is done by many people in areas where their experience taught them that they are not going to be immediately arrested, bitten, imprisoned, fined, made redundant from jobs, etc. In this way for example many frustrated although thoughtless people make the use of hue and cry of orthodox scientists against God (see „god.htm”), So they begin to behave as if it is absolutely sure that God does NOT exist. Or they allow to be misled by official claims of UFOnauts-changelings (see „changelings.htm”) that UFOnauts do not exist, while all reports on UFOs are simply creations of imagination of alcoholics and drug users. Or they are impressed with sarcasm of loud condemnation of totalizm by agents of dark forces (see ” http://totalizm.blox.pl/html/ „) and they join the choir of condemners of this moral philosophy – in spite that they know nothing about it. Or they conveniently forget that Biblical texts were written in conspiracy when agents of cosmic occupants of the Earth (see „evil.htm”) watched hands of writers. So such frustrated people begin to condemn the Bible for supposed inconsistencies or ambiguity of the texts. Of course, all these things people can do. This is why God (see „god.htm”) gave them the so-called „free will”. So they can support with their actions the misleading reassurances of orthodox scientists that God does NOT exist. They can also join histeric condemnations of reliable UFO research. They can scoff at totalizm as much they wish, and practice parasitism (see „parasitism.htm” ) if they desire so. They can also consider the Bible to be just a book of fables of ancient people. But the question which it is worth to ask is „whether it is wise to act that way”. After all, „the fact that something can be done, does NOT mean that we get away without a punishment for doing it”. After all, what happens if a given activity has a punishment written permanently into it, about which no-one wished to loudly warn us earlier. Or, if one supports with vigorous action a matter which actually is going to have a catastrophic consequences to the doer and to all other people. On the other hand, every area being spitted at by frustrated people, as described above, in fact does contain a true potential for bringing a serious punishment to a spitting person, or for causing a catastrophe which is to hit this person in a manner that he will not even know what hits him.

Let us consider here for example the matter of present turning by people their back sides to God. After all, none of these people who turn their back sides to God has any specific evidence that God in fact does NOT exist. Rather opposite, numerous evidence and scientific proofs confirm the existence of God – as an example see descriptions from the web page about the universal intellect – God (see the web page „god.htm”). In turn, if God does exist, while people behave immorally as if He does NOT exist and as if he did not established any moral laws (see the web page „totalizm.htm”), then really is anyone so unwise to believe that such a behaviour gets unpunished. After all this God continually tests us – amongst others to document for us how immoral we really are. All this until a time. One day God will have already an exact illustrative documentation as to how we broke his moral laws. What then happens to us? Only those deprived logic can still believe that they get away unpunished. What even more interesting, the majority of people who turn their back sides to God, would not have a courage while facing an important person, e.g. a president of a superpower, to turn their back side to this person, or to say into eyes what they truly thing of him, or what they dislike about his actions. And such an important person at most shakes only several scared countries on Earth. But simultaneously these people dear to turn their back side to the most superior being which shakes the entire universe and which openly states that is going to judge exactly everyone later, to reward or to punish whatever he or she did in entire life. Is such a turning one’s back side to God a wise behaviour?

Or let us consider the matter of persecution of a rational UFO research. After all, even the Bible warns us that the Earth is ruled by Satan and by his devils. In turn the name „Satan”, „devils”, or „fallen angels” in biblical times were assigned to the same beings which presently we call „UFOnauts”, while their breathing fire vehicles w call now „UFO vehicles”. So if the Earth is ruled by these evil creatures for thousands of years, then this practically means, that such creatures cannot be recognised by us, because they are so similar to people. Furthermore, it also means that in fact these creatures live amongst us, occupy prominent positions in our civilisation (see the web page „changelings.htm”), and skilfully use entire their intelligence and the entire human propaganda machine (which they control) against these ones who try to disclose their presence on Earth. So these people who join the present persecution of rational UFO researchers actually support with their actions the further keeping humanity enslaved by these evil creatures (see „evil.htm”). This in turn means the arrival to people soon even more suffering, destruction, wars, terrorism, enslaving of people, etc., etc. So it is highly unwise to allow that anyone continues the present persecution of rational UFO researchers. It is as if we allow that in a next home secretly lives a well-known murderer who at nights raids our own bedroom, while we sit passively and do nothing to get rid of him, and we even spit at a detective who investigates this murderer.

The above analyses from this post I am presenting for a specific reason. I wish to inspire people to understand one vital truth. Namely, the fact that if in some matters we do not see instant effects triggered by given causes, this still does NOT mean that such effects do not exist at all. In other words, the real live is not like television or computer games. If in the real life we do something wrong today, then consequences of this wrongdoing may hit us only after tens of years – when we least expect this. Then we get a hit without even realising what actually hits us. Therefore „even if we can do many things, not always doing them is wise or moral”. In turn it is worth to be wise and moral in our lives, as it saves ourselves and other people from a lot of pain in later times.

All explanations provided above are adopted from items #B3.2, #B8, and #H1 of the most recent update of the web page on the evidence of UFO activities on Earth. The web page carries the physical name „evidence.htm”. The newest update of it is dated not earlier than on 3 February 2007 (can be dated even more recent). It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog – of course if the uploading of this web page is not sabotaged this time:

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

P.S. I should also add here, that comments to this blog can be prepared by every willing reader. In order to add such one’s comments, one does not need to be a member of any secret organisation, nor even an UFOnaut. In addition, according to a long tradition, these comments rarely are on the topic of a given post, but most frequently concern everything that a given person wishes to share with others, while in case of UFOnauts – everything that only comes to their twisted minds. In order to write any comment under this blog, it is enough to do as follows. (1) Visit the blog under which one wishes to add a comment. The majority of Polish readers seem to write their comments in the blog that has the address http://totalizm.blox.pl/html . However, I read also comments which are written in mirror copies of this blog available under addresses https://totalizm.wordpress.com and http://totalizm.blogspot.com (actually I would prefer comments to be written on the https://totalizm.wordpress.com .) (2) Click on the Polish word „Link Skomentuj” (meaning „link to comments”) which appears under the TOP post of the blog of totalizm. (Please notice that blogs of totalizm are in two languages, the top writing is always in English, the lower one is in Polish. Also note that if one places his comments in other than the top post from a given blog, it is possible that this comment will NOT be noticed by readers.) After one clicks on this word „Link Skomentuj” (i.e. „comments”) a new windows is to open – which, amongst others, is going to show also all comments written previously. (3) Write in a small window marked „Login” a PSEUDONYM under which a given person wishes to be known in comments to this blog – I strongly advise to NOT write on any blog (including this one) one’s true name. (4) Do NOT worry about writing anything in the small window „Haslo” (i.e. „Password”) – as the server anyway is going to take and to remember the IP of the computer which one uses (as you probably realise this IP number is being taken and remembered each time you visit any web page or blog). (5) Write into a large window, or copy and paste from a file which one prepared in advance, the content of a comment that one wishes to make under a given post.

P.P.S. How it happens that only a year ago almost all scientists competed with each other in official denying that there is such thing as warming of Earth’s climate. But rapidly this opinion was reversed immediately after in item #B16 of web page „military_magnocraft.htm” I started to explain to people that the warming of Earth’s climate is caused by huge amounts of thermal energy transported to Earth in oscillatory chambers of UFO vehicles. Now rapidly all scientists compete in claiming that it is the fault of humans that the Earth is warming up. (In order to read about this climate change induced on purpose by UFOs, it is enough to replace the segment „evidence_pl.htm” in the internet adresses provided before by the segment „military_magnocraft_pl.htm”.)


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