#107E: Illusion of time travellers that they can escape God’s punishments – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Owners of time vehicles believe in their arrogance that they become more powerful than God. But in fact God purposely designed the work of time in such a manner that their arrogance would facilitate keeping them under even more strict control and doing with them whatever God wishes.”

The owners of time vehicles can at any moment of time shift back in time and relive again a given life situation. After all, it is due to such a repetitive shifting back in time to years of their own youth that they implement a version of everlasting life which in item #E1 of the web page „parasitism.htm” is described under the name of „imprisoned immortality”. Therefore, if they practice the philosophy of parasitism, while after breaking any moral law this law puts them in the situation that they can be punished somehow, then they shift their own time back through the use of their time vehicles, while in a new passage of time they experimentally avoid placing themselves again in the situation in which it would be possible to punish them. Therefore in fact moral laws are NOT able to punish owners of time vehicles for breaking any of these laws – as moral laws do with ordinary mortals. Thus, the more evil amongst owners of „time vehicles” (described on the web page „timevehicle.htm”) are able to break moral laws as frequently as they only are pleased to do so. In addition, they have an illusion that they get away from being punished for this breaking of moral laws. In the result, they begin to feel even more powerful than God Himself. This in turn pleases their pride and additionally increases their arrogance. However, all this up to a time!

The manner on which owners of time vehicles are able to find experimentally a solution for every situation in which they are, so that in this situation they avoid being punished by moral laws, and they even turn this situation into their own advantage, is perfectly illustrated in the film entitled „Groundhog Day”. This manner results from the mechanism of cooperation of human memory with natural programs which implement time travel. (The mechanism of this cooperation is described in item #B1.1 of the totaliztic web page about „time vehicles” called „timevehicle.htm”.) Namely, these programs work in such a manner that if someone shifted back in time and relives again a given passage through the time, then in his memory the details of this new passage through time are registered at the very end of his (or her) memory. In the result, such a someone who was shifted back in time with a time vehicle, remembers events from both passages through the time, i.e. the old passage as well as a new one. But if someone was NOT shifted back in time, but still relives a given passage through the time again because someone else shifted time back in his presence, then such a casual witness records in his (or her) memory the new passage of the time exactly on the top of previous memory of the same passage of the time. In the result, such a casual witness of repetitive unveiling of the time erases from his (or her) memory the previous record of passing through the same time. So he (or she) always remembers only the most recent passage through a given time. All previous passages through the same time are erased from his (or her) memory – so that they can only return to him (or her) in the form of so-called „deja vu”. Due to the mechanism of operation of memory (including the human memory) described above, owners of time vehicles can shift back in time any number of times, while no-one, apart from themselves, notices that they relive a given passage through time once more. In turn, for these subsequent repetitive passages through the same time they know exactly how other people are going to behave during specific events, and also know exactly what and when supposed to happen. So in this new passage through the same time they behave in such a manner, that they avoid everything that does NOT suit them. In this way the owners of time vehicles are able to avoid practically everything that is unpleasant for them. They simply repeat a given passage through time for so long, until they find such solution which shapes a given passage in manner that suits them the most. Of course, in this situation moral laws are unable to prepare any unpleasant surprise nor punishment for them.

The film „Groundhog Day” illustrates perfectly how owners of time vehicles find empirically this most beneficial for them solution for every life situation with which they are confronted in their lives. It is known to us, that creatures who practice „imprisoned immortality”, find solutions for life situations which trouble them with the use of empirical method of „trials and errors”. (Means, they shift their time back and repeat a given life situation for so long, until they find a solution which suits them.) Therefore, in fact the illustrative value of the film „Groundhog Day” is so high, while the coincidence of this film with the mechanism of actual operation of time – so wide, that I personally believe that the scenario to this film originates from some „UFOnaut-changeling” (described on „changelings.htm”) who personally used time vehicles and who practically know what then happens and how it feels after the use of these extraordinary devices. At this point it is worth to remind ourselves, that many enthusiastic writers of science fiction create various stories about time travel. Some of these stories later reach us in the form of films. For examples of these, consider the American film „Back to the future”, or the English film „Doctor Who”. However, the content of these other films indicates such enormous discrepancy with laws which govern the actual travel in time, that everyone who at least partially learned these laws without any difficulty recognises that is dealing with fictional works of some average people. But with the content of the extraordinary film „Groundhog Day” the matter is exactly opposite. The film „Groundhog Day” is discussed in more details in item #C8.1 from the web site about „time vehicles” – named „timevehicle.htm”, and also in item #F3 from the web site about „universal intellect” (God) – named „god.htm”.

Of course, in spite that these owners of time vehicles feel completely unpunished in their breaking of moral laws, actually the universal justice always finally gets them. This is because the punishment has been written into the mechanism of operation of their time vehicles, and into the manner on which these time vehicles allow them to accomplish this „imprisoned immortality” described in item #E1 of the web page „parasitism.htm”. After all, their civilisation in practice exists only for as long as long the „universal intellect” (means God – for details see the web page „god.htm”) allows them to lead their lives within this „non-existent existence” described in item #E5 of the web page „parasitism.htm”. So when within this „non-existent existence” finally the members of this parasitic civilisation are shifted into the phase of „non-existence”, then every one amongst them unavoidably receives exactly what he (or she) deserves. Means then he (or she) is judged and punished in the same way as every ordinary mortal. So if during the life as an „imprisoned immortal”, such a member of civilisation which owns time vehicles was especially nasty and tormenting towards some creatures which were in his (or her) power, then after he (or she) is shifted into the phase of physical „non-existence” he (or she) can be reincarnated by the universal intellect (God) e.g. into the body of one of these unhappy creatures which previously he (or she) persecuted so viciously. Or can be send to spend his (or her) next life as a slave on a most enslaved and persecuted planet of the universe. In the final result, in spite that the universal justice works slowly and with a significant time delay, in the final count it is executed very precisely also to these owners of time vehicles.

All explanations provided above are adopted from the most recent update of the web page on the philosophy of parasitism. The web page carries the physical name „parasitism.htm”. The newest update of it is dated not earlier than on 12 January 2007 (can be dated even more recent). Even a newer update of the web page „parasitism.htm” is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload even a newer update (dated 27/1/07) together with the content of this blog – of course if the uploading of this web page is not sabotaged this time:

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

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