#106E: The lack of search for better solutions shift back our civilisation – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Everything that already has proven itself to only make our situation worse, should be quickly replaced by something better – otherwise it is going to push us down infinitively until we hit the hard rock bottom.”

I wonder whether the reader considered ever how just is the present system of justice. Interesting results of research on this subject were published in the article „Cost of justice is too high”, published on page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Wednesday, January 3, 2007. This article states, amongst others, quote: „Justice is the preserve of the rich, a clear majority of New Zealanders believe. Seventy per cent of respondents to a Justice Ministry survey about the court system, said the cost of going to court was too high for most people.” And we need to remember that the justice in New Zealand is proud of being one of the best in the world. So what about their own justice must be thinking people from other countries which are not so fortunate like New Zealanders? In turn, when a justice needs to be purchased, and it is affordable for only the most rich people, then is it really decent to call it „justice”. On the other hand, when the so-called „justice” is not what it is called, then what is it?

On Tuesday, 13 September 2005, at 22:40, in news from channel 3 of television New Zealand, a New Zealand citizen was reported, who because of the crossing of his telephone line with some other line, accidentally overheard that criminals planned the committing of a serious crime. As a law obeying citizen, he reported this overheard crime to police. So how he was rewarded for this prevention of crime? Well, New Zealand police charged him with the committing a crime, because in a documented manner he broke the „Privacy Information Act” due to official repetition of private information which he accidentally overheard. (I did not hear though, that the police did anything to catch these criminals and to charge them.)

In New Zealand – similarly as probably also in every other country of our immoral world, lives presently a number of sexually perverted males, who pray sexually on children (i.e. so-called „paedophiles”). Unfortunately, the rigid obedience of the „Privacy Act” described in item #B3 of the web page „humanity.htm”, does not allow inform the society whom exactly males are these. So in almost all life situations it is assumed that every male is a pervert. Therefore in New Zealand one can get into serious problems if e.g. on a street one opens mouth to an unknown child. In turn a public touching of a child to which one is not a father, as it was innocently a normal practice only around 50 years ago, almost cannot be comprehended now. On 29 November 2005, in all New Zealand television news discussed was vividly („pro” and „contra”) a case of „Qantas” airline passenger, who was forced to swap a sit with a female passenger, only because by an accident his sit was next to a sit of a boy who travelled without parents. The male passenger felt ashamed, because he suspected that all other passengers of the plane thought that he was shifted because he was accused of sexual perversion. As it later turned out, both major airlines which operate in New Zealand, namely „Qantas”, and „Air New Zealand”, have internal rules, that a male cannot sit next to a child which travels without parents. A next day almost all New Zealand newspapers discussed the „pro” and „contra” of this rule (to not sit males next to children whom these males do not know). For example, only in the newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Wednesday, 30 November 2005, two articles on this subject appeared, namely „Airlines demonise male passengers” from page A8, and „Airline seating policy may breach Human Rights Act” from page A3. In turn the newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Wednesday, 30 November 2005, on page A4 published an article „No men near kids policy criticised”. Further articles on the same topic were published continually every day at least until around 7 December 2005 – i.e. when I stopped reading them and looking for them. Interesting, however, that NONE of these articles, nor none voices in the discussion, not even suggested, that the entire this problem would solve a simple cancellation of the unfortunate „Privacy Act”, which initiated this problem in the first place. After all, it is this Act that criminals and perverts it lifts to the treatment like decent people, while decent people it pushes down to the level of criminals and perverts. For example, by allowing the society to learn, whom exactly males are in fact these perverts who pray on children of other parents, there would be no need to suspect of perversion all males.

The legal system on Earth to-date is so strangely invented, that every person all times enjoys the „human rights”. Means, this system works according to the rule, that „fair means everyone exactly the same”. As the result, e.g. a murderer, a criminal, or a rapist, has all the same rights and privileges, as a decent citizen, although with his or her actions does not deserve these rights and privileges. In New Zealand in years 2004 and 2005 newspapers described various cases relatively frequent, when criminals in prisons received huge compensations from the government, because someone make a mistake in something, or look at them in a wrong manner. Simultaneously, victims of these criminals were deprived not only any compensation, but even a help in calming their nerves and mourning. (This means that in practice the law gave more privileges to criminals than to decent people.) An example of just such a situation, when a murderer and criminals received exactly the same privileges as decent people, are described in the following two articles from New Zealand newspapers, namely the article „Killer wins more compo – millions could be paid to inmates after court ruling”, which appeared in the newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Friday, December 9, 2005, page A1, and the article „Inmates in line for millions after Appeal Court decision”, which appeared in the newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Friday, December 9, 2005, page A3. In these articles a situation is described, when a murderer, after being shifted to a solitary confinement cell, sued the prison for breaking his human rights, while the New Zealand appeal court ordered the amount of 65000 dollars to be paid him in the compensation. Immediately afterwards a queue of around 200 further prisoners placed similar demands for compensations (newspapers estimated, that compensations for all of them would cost the New Zealand taxpayers around 4.5 million dollars). Therefore totalizm recommends that „rights of criminals cannot be the same as rights of decent people, while no rights of criminals in practice may overweight rights of victims of their crimes”. I.e. totalizm recommends accepting the moral rule which is written permanently into moral laws, namely that „fair means to everyone according to his or her previous conduct.” (After all, if God would act as this is described above, means giving the same to everyone, than all devils would land in heaven.)

All cases provided above are adopted from the most recent update of the web page on problems of our present civilisation on Earth, and on methods of elimination of these problems postulated by the philosophy of totalizm. The web page carries the physical name „humanity.htm”. The newest update of it is dated not earlier than on 12 January 2007 (can be dated even more recent). Even a newer update of the web page „humanity.htm” is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload another update together with the content of this blog (of course – if the uploading of this web page is not sabotaged this time):

There are vital reasons for which our present human civilisation becomes increasingly parted from logic and from so-called „moral laws” – i.e. laws executed directly by God Himself. These reasons result from the ceasing by present people the custom of listening to whispers of their own conscience before they undertake any action (i.e. the ceasing of so-called „intuitive totalizm” in people), linked with the passiveness, avoiding engaging into anything, and seeing the world from prospective of the picture that is shown in present television so saturated by propaganda. These problems could be solved for the good of all of us. But in order to solve them, we cannot limit ourselves to exclusively whatever is offered by the already existing political parties. After all, these parties try to improve the world already for last several centuries, while the world instead of being better is increasingly worse. In order to find solutions for our problems, we need to reach for something completely new, what was not tried on Earth ever before. For example, as the requirement that politicians must display absolutely moral behaviour. Also the requirement that politicians works for free (i.e. just after covering by the government costs of their activities) – as the present taking big salaries by politicians attracts to the politics a wrong kind of people. Also the requirement that every politician can represent the nation only if he or she manages to accomplish the state of so-called „nirvana” which is granted by God to only the most moral people – for details see the web page „nirvana.htm”. Such drastically new approach to the improvement of our lives is suggested by a new political party which still awaits to be organised. This party is called the „party of totalizm”. The description of it can be found, if in the internet addresses above the name „humanity.htm” is replaced by the name „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”. So what we are waiting for? Lets us roll up our sleeves and get to action. After all, the more we procrastinate with doing anything, the more desperate and non-repairable the situation becomes. In turn if we procrastinate for another several years, then probably noting will be left on the Earth for repair, as still not killed remains of humanity will return back to trees and caves.

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

P.S. This blog was prepared in two language versions simultaneously, namely in English and Polish. Refer to it these ones amongst your friends and correspondents who know any of these two languages – especially if they have technical skills and are interested in building telepathic devices. Possible comments in English can be written under this English version of this blog, which is made available at the address:
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