#105E: „Totalizm” or „parasitism”: whom we are – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Totalizm requires from us an effort in every possible dimension. But we surround to parasitism if we only do not have brakes.”

In our lives we would like to get clear directions. In turn nothing is so clear as the idea of „good” and „bad”. In this idea everything that surrounds us belongs to one out of two major categories, namely either to the category of „good”, or the category of „bad”, means everything is either „white” or „black”. So although with the elapse of time we usually discover that in true life nothing is really completely „white” nor completely „black”, and that everything belongs to some shade of greyish, or even is colourful, we still like to categorise everything to one out of these two categories. After all, it simplifies our life, and makes all decisions much easier. Therefore, we are eager to listen to claims and to read articles, which explain to us that e.g. butter is „bad” for us while margarine is „good” (or vice versa). Or that blessed breeding of children for given religion is a „good deed” while a pre-marital sex is a „sin”. Or that capitalism is a source of „prosperity”, while communism is a source of „deviations”. Etc., etc.

This convenient categorisation of everything to the categories of „white” or „black” fails almost completely when comes to applying it to people. After all, in people we do not know really what we should categorise by – e.g. by someone’s dressing, or perhaps by someone’s look, or by how funny they are and by their sense of humour, or perhaps by an amount of money which they accumulated. In American films they easily solved this problem, ordering to dress in white all characters whom we should like, while dress in black – all characters which we do NOT supposed to like. However, as we know, in real life people do not wish to follow these rules. In the result, many of us spend life being linked to undesirable people, and then paying for this a big price. Fortunately, also in relationship to people there is a criterion of qualifying, which well explains who is for us „good” and who is „bad”. This criterion is based on morality, or more strictly on categorising people to two major philosophical categories which define principles of behaviour of these people. These two categories qualify every person to either the group of these people the life philosophy of which orders them to act in principle „morally” in their lives, or to the group – which act in principle „immorally”. Thus every person on Earth in fact belongs to only one out of these two categories. People who in principle act morally are called here „totalizts”. This is because they adhere to a form of philosophy of life called „totalizm”. They could dress in white, because in general they are „good” both to themselves, as well as to all other people. In turn people who in principle act immorally are called here „parasites”. After all, they practice a form of philosophy called „parasitism”. They could dress in black, because in general they are „bad” both for themselves as well as to all other people.

Of course, the sole knowledge that our planet is populated by two categories of people, namely „totalizts” and „parasites”, nor the knowledge that every person living on Earth belongs to one out of these two basic categories, is not much useful – if we do not learn how to recognise fast who belongs to which out of these two categories. So here turns out, that we need web pages such as „parasitism.htm”, and also the related to it web page „totalizm.htm”. After all, these web pages teach us how to recognise who in our surroundings belongs to which out of these two categories. Thus, these pages inform us also our contacts with whom potentially can turn good for us, or not so good, with the elapse of time.

The recognising of the philosophy of people with which we deal represents only a marginal knowledge at the moment. The reason is that „evil powers” (see „evil.htm”), which secretly operate on the Earth do not allow correct knowledge about philosophy to be disseminated amongst people. Because of them, practically almost all descriptions of philosophies in existence on the Earth, almost exclusively concentrate on the presentation of arguments pro and contra of some views invented by such or other philosophers. But almost completely they omit providing the practical knowledge needed to categorise people. However, it is this knowledge which is enormously vital for us. Therefore, one amongst accomplishments of the web page „parasitism.htm”, is that it reveals a simple and proven in action criterion of classification, plus a whole range of principles, which allow everyone to categorise people that they must deal with, to one out of these two most vital categories, namely to totalizts and parasites, means to the ones who in principle are moral, and to the ones who in principle are immoral.

Even a bigger problem depends on the fact, that by not knowing about these two major categories of people, means about totalizts and parasites, it can happen that we ourselves (or our children) unwillingly begin to act like these parasites. So if we do NOT know what the such a parasitic behaviour is all about, then we are not able to get rid of it from our habits. Thin in turn with the elapse of time becomes a source of pain and disasters for ourselves, and also for many other people with whom we deal. The web page „parasitism.htm”, as well as the web page „totalizm.htm”, explain to us comprehensively, which tendencies we should in ourselves (and in our children) fight out, so that we do not become such parasites.

The reason why totalizts are „white” characters with a good influence onto others, is that in their actions they try to always be „moral”. In turn the reason why parasites are „black” characters, which always exert evil onto others, is that in their actions they do not try to be moral at all. So in the majority of cases parasites behave „immorally”, even if they do not know that they act immorally. Unfortunately, one of the problems of our society depends on the fact, that in reality people do not know what is truly „moral” and what is „immoral”. After all, the source of entire our knowledge about morality and immorality are religions. Unfortunately for us, religions were created in times when the human knowledge was in a cradle. Thus religions do not know that there is such thing as „moral field” (i.e. a field similar to the gravity field, which, however, instead of acting on motion of masses rather prefers to act on our actions), nor that there is such a thing as „moral laws” (i.e. laws similar to laws of physics, but which govern exclusively outcomes of our actions in life). In turn without the knowledge about moral field and moral laws, is almost impossible to define precisely what in fact is moral and what is immoral. Therefore, it is also good to read the web page „parasitism.htm”, as well as a related web page about totalizm, in order to learn what exactly is moral, and what is immoral.

Our religions to-date, and our traditions, reinforced also in people an interesting belief. Namely, the majority of people believe, that „in order to be moral one needs to do nothing, in turn to be immoral one needs actively and intentionally spread evil and do immoral things”. In the result of this belief, when for example there is an accident, hundreds of onlookers who believe that that act „morally”, do nothing, allowing that the victim bleeds to death. Just because of this common belief, the philosophy of totalizm has now a hard life. After all, it discovered that „in fact moral are only these activities which climb uphill in the moral field”. Everything else, including also such NOT doing anything, is fully immoral. Thus, the difficult life of totalizm results from the fact, that this philosophy must now completely change these old thinking habits of people. It must teach people that „in order something is ‚moral’ it must be active and intentionally completed in such a manner that it lifts us uphill in the moral field; in turn all other manners of doing this something, including also NOT doing anything, are ‚immoral'”. Because of this, another important reason for which it is worth to read the web page „parasitism.htm”, is just to learn this unknown earlier truth about what really is „moral” and what is „immoral”. Namely learning that only things that are „moral” must be completed purposely in a manner required by moral laws. In turn whatever is „immoral” can be done in any other way, e.g. being guided by the laziness, lack of discipline, contradiction, wishes, impulses, stupidity, lack of knowledge, etc. Immoral things can also not be done at all (while they should be done) – and still they will be immoral because they will lift us uphill in the moral field.

The fact explained above, at which the philosophy of totalizm direct our attention, namely that „only moral must be completed intentionally, while immoral can be allowed to happen just by themselves”, introduces a very vital consequence for the philosophy of parasitism discussed here. Namely, it realises to us, that „the philosophy of parasitism does NOT need to be practiced in an intentional or aware manner, but it suffices when we allow that it practices itself through us”. Means in order in our life we act according to the philosophy of parasitism, in fact we need to do or know nothing. It is enough that in whatever we do we surround to our natural inclinations, such as laziness, impulses, humours, tantrums, anger, contradiction, jealousy, etc. This is the reason why in our world there is so many parasites. After all, the only thing they need to do to practice this philosophy, is to allow that this philosophy practices and manifests itself though them. So just in order to realise this shocking truth, it is also worth to read the web page „prasitism.htm”.

Totalizm is a philosophy which is exactly opposite to parasitism in every possible aspect. And there is a lot of these aspects. For example, „totalizm needs to be practiced intentionally, while in parasitism it suffices to not have any brakes”. Totalizm is moral, while parasitism is immoral. Totalizm generates so-called „moral energy”, while parasitism dissipates this energy. Totalizm lifts in people the feeling of happiness, while parasitism leads to a psychological depression. Practicing totalizm allows to accomplish so-called „totaliztic nirvana” (see „nirvana.htm”) while surrounding to parasitism leads to so-called „death through moral suffocation”. Totalizm is good for these who practice it, as well as to all other people from their surroundings, while parasitism is bad for everyone. Practicing totalizm is rewarded by moral laws, while practicing parasitism is punished by these laws. Etc., etc. One most vital aspect which we need to take notice of, is that totalizm is a permanent state, while parasitism is a deteriorating process. This process always leads downwards. Therefore, if e.g. one year a practitioner of parasitism swears at us, a next year he can bit us, while in several years he may even kill us. After all, these ones who surround to parasitism, continually slip down in moral field. So similarly like stars the matter of which also continually slips along the gravity field, also these adherers of parasitism with the elapse of time reach the level of so-called „black hole” in which any normal life is impossible. On the other hand, if in a long term we know a practitioner of totalizm, then his moral state remains almost unchanged all this time. Means, the morality of a totalizt remains always almost the same. After all, the philosophy of totalizm is a permanent state, not a process. Thus during all years a totalizt can be trusted almost the same, can be relied upon almost the same, and is going to be helpful almost the same. In order to learn just these facts it is also worth to read the web page on parasitism.

The technology on Earth seem to continually develop. So if these „evil powers” (i.e. „ufo.htm”) do not manage to stop us soon, then not long in the future people may build so-called „time vehicles” (i.e. see „timevehicle.htm”). On turn, at that moment instead of the living through just one life, and then dying, these people can live forever. This is because they are able to repetitively shift back in time to years of their youth. This in turn allows them to relive again and again the entire their life, and simultaneously to remember these repetitions of their lives through which  they already lived. Unfortunately, such everlasting life obtained through the repetitive shifting back in time has one major drawback. Namely, sitting infinitively long in front of television sets and viewing again and again the same films, is no funny then at all. In turn when someone realises then, that is unhappy, then through repetitions of this unhappy life such a person only makes deeper and more powerful this feeling of being unhappy. In the result, if time vehicles are given to the civilisation which practices parasitism like our present one on Earth, then instead of making people increasingly happier, they make members of this civilisation to experience the true „everlasting hell” (see „timevehicle.htm”). The only salvation from this „everlasting hell” is if before the first shifting back in time, these people earn for themselves a kind of heavenly state described on the web page about the „totaliztic nirvana” (i.e. see „nirvana.htm”). Therefore, learning the significance of such accomplishing of the totaliztic nirvana for our future, and also understanding how practicing parasitism makes impossible for us to accomplish this nirvana, is an absolutely necessary condition for saving ourselves from „everlasting hell”, and for accomplishing the state of „everlasting happiness”. The gaining of knowledge about the necessity of fulfilling this condition is still another one amongst a whole array of vital reasons to read carefully the content of the web page on parasitism.

All explanations provided above are adopted from the most recent update of the web page on „parasitism”, named „parasitism.htm”. This update carries the date not earlier than 13 January 2007 (can be dated even more recent). An update of the web page „parasitism.htm” dated 14 January 2007 is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload another update together with the content of this blog (of course – if the update is not sabotaged this time):

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak


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