#104E: How the party of totalizm would eliminate money – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „The party of totalizm has a simple and easily verifiable method of blocking the access to government for all immoral kinds of people and for „evil UFOnauts”. Namely it imposes the requirement that for the governmental positions only these ones can volunteer who already accomplished the NIRVANA. This is because God makes sure that the nirvana cannot be accomplished by any immoral person nor by evil UFOnaut. In turn experiencing the nirvana by someone is well visible and verifiable by the entire nation. After all, the nirvana is clearly etched on faces of these ones who are experiencing it.”

Let us assume that one day the „political party of totalizm” (described on the web page „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”) wins elections e.g. in Poland. Because the party is aware of the importance of the phenomenon of „nirvana” for the happiness and for the fulfilled life of the entire society, one of the first schema of this party after winning the election would be that the government would propose an unique kind of „contract for nirvana” to all people with moral habits, who are employed in nirvana-inclined kinds of jobs. These „nirvana-inclined jobs” are all ones which are allowing people who work in these jobs to earn nirvana just through carrying out their professional duties. (To the group of such nirvana-inclined jobs belong, amongst others, jobs of farmers, gardeners, millers, bakers, cooks, waitresses, nurses, brick layers, miners, metallurgists, machine operators, assemblers, etc. – means all jobs the major part of which is heavy physical work, although which also contain a requirement of intellectual and moral contribution, and which generate products that are sought by all people.) Namely, within the scope of this „contract for nirvana”, the political party of totalizm described on the web page „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm” would propose to people who have required moral inclination and who work in these nirvana-inclined jobs, that for one year they would receive from the government everything that is necessary to do their job and to lead a fulfilled life, and that during this time they will be released from all payments towards anything (means from taxes, cash purchases, etc.). But in return they will earn the „nirvana” (described on the web page „nirvana.htm”) for themselves during this year of time. Because earning the nirvana requires altruistic carrying out heavy physical work which is fully oriented towards the good of other people, these participants of the „contract for nirvana” would do their jobs for the duration of a year without getting any payment, means completely for free and exclusively for the good and benefit of other people. Furthermore, all products of their work would be given away, also for free, to indicated people or institutions, which would process them further also without any payment. In turn these amongst such people, who after a year of time would actually prove heaving the totaliztic nirvana, with their agreement the contract would be extended for another year.

Let us now consider what would be consequences of the above action. For example, these farmers and gardeners who would sign this „contract for nirvana” would work for free. In turn all products that they would harvest would be passed for free to millers who also signed this contract. These millers would produce flour for free, which would be then passed for free to bakers who also signed this contract. These bakers in turn, after getting the free flour, would bake bread – also for free. The bread would be passed for free not only to these farmers, millers and bakers who produced it, but also to miners, smelter workers, metal turners, assemblers, etc., who also signed this „contract for nirvana”. In the result all these other people would produce machines, tractors, cars, and airplanes, also without the use of money – only to generate nirvana for themselves while working on their jobs. When machines, cars, and airplanes would be available for free, then everyone could use them also for free whenever he or she would wish so. In the result, starting from these nirvana-inclined jobs, after a short time everything in a given society would be for free. After all, even if for producing something components would be needed which must be bought for money, these components would be financed by the government. In turn this government would acquire its finances from export, tourism, international trade, etc. In addition, all these products generated for free would be a highest quality that is possible in given conditions. After all, having all basic components for free, and trying to put into the work as much effort and heart as possible in order to accomplish the nirvana, producers of these goods would try to generate models of best quality possible, which are most developed technically and requiring the highest contribution of human labour. What even more vital, all people would rapidly find an employment which they would like the most. After all, budgets and limits of employment would then stop to apply. The work of everyone for free would always be accepted with the highest gratitude and would serve to good of the entire society.

       When someone earns the nirvana for once, he or she wants to maintain it forever. Furthermore, nirvana is very infectious. After all, when someone learns how magnificent influence the nirvana exerts on these ones who earned it, immediately wants to also experience it by himself or herself. So when with the schema described above the political party of totalizm introduces the tradition of earning nirvana by people, this tradition starts spreading increasingly wider until soon envelops all members of a given society. In turn when the nirvana encompasses all people, then rapidly the society discovers that is completely transformed into the society which lives on totaliztic principles.

The most difficult aspect of the above schema of transformation between the present system of labour forced by money, and future system of voluntary labour rewarded with nirvana, would be the cooperation between both these systems. After all, in the so-called „changeover period” both these systems would need to exists and operate in parallel within the same country. Means, there would need to exist and to operate institutions in which people would work for money, and also separate institutions and organisations in which people would work just for nirvana. Because the amount of goods generated in such a country through nirvana would increase with the elapse of time, while the amount of goods generated through paid labour would decrease, there would also need to exist a manner with the use of which the wealth and products could flow from the part of the society which was rewarded with nirvana, to a part of the society paid with money. These flow would be accomplished through specially formed for this purpose centres of goods transfer. These would include institutions the services of which would increase the wealth of both group of the society, such as public transport, hotels, restaurants, etc. For an example of principle of operation of these centres could serve the functions performed by a „chain of public restaurants” run by people that are rewarded with nirvana. To these restaurants goods would flow from farmers, gardeners, and bakers rewarded with nirvana. Over there these goods would be transformed by cooks rewarded with nirvana into highly tasty meals, which would be also scientifically balanced from the content point of view. Then these meals would be served to clients by waitresses – also working for nirvana. But for the use these restaurants would be invited all members of the society who would feel hungry. In this number also people who would still work for money. Because these on paid jobs would obtain food for free in such restaurants, increasingly larger proportion of their salaries they could designate into the purchase of other goods that they would need. In this way the labour rewarded with nirvana would increase the prosperity of the entire nation, not just these people who would work for nirvana. In addition it would increase the health of entire nation. After all, meals in these restaurants would be not only highly healthy and tasty, but also would eliminate fridges and preparation of meals from the private homes. In turn these are the main reason for the obesity in a significant proportion of present people. Of course, with the elapse of time the number of people working for nirvana would gradually increase, until at some stage the entire given country would work exclusively for nirvana. At this moment the „changeover period” would finish, while the society fully totaliztic would be born.

The totaliztic society will be organised and operate on completely different principles than the present one. Differences will NOT boil down to just a complete elimination of money and elimination of the labour forced from people with this money, nor to just replacing money with nirvana while forced labour replacing with voluntary labour. In fact vital differences appear in everything. For example, all people will rapidly gain jobs and work, will have all goods required, and will have a deep sense for their lives. There will be no unemployed people, nor benefits, nor salaries. Everything in such a country becomes available for free to everyone. Numerous „invention centres” become organised, in which every citizen will obtain professional support, materials, and prototyping power to develop over there his or her own improvements and inventions. In the result, the creative potential of the nation rapidly becomes released to benefit everyone. Furthermore, special research and development centres become created, the major goal of which will be to develop futuristic technologies of the kind of „telekinetic cells” described on the web page „fe_cell.htm”, „telepathic projectors” described on the web page „telepathy.htm”, „Oscillatory Chambers” described on the web page „oscillatory_chamber.htm”, „Magnocrafts” described on the web page „magnocraft.htm”, „time vehicles” described on the web page „timevehicle.htm”, etc. Also all people will be equal. There will be no subdivision into e.g. office workers and physical labourers – all will be contributing both these kinds of work for the good of their society. Because the nirvana perfects human character, personality, and behaviour, people become extremely nice to each other. All social evils will disappear. So there will be no drug additions, drinking problems, crime, biting, etc. Everyone will be safe. All will help each other and will be extremely nice to each other. The jealousy and material differences will disappear, Everyone will be allowed to use whatever wishes from goods available to the entire society. Everyone will also be indescribably happy. The life in such a country becomes for all a single string of „everlasting happiness”.

All explanations provided above are taken from the most recent update of the web page „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm”. This update carried the date not earlier than 7 January 2007 (in future, however, can be dated even much later). The web page „partia_totalizmu_uk.htm” is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog (of course – if UFOnauts do not stop me from doing this):

Changing slightly the subject, I would like to remind again that the Bible in several places warns people against the activities of „wolves in sheep skins”, which is to especially intensify in our present times. Recently I noticed that these „wolves in sheep skins” write various strange things in internet, signing with my name, and even adding at the end this most painful for them greeting „let totalizm prevails”. For a long time UFOnauts liked to impersonate Jesus and Mother Mary in order to deceive people. But lately their preferences seem to change, and now with a devilish pleasure that seem to impersonate me. So I am warning here against unwise taking as mine all the words that in internet are signed with my name and that easily can be fabricated by UFOnauts. These products of UFOnauts can easily be distinguished from my own words – according to the biblical hint „you recognise them from their actions” (which, the hint, for this particular case could be expressed with words „in small people their smallness sticks out even when they impersonate someone larger than they are”). Namely, this creativity of „wolves in sheep skins” always is so devilishly formulated, that in the worst possible light it shows either totalizm or my person. After all, if people awake from the present hypnotic mesmerism into which UFOnauts lured them, and begin to look at totalizm rationally from the prospective of their own logic and their own mind – not from what UFOnauts tell them, then both totalizm and the other knowledge which I try to pass to people, becomes enormously dangerous for the secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts. Therefore, with their cunning tricks UFOnauts try to discourage the more mindless people against taking any notice of what humanity supposed to learn via my publications and via totalizm.

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

P.S. This blog was prepared in two language versions simultaneously, namely in English and Polish. Refer to it these ones amongst your friends and correspondents who know any of these two languages – especially if they have technical skills and are interested in building telepathic devices. Possible comments in English can be written under this English version of this blog, which is made available at the address:
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