#103E: „Non-existing existence” – means why they torment us although they do not exist – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „Evil and immortal means forever dangerous even for their own descendants.”

If one checks the opinions of people about UFOnauts, then it turns out that around a half of people believes that UFOnauts do exist, in turn the remaining half believes that UFOnauts do NOT exist at all. These two groups of people usually fight with each other, because out thinking habits cause that everyone believes that only one out of these groups can be right. However, the research on so-called time vehicles (described more comprehensively on the web page „timevehicle.htm”) reveal very clearly, that both these arguing groups actually are right. It turns out that UFOnauts at the moment do exist and enormously harm humanity, but in the future is going to be discovered that they never existed. This is because UFOnauts are just in the process of so-called „non-existent existence”.

A comprehensive explanation of this „non-existent existence” is explained in item #B8 of the web page „timevehicle.htm” about time vehicles. In general it results from the time that in civilisations which practice the so-called „imprisoned immortality” described in item #F1 of the web page „god.htm”, all generations of this civilisation are alive all the time. After all, these generations lead the „everlasting lives”. So such immortal civilisations always have still alive ancestors, who at any moment can come to mind the idea to blow their civilisation up. So their ancestors are a continuous threat, especially that with the elapse of time they become increasingly unhappy. Such a situation is an exact opposite to the situation in mortal civilisations – such as ours on Earth. After all in civilisations of ordinary mortals ancestors do not exist – so are unable to blow their civilisation up. When in such a civilisation of immortals their ancestors blow their civilisation up, then they also blow up all their descendants who were born from them. Thus these descendants live all the time on „mercy” of their own ancestors. In any moment may turn out that they do not exist any more. So the life they lead is a kind of „non-existing existence”.

All civilisations which live in the state of „non-existing existence” finally always blow themselves up. This happened with ancestors of humanity from the planet Terra. This is also going to happen with the civilisation of UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth. Their blowing themselves up is just a mater of a number of repetitions of their increasingly more unhappy and more evil life. But because these civilisations manipulate on time, in spite that their blowing themselves up is going to occur in the future, in fact when it already happens then it turns out that it occurred in a far past. Thus in spite that these evil creatures do exists still right now and still get behind the skin of all of us, in fact they do NOT exist for many thousands of years. From our point of view it is only worth to realise, that in spite that these evil creatures still do exist until today, and that they still torment us enormously – as this is described e.g. on the web page „military_magnocraft.htm” about the destructive use of UFO vehicles, in fact one day it is going to turn out, that they have NOT existed for thousands of years, in this number they have not existed also in present times.

The main reason why these immortal civilisations always finally blow themselves us, is that that live forever in the state of so-called „everlasting hell”. Totalizm defines the „everlasting hell” as a situation which members of the civilisations that already have time vehicles accomplish at the moment when they acquire the ability to generate the „imprisoned immortality” described in item #F1 „god.htm”, and when they implement this immortality without previous maintaining in themselves the state of continuous „nirvana” (see „nirvana.htm”). As this is explained in that item #F1, such an „imprisoned immortality” depends on the repetitive shifting a given person back in time after each becoming old. But after each such shifting back in time to the years of his or her youth, the memory of this person, as well as habits, personality, character, envy, evilness, etc., remain the same as they were when this person was old. In the result, because of this repetitive shifting back in time to years of the youth without previous accomplishing the state of the „totaliztic nirvana”, the level of evilness of such a civilisation is continually growing. After all, they are lacking the nirvana which would exert its saving impact on them. This is because nirvana changes the character and personality of people who just experience it. Such people in nirvana become extremely nice in companionship, indescribably friendly, helpful, daring, loving, always satisfied with everything, etc. In turn in the lack of this nirvana, all members of this „nirvana free” civilisation create mutually to themselves a kind of continuous hell, and are extremely unhappy all the time. But they still are unable to resist the temptation to shift back in time after each reaching an old age, and to relive their life again and again, even if this turns to result in life of misery and unhappiness, and even if each such shifting back in time makes them even more unhappy. Thus such infinitive repetition of someone’s life which makes this person increasingly more unhappy, totalizm calls the „everlasting hell”.

Civilisations which just experience such „everlasting hell” are forced to impose a huge number of restrictions onto their members. These restrictions concern the selection of actions which they are allowed to undertake during each subsequent repetition of their lives. This is because, if they for example use slaves from the Earth, they are not allowed to enable these slaves to free from UFOnauts that occupy their planet. Therefore the life in „everlasting hell” allows to keep shifting back in time infinitive number of times, but after each such a shifting back each immortal member of these civilisations do not have a choice how is allowed to act. He or she must act in a way as other members of this civilisation order him or her to act. This practically means, that even after they return to the time of their youth for over 1000 times, they still must again and again go to the same school, write the same tests, accept the same bullying of increasingly immoral colleagues, meet the same people, loose the same dog, etc., etc. Notice, however, that such a boring repetition of the same life thousands of times does not need to be taken by participants of the „everlasting happiness” described in item #F2 of web page „god.htm” – who in each repetition can change their path through the life.

An example of civilisation which right now experiences such everlasting hell are these „evil UFOnauts” (see web page „evil.htm”) who secretly occupy our planet, while whose descriptions are provided in part D of this web page. There is a film made in 1993, entitled „Groundhog Day”. The scenario for this film was probably written either by a UFOnaut who uses time vehicle for such a repetitive shifting back in time and for reliving the same day and events, or by someone whom such a UFOnaut explained how it feels such a repetitive reliving the same events. This is because the film perfectly reflects the feelings and fate of a given participant of such „everlasting hell”, who must relive again exactly the same events infinitive number of times. In this film Bill Murray plays a television reporter, who via a time vehicle (NOT shown on the film) is repetitively shifted back to a beginning of the same day. Because it is his time being repetitively shifted back by a time vehicle, he remembers exactly all previous events and versions of the same day. However, all other actors from this film, including Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliot, represent us, people, who live through a given day in a natural (first) passage of time without being shifted back by a time vehicle. Because for us the same day is lived for the first time in a natural course of our time, we do not remember subsequent repetitions of it. Therefore for us people everything that happens during such repetitions of the same time is always happening for the first time. In total the film represents a perfect illustration for numerous aspects of the „imprisoned immortality” practiced without reaching a nirvana. For example, it illustrates perfectly which capabilities of the shifting back in time the immoral aliens (e.g. UFOnauts) are able to utilise for accomplishing various material benefits. It also illustrates the experimental „method of trials and errors” enforced via such repetitive shifting back in time, with the use of which UFOnauts are able to solve for their own benefit practically every situation that they encounter in life. The film shows as well why, and in what manner, such an „everlasting hell” is practically also a kind of refined torture for these ones who experience it through the technical shifting back in time without previous accomplishing a nirvana. Of course, in reality lives of UFOnauts are much more sinister than it is shown on this mild film.

Independently from the web page „god.htm” extensive descriptions and explanations concerning this „everlasting hell” are provided in items #B7, #B10 and #E1 from a separate web page „timevehicle.htm” about time vehicles. In turn explanations as to what is this „imprisoned immortality”, are provided in item #B7 of that web page about time vehicles.

I personally am the most fascinated in this „non-existing existence” with the skill and easiness with which god controls UFOnauts. In fact god controls them even easier than these UFOnauts control the most stupid people. Namely, god so formed the conditions in which these UFOnauts act, that UFOnauts voluntarily and at their own will behave exactly as this is required from them so that later they could be erased completely from the surface of the universe in most easy manner. After all, when from the present phase of the „existence” UFOnauts are going to be moved into the future phase of „non-existence” that dates back several years ago, then god must erase from the surface of the universe all traces that they left behind themselves. We can imagine how difficult this erasure would be if e.g. UFOnauts had their own embassy in the UN in New York. After all, then it would be necessary to erase from the face of the universe not only the building of this embassy, but also everything that about the activities of it was written in newspapers and books, and also the memory of its existence in thousands of people. Therefore god so controlled UFOnauts that that hide from all of us with everything. Furthermore, they destroyed themselves all traces of their existence. So when a day comes when they are erased from the existence, practically there will be nothing needed to change in the universe to erase all their traces.

All explanations provided above are taken from the most recent update of the web page „god.htm”. This update carried the date not earlier than 27 December 2006 (can, however, be dated much later). The web page „god.htm” is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog (of course – if UFOnauts do not stop me from doing this):

The biblical expression described in the latest update of the web page „god.htm”, such as „final judgement”, „everlasting life”, „everlasting happiness”, „everlasting hell”, „resurrection of dead”, etc., contain an extremely vital warning which the entire humanity should study thoroughly. Unfortunately, „UFOnauts-changelings” (described on the web page „changelings.htm”) on purpose so distorted religions, that these incline us towards ignoring such warnings. This is because all religions suggest that such warnings do NOT apply to our physical life, but to the afterlife. Furthermore, they imply that the reality presented in these warnings was already preprogrammed into the fate of humanity – thus actions of individual people is unable to change them. However, the newest research of the philosophy of totalizm, which implements the emerging knowledge about time vehicles, and also the knowledge about so-called „telepathic projectors”, explains something completely opposite. Namely, it reveals that „an array of biblical expressions in fact describes and explains the warning against the trap of selecting a wrong path, into which people can fall when our civilisation builds first time vehicles”. In turn saving ourselves, and also the entire humanity, from entering this wrong path lies in capabilities of every person. After all, it boils down to earning by each one amongst us the „totaliztic nirvana”. A whole selection of biblical expressions which contain this warning, interpreted from the point of view of explaining to us the wrong manner of using time vehicles, is described in part F of the above web page „god.htm”.
Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

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