#101E: Australia is just being burned on stake – English version (polska wersja ponizej w nastepnym wpisie)

Motto: „UFOnauts are not afraid of people, nor weapon which people have. They are not afraid of God, nor punishment which God sends to them. The only thing which UFOnauts are really afraid of, is that they are caught and disclosed to secretly occupy and exploit our civilisation. Therefore the most effective defence against UFOnauts depends on disclosing publicly everything that they do to us.”

On Sunday, 11 December 2005, UFOnauts tested inhabitants of Australia. As I described this more comprehensively in item #4 of web page „changelings.htm”, that particular day UFOnauts used „self-deleting” SMSes in order to organise on the beach in Cronulla near Sydney a massive racial unrest. When it happened I was warning, that for our defence we should loudly and widely disclose this provocation of UFOnauts, otherwise UFOnauts are going to repeat their attack soon. I wrote about his, amongst others, on the blog of totalizm ( http://totalizm.blox.pl ) (in Polish – see there the note #50), and also on web pages of totalizm – e.g. see the web page „changelings.htm”. But almost no-one believed me. UFOnauts encouraged by this lack of the reaction from people that the Cronulla unrest is their work, repeated the attack on Australia in the last quarter of 2006. They decided then to burn Australia on a stake. At the time when I wrote this information on 15 December 2006, forests ignited by UFOnauts burned in Australia a huge area, approximately equal to the size of Poland. In turn the reason for which these thousands of people affected by such gigantic fires were suffering, was just that these people avoided learning the truth about UFOs. After all, if these people started to question openly the origin of these strange fires, then they would gradually discover that the gigantic fires in Australia were ignited by UFOnauts. In turn, according to what I explained in item #D3 of web page „military_magnocraft.htm”, UFOnauts would be forced then to stop these arsons. After all, UFOnauts are afraid that people may discover their secretive occupation of the Earth. But Australians behaved in opposite. The changelings from UFOs who seem to act amongst them, imposed a ban on publishing anything on the subject of these fires for the first two months. In the result, until 8 December 2006, I managed to find in New Zealand newspapers only two very short articles on this subject. In turn, when finally newspapers began to publish about these fires, published was mainly trivial which was stripped of all vital information which could suggest the participation of UFOs in the igniting and spread of these fires. On the other hand, while watching TV even for a blind person it could then become increasingly clear, that this burning of Australia on a stake was carried out by UFOnauts. Here are the most vital premises, that indicate the direct involvement of UFOnauts in secretive igniting and control of these fires:

1. The ban imposed on publishing the written information about these fires. Fires from previously dried like a pepper Australia, in fact burned for the duration of almost an entire last quarter of 2006, starting from October. Since almost the first moment it become obvious, that these destructive fires are ignited by UFOnauts. But in spite that they raged for the duration of couple of months, no-one even mention officially a word UFO in connection with them. Until around 22 November 2006 these fires spread along a huge area of Australia, and already then there was one loss of a human life. The matter which intrigued me most in these fires, was that during these first two months of burning, means almost until the December 2006, no New Zealand newspaper to which I had an access then, mentioned them with even a single word. Simultaneously, in some days almost a half of television news was devoted to the presentation of these fires. Such „silence in newspapers about the most vital event of a given time” is rather extraordinary. Most clearly UFOnauts-changelings who control these newspapers were afraid that the world may learn one day about the „contribution” of UFOnauts to the igniting of these fires. So just in case they blocked all written information on this subject. After all, television news disappear immediately after they are broadcasted. In turn written words from newspapers may survive for thousands of years.

2. The ignition of these fires in a manner which immediately indicates a „scapegoat” for blaming. This strange lack of reliable written information in newspapers about the Australian fires of the last quarter of 2006, was not the only their extraordinary attribute. There was a whole range of other strange attributes which should make wondering every careful observer. These attributes indicated that the Australian fires for certain were ignited and controlled technically by UFO vehicles. For example, in order to not induce suspicion that these were UFOnauts who hide behind the fires, this time UFO vehicles ignited them with extraordinary „dry lightning bolts” – similar to the ones described in item #B14 of the web page „military_magnocraft.htm”. The strange thing that a careful observer could notice in these lightning bolts (shown in television), but which was NOT even mentioned in newspapers nor commented in television, was that these lightning bolts were hitting like crazy, while there was NO rain. I personally could not believe what I am hearing, when instead of researching how it is possible that so dense lightning bolts are hitting from almost a „blue sky” and completely without a rain, Australians rather ignored them. They just invented a new name „dry lightning” and accepted the existence of these bolts as if these were the most normal thing in the world. „Where to hell are Australian scientists”, that they do not begin an alarm when near them such „dry lightning” bolts are hitting from almost a „blue sky”. Is it possible that these scientists do not know about the mechanism of natural lightning, and also do not know that for this mechanism a rain is absolutely necessary? Just before a middle of December 2006 UFOnauts most clearly come to a conclusion, that over two months of burning Australia with these „dry lightning” bolts may become suspicious. Therefore, on 14 December 2006, in the place called „Coopers Creek” (to southeast from Erica) UFOnauts used their old trick of an „arson by team of two UFOnauts-arsonists”. (Notice that human arsonists, as a rule, almost always act alone.) For this purpose, they send two human-looking UFOnauts, to manifest themselves firstly to locals by carrying around on a loud motorbike a huge canister of petrol. To make this canister even better visible, they painted it in red. Then this two arsonists ignited the fire and typically for UFOnauts simply disappeared.

3. „Jumping” through all barriers and obstacles. Destructive fires from Australia showed one extraordinary, almost „supernatural”, attribute. Namely, no matter what barrier or containment line fire brigade would make on their paths, these fires in some extraordinary manner always jumped through this barrier. (In Australia huge crowds of firemen, army, and citizens, did nothing else but build such containment lines on paths of these fires.)

4. Visual sightings of UFO vehicles which jumped from fires and crossed containment lines. In the article entitled „Firestorm races to doomed homes” published on page A1 in the newspaper „The New Zealand Herald”, issue dated on Friday, December 19, 2006, a meaningful information is provided. Namely, here is what information said about Tasmania, quote: „At a nearby seaside community of Four Mile Creek, residents fled to the beach after what some described as ‚a fireball’ jumped containment lines and raced towards them.” This ball of fire then razed four houses and other property on its path. In old times just such flying balls of fire were called „UFO vehicles”. It is strange that in New Zealand and Australia these balls of fire are again considered to be natural phenomena which should NOT induce any questions nor suspicions.

5. Optical blackout of the sky with magnetic lens of UFOs. In several areas of Australia, for example in Glengarry and in Sale, locals reported the appearance shortly before the fire this unique for UFOs phenomenon of causing the optical blackout of the sky through the formation of the so-called „magnetic lens”. According to descriptions of locals, in the middle of day over there become rapidly as dark as at nights.

6. Frequent whirling of flames together with whirling magnetic field of UFOs. Several times in reports from these fires, TV cameras captured „circularly whirling flames” – means flames which behaved exactly as they must when over them an invisible UFO vehicle is hovering in the magnetic whirl mode of operation.

7. Igniting of fires around a circumference of discoidal UFO, exactly in spots where UFO propulsors were located. Another time a television picture illustrated effects of these supposed „lightning bolts” how they ignited fires around peripherals of a huge circle similar to a shadow from a UFO type K10. Interesting was that every „lightning bolt” must hit in the place where this UFO had its side propulsor. In the result the burned forest clearly indicated the location of subsequent side propulsors of this invisible UFO around peripherals of a circle and in equal distances from each other.

8. Formation of a „ionic picture of a UFO”. Another unusual picture was, that on one footage recorded by a TV camera, smoke from these fires was captured by the magnetic field of a UFO and formed a clear image of so-called „ionic picture of a UFO whirl”, which frequently is registered on photographs of UFO vehicles.

9. Exploding of buildings in a manner unique for the UFO’s „inductive shield”. In turn witnesses of burning of houses in Scamander from Tasmania on 12 December 2006 claimed, that these buildings „exploded” at the moment if igniting. A brief mentioning of these explosions appeared even in newspapers – see the article entitled „Bushfires’ triple threat” from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper „The Dominion Post”, issue dated on Wednesday, November 13, 2006. This is an extraordinary phenomenon – I personally never heard about a case that a building exploded at the first moment of being ignited (in Tasmania over ten of them have exploded in such a manner). But I know that invisible UFO vehicles have several different ways of causing that buildings do explode. For example, UFO vehicles can crush these buildings with their magnetic field – this would be perceived by witnesses as if the buildings did explode. In just such a way UFOs crushed the hall in Katowice (see page „katowice_uk.htm”), Poland. UFO vehicles can also whirl their magnetic field, thus causing an inductive explosion of metals. This in turn causes, that all conductive metals contained in such buildings blast like explosives – as this is described in items #B7 and #B22 of the web page „military_magnocraft.htm”. In fact, on 12 December 2006 in Tasmania television cameras documented that all metal objects contained in these exploded buildings were torn apart and broken into small pieces. Simultaneously, all objects made of non-conductive for electricity plastics survived completely undamaged. Therefore, I personally believe that explosions of Tasmanian buildings described here were caused by UFOs through just such inductive exploding of metals.

10. The presence of phenomena which document the „magnetic induction” originating from UFO propulsion”. Other eye witnesses complained that just before the eruption of these fires, an intense heat started to prevail, which they felt as penetrating into their bone marrow. It is interesting, that identical feeling of penetrating heat reported also people who got under the influence of a powerful spinning magnetic field from UFO propulsion system. It would be interesting to investigate in the future, whether this „penetrating heat” caused that people who experienced it are going to get cancer soon – this is explained on web pages „bandits.htm” and „wtc.htm” that such cancer seems to always appear in people who were exposed to the action of a whirling magnetic field from a UFO propulsion system.

11. Intelligent behaviour. I should not even explain here, that fires from Australia were ignited by technically induced „dry lightning bolts”, and then controlled by winds, in a highly intelligent manner – so that they caused the maximal damages.

From what I know about UFOnauts, to defend themselves Australians should point out, discuss, and make a lot of noise, about each single puzzle which suggests the participation of UFOnauts in these fires. After all, as I explained it in item #D3 of the web page „military_magnocraft.htm”, only a fear of being detected and disclosed is able to stop UFOnauts from repeating their attacks. So if Australians are going to keep silent again – as they did it in the matter of provocation of UFOnauts on the beach Cronulla near Sydney, then we can guarantee that soon Australia is going to be attacked again by UFOnauts with even a greater fury.

The above my „call to wake up”, this time directed to Australians, is originally published in item #B15.1 of the most recent update of the web page „military_magnocraft.htm”. This update is dated on 17 December 2006. It represents my attempt to defend Australia against complete burning on stake by evil UFOnauts. The method of this defence which I recommend here, always turned out to be highly effective so far. It is described in item #D3 of the web page „military_magnocraft.htm”. In general, this method of defence depends on a public disclose that the burning of Australia is secretly carried out by UFOnauts. The web page „military_magnocraft.htm” is to be published on servers of totalizm simultaneously with this blog. It should be available under following addresses – where I intend to upload it together with the content of this blog (of course – if UFOnauts do not stop me from doing this):

Let totalizm prevails,
Dr Jan Pajak

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